Help Arrives for Coug O-line

Good news!  Help is on the way to a position greatly in need.  WSU announced today that not one, but two JC offensive linemen have now signed on to play for the Cougs.  We already knew about David Gonzales, but in a minor surprise, offensive tackle Wade Jacobson from Gavilon JC in Gilroy, CA also signed on the dotted line.  And from the sounds of it, Paul Wulff couldn’t be more pleased with the new arrivals:

“We felt all along Wade was one of the top offensive tackles on the West coast,” said Wulff. “The fact that he and David can come in January makes them both very valuable to Cougar Football. Wade instantly brings us great toughness and athletic ability, and as a team we got better today.”

As to exactly where these guys will slot in, well, we should probably wait and see how things look as we hit spring ball in a few months.  But is there any doubt to you, Coug fans, where this team needs help the most?  Up front on that O-line, and they need it now.  Hopefully, they’ve got it.  And for what it’s worth?  Jacobson recently tripped to Arizona, and it wasn’t clear if he would be a Coug or not, but today it’s official.  Welcome to Pullman! 

Finally, Wulff spoke to Cougfan in regards to the blogs, message boards and other sources of assistant coaching rumors.  Any guesses on what he said?  I’ll give you a hint - he HATES us.  He really, really hates us.

“They’re not helpful — at all – in recruiting,” said Wulff. “Stability and continuity are always the two most important things to have in a program. Those kinds of things only hurt. They never help.”

Got it.  Actually, hate is a strong word/emotion, something we reserve for true enemies….and hey, we don’t want to hurt anything WSU-related.  And we haven’t been throwing rumors up on posts every day, claiming inside sources are telling us that there are definitely going to be changes.  Has there been a bunch of speculation on Chad Eaton?  I read something on a message board a little while ago, but I didn’t realize that was so hot-n-heavy.  Anyway, sure, we’ve heard a few things, but so has everyone else.  But ask yourself this – would there be a ton of speculation if the team didn’t just go 3-22 in Wulff’s first 25 games at WSU?  Would there be rumors passed around, in comments, message boards, et al, if the team had been playing well?  I think we know the answer. 

The reality is that like it or not, message boards, blogs, they are aren’t going away, at least not anytime soon.  And this is still a BCS football program (last I checked?).  Criticism from passionate fans is part of the territory.  I guess all the rumors and whatever show that people STILL CARE??  I guess if nobody gave a damn then you wouldn’t hear anything, from anyone.  So we’ve got that going for us…which is good.

All for now.  Enjoy the rest of your humpday, and GO COUGS!