Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Who is Your "Must Have" For This Year's Class?

So there has been a lot of recruiting news of late ('tis the season). Of course they are only verbal commitments until they sign on the dotted line, but it is hard not to curb a little enthusiasm? The latest news has coach Wulff landing a commit from a big-play safety in CA of the 3-star variety, who sounds like a solid kid all the way around (check Cougfan for more).

I heard from a source who follows high school football closely in the state, and he was very impressed with what our coaches have done thus far. This source is big into UW, but he has an open mind when evaluating prospects. He had very good things to say about our top commits and still can't believe it as to how Wulff is doing it coming off a 2-win season.

I think the reality is they are doing a strong job in the living room and with the state's high school coaches, an underrated aspect of recruiting. They are selling a unified message of a strong, structured system, a good education, a chance to play early at a BCS school and most of all, to be a part of the foundation of the turnaround of the program.

And you can't forget the journey of Paul Wulff. He has been through some incredibly tough, character-building experiences in his life. Nothing was ever just given to him, and he has had to go out and get everything he has achieved. He is the genuine article, and what you see is what you get. No phony BS or empty promises here. How can a parent or coach not respect the path he has traveled and at least listen to what he has to say?

It's not a typo or misprint. This class is shaping up to be one of the highest rated in school history.

THAT said, looking at the current commits (and you can see the link on the right to the current commits) plus some other rumored commits on the way (Travis Long of G-Prep?), who do YOU consider your "must have" of this year's class?


Selahcoug said...

I would have to say whoever they sign at DT. Without a DT, hopefully two, this class will not be complete. Going with what we have, I think Darren Markle is the biggest get and Long would be there too if he committed.

CapitolHillCoug said...


Anonymous said...

only a jr but Jake Heaps...o what an addition he would make for the cougs...would be the next great in the great line of qb's at quarterback U if we were lucky enough to snag him. Regardless, Wulff has done an outstanding job of recruiting so very excited to see where this program is in about two or three years, should be something special

Stiffmiester said...

Loading up on both sides of the line early with approach Wulff has of building them into men with nutrition and lifting is always going to be a priority. If we can keep our O line healthy we should be much improved so right now it's D line. I hope we can also find some good gets at DB to develop depth and work the younger kids in gradually.

Anonymous said...

latu heimuli, huge kid who when i talked with him said he would probably end up following isi osefele wherever he goes. that would be a great double get, IF he was telling the truth.

delts636 said...

Without a doubt it has to be Gino Simone. Not so much from a position/need standpoint (of which the Cougs have many), but because of the fact that he's the state's top-rated recruit from the state's top-rated program and has recently softened his commit to WSU.

Letting Simone slip away could prove disasterous in the long run and cause other recruits to reevaluate their decisions. Keeping Simone in the fold sends a message to other recruits and the rest of the Pac-10 that Wulff and the Cougs are well on their way to being a conference contender once again.

As an aside, getting Simone could only help in WSU's efforts to land POY Jake Heaps and other high-level recruits, both in-state and nationally.

Sedihawk said...

You can't help but like Simone and he clearly has to be a great argument for THE GUY of guys this year. And maybe you are right, losing him could hurt in a symbolic way more than anything. But things are sounding pretty good recently, including that last article where he had good things to say about his visit, watching film with Levy, etc. We'll see what he says after visiting Oregon St, and you know he'll end up visiting UW in January.

I don't think Simone would have any impact on the Skyline kids though. Heaps isn't coming here, and Williams, the stud young WR opposite Simone, will be looking elsewhere. Williams' dad played at UW, not that is a clincher, but it doesn't exactly help!

That said, I'm going to argue for Darren Markle. I'm thinking that he might be just as important. You are talking about a kid who is a top-25 in the country at his position, MLB, and he's a FREAK in the weight room, a powerlifting champion with good size already (6-1, 230, runs a sub-46 in the 40). A 400-lb bench and 605-lb squat in high school?! He might already be overall stronger than any player in the WSU program right now. There is an opening at MLB next year as well. It sounds as though he is going to be ready to lead immediately, maybe a lot like Louis Bland? And we know he'll live in the weight room, and with some leadership could be an ass-kicker if you don't put in the hard work. THAT is the kind of kid we need!

Anonymous said...

Did you guys see the new spokeman sportslink layout? Horrible. I won't even bother if you keep giving us good stuff to snack on. ROLL COUGS!


delts636 said...

No doubt Markle has a chance to make a bigger impact right away, I just think Simone is a more important get big-picture because he's one of, if not the, top recruits in the state and letting him back out and go to a conference rival would be a huge blow literally and figuratively to Wulff's rebuilding efforts.

And by no means do I think landing Simone is going to guarantee Heaps coming on board or create some sort of Palouse-Skyline pipeline or anything like that, but stranger things have happened and it definitely couldn't hurt. JM2C.

BornCoug said...

I picked Simone as well although I don't see it having any impact on Skyline players. At least very little. I do think he is a guy that players might gravitate to though.

I wonder if Markle plays next year. He's probably ready from a physical standpoint but that goes against Wulff's redshirting model. Would have been nice if Trent was back for another year like he should be.

Ledgerwood is back at MLB and JC Hoffman-Ellis figures in somewhere. He's said to be raw but has been in Pullman since the fall.

James said...

Well, Wulff will play some freshman if he has to, just like he did with Bland, Karstetter and a few others.

IMO, it seems like Simone is coming here, especially after reading the "Cream of the Crop" stuff. Washington himself said he'd beat the guy who failed to commit to WSU in the end.

"The cream of the crop is sticking together -- we're Cougs," said Washington. "We all had a good sit down talk this weekend. We talked about our trip and then we all talked about if we say this, then we're all going to do it. We're all going to turn this program around.... And we're all going to be Cougs when Signing Day comes.

kaddy said...

Gotta go with Markle - Simone would be great from a status standpoint, but Markle will truly make a difference on the field. (Not that Simone won't, but I think Markle is almost a sure thing)

TiltingRight said...

I'd agree with you on Markle, though it's tough. My reason has to do with his weight training.

One, to get that strong, the work ethic has to be phenomenal!

Two, that influence will rub off on everyone else. Do you think he's going to let someone slack off if he's thisclose to giving himself a hernia?

Three, he's shown early leadership. There was an article a few weeks ago about Markle becoming Wulff's "lead recruiter." I love seeing kids willing to step into the gap and take responsibility for his team.

I have a feeling as these kids mature, we're going to be having a lot of fun watching and cheering.

It's really good to see the recruiting firing on all cylinders... gives me hope for a Crimson future.

I Hate Detlef Schrempf said...

I picked Tuel in a tough decision and a really good poll by the way. Dont fall asleep at the wheel with Barrington. I saw him early this fall and he was so much better than everyone else you would have thought he was USC's number one pick.

The post the other day with Tuel's link to espn with video was impressive. He is already better than Lopy and we saw how important a good qb is in the big picture. Tuel for me.

1996Coug said...

Simone. He's the type of player that could be a game changer in a season or two.

Timmy said...

To be honest. I think we might have a couple players in this class right now who are potential game changers in a few seasons, and maybe one or two right of the bat. I am really, really excited about the way this class is shaping up so far as long as we don't lose many of the current commits.

Anonymous said...

Gino, without a doubt.

CW said...

Atofau. Beating out Oregon, UW, (even though we have the family connection) speaks volumes about the coaches recruiting ability.

Lucas said...

Gino hands down. Not only to confirm Wulff's dominance, but also to help sell future, top shelf talent.

Who was the last Blue Chip recruit we landed? Cody Boyd? I want Gino to be recruiting Heaps next year and Kasen Williams the following. That would be a huge "Fuck You" to those guys on Montlake.

Also, what is taking Des Trufant so long to pull the trigger? I think we're gonna lose him to ASU, but if we don't it may be too late to save a scholie for him. We only have room for about three more in this class after the 3 signees in the last 24 hours

Go Cougs!