Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sark's in the Water

Tonight the Defeateds hired USC Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkisian as their new head football coach.

Comment away on what is an interesting hire for the winless mutts.

Don't know about you all, but seeing that mugshot sure makes you want to punch him in the face already, doesn't it?

Good night.


Sedihawk said...

It could be a good hire. Good rep who almost got the Raiders job. Decent former college QB who knows the west coast offense. He's been their recruiting coordinator for the last three years so he's got some excellent recruiting ties throughout the west. Don't know about the NW though? We'll see.

What's interesting is how fast some of the other "name" coaches pulled out. You can probably go back to the UW blog and be lucky to find his name on any of the top 5 lists until maybe last week. I also wonder about his staff, who he will try to take with him. But if they wanted to go young and energetic, mission accomplished.

Anonymous said...

In reading some of the message boards, the overall opinion seems to be "he's better than Pat Hill."

Heh, oh how the mighty have fallen.

BTW, does anyone else see the resemblance to Petros Papadakos?

Anonymous said...

Whoops, forgot to add:

Chris '04
Pullman, WA

Brinkhater said...

I too think its a good hire, albeit with a bunch of serious ????

I think that Kelly from Cinci, Peterson, and Whittingham would have been horror shows for us...

Anyway you cut it, this is a tough job. And you have to wonder now if he does well early, might he use the Dub as a spring board?

If so, we know that the Defeateds have officially been slain.

Anonymous said...

I hope he turns into another Ty.

Sedihawk said...

Let this be the last day we have a UW-themed post....

Sarkisian has had some pretty impressive success thus far. As an assistant, sure, but he has been successful.

He'll put in that pro-style, west coast offense that we've seen at USC. I don't know what he'll do with Locker right away, as Locker looks to be anything but an accurate passer who can barely complete 50% of his throws. Locker seems born to run the Oregon offense but what do I know?

He has received some good marks for turning Sanchez into an efficient QB this year, although not a superstar but the most efficient QB in the conference in his first year starting. Of course, it's easy to look like a success when every offensive skill position guy you recruit has 5 stars next to their name coming into college!

He was their recruiting coordinator for the last few years and is on top of the west coast, although they recruit a different galaxy (national) compared to where UW has been recruiting. He was the QB coach for Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart. Granted Norm Chow was the one really credited for both of those guys, but Sarkisian was their position coach and has to get some of the credit.

The scary thing to me as a Coug is that he's been sitting at Pete Carroll's side all these years. Carroll has the high school harry tag, but he's also respected for not only getting the five-star guys, but keeping them focused and motivated with an outstanding system. USC always got the talent, before Carroll, but his system is just ideal for winning with the superstars. He turned down the Raiders and went back to USC after one year in the NFL because he wants to be a college head coach, period. He's been waiting for a situation like this.

I'm still glad we have Wulff. We are going to need that high-energy staff with good recruiting chops to keep up with what Sarkisian will be doing once he gets up here. Sarkisian is known as the 6 AM - midnight type of guy. But Wulff will take a back seat to nobody in terms of working hard on the recruiting trail. And you better believe Sarkisian is going to come after our verbals. Let's hope we stay on our own commits just as hard as we keep looking for new blood.

kaddy said...

Solid hire for them, I guess, but he hasn't been a Head Coach, which we know isn't the same as being a coordinator. I'd put Wulff against him anyday, especially in a cage match. I would have been way more worried if they had hired Leach or Peterson.

Brinkhater said...

Agree Kaddy. As I've told Sedihawk, Wulff may not work out, but he is definitely OUR guy. No question about recruiting ties, the ability to identify and develop talent, and he already had lots of experience running his own program.

Add to those factors that Wulff is a Coug and brought in people both loyal to him AND the university and you have OUR guy.

With Sark you have a bunch of question marks regarding development, recruiting ties locally, player development, not to mention who he will bring in as his staff.

We should just all be thankful that we got Wulff when we did and that our transition year is all-but behind us.

Anonymous said...

Tough job, turning around Washington in 2-3 years. That's what will be expected of this guy by the UW admin and boosters.

Anonymous said...

Can I get a "MEH!" from the choir? Doesn't scare this Coug one bit. Chip Kelly would have scared me. Mike Leach would have scared me. Wil Muschamp would have scared me. This guy doesn't scare me. And those of you who ripped Wulff for his credentials, what do you say about a guy who only started in 2001 at EL CAMINO JC!? What has this guy done, exactly, except be Pete Carroll's lap dog?

And please dont compare him to Stoops at Okie or Richt at GA. Those guys had like 10 years of assistant experience and were on everyones list of the "next" big thing. This guy ain't it.

He better win and recruit really well from day one.

Sedihawk said...

Scott Wolf from LA Daily News was on KJR and said it's "dubious at best" and "I thought UW was bigger than this." BURN.

Basically the SC beat writer is saying this isn't a great hire. Nice guy, but if you talked to people at USC, they wouldn't say that if Petey left SC they wouldn't ever take Sarkisian.

THEY ARE NOT GETTING PETE CARROLL in this guy! Just because you work with Pete Carroll doesn't mean you will be Pete Carroll. Also ripped on some of Pete Carroll's coaching tree, or in his words, "he doesn't have a tree, it's a leaf" due to all the failure of his guys (Kiffin, Holt, Orgeron, Greg Robinson). Interesting comments.

Brinkhater said...

Sounds a bit like sour grapes, since whenever SC has two or more weeks to prepare for an opponent (see Bowl Games less their loss to Texas) they DESTROY them. Obviously, the position coaches and coordinators have something to do with that.

But this is a hire that comes with question marks, no doubt about it.

It just makes you glad that we got our guy, who will continue to be OUR GUY if things work out.

Nuff said. Man, it would be sssso sweet to beat the Defeateds next year at their place, wouldn't it??

LouisianaCoug said...

Well, is anyone else a little relieved that it wasn't Leach or some other "big name"?

Maybe this will turn out to be a great hire for those guys, but given what we know now, its not like they hired Nick Saban or the Bear.

My favorite part is listening to some Washington fans who either a.) compare this guy to Don James or b.) to Mike Stoops or c.) to Pete Carroll.

There is no way this was the big splash, big name coach they were going for. Heck, when they hired Willingham it was a way bigger name than this guy.

And Brinkhater, I couldn't even fathom beating Washington 5 times in a 6 year span. But my Lord, if Wulff could pull that off and start 2-0 in the Apple Cup, I would sign him to a 20 year deal.

Go Cougs

C-Boyd said...

Sark's in the Water

Awesome. You'll be seeing that on the FSN halftime show tomorrow.