Saturday, December 06, 2008

Now and Forever

You are now and forever the Defeateds.

Congrats on your 0-12 season...



Anonymous said...

it could be worse

Anonymous said...

The University of Ashington...a place where the "W's" are no more.

Brinkhater said...

Speaking of losers:

Didn't see the game last night, but our youth and inexperience is showing through from what I've read.

Why it is that I have deviated from my pre-season brilliance is beyond me. What a homer I have become!

In case anyone has noticed, in the last week, I have missed on more Cougar games (3) than I did ALL OF LAST SEASON (2).

I'm going back to BH the Horrible.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

AznIrshCoug said...

Hee-hee. I really don't like the Huskies.

Anonymous said...

Baynes needs to lose the mariachi band mustache. Then we can get along with the business of winning games.

Fat Mike said...

You should be ashamed for having a picture of a guy who has violated federal laws.

It does not matter now. I hope y'all enjoyed our downtimes. It is all over for you now. Hope you caught Sark's presser today. So crowded we had people in the next room to watch it on tv. We just hired our own Tony bennett and we will now proceed in stealing your top commitments. Watch for news on Simone, Atofau and Meinken this week. Too bad you could not have pulled away from our horribleness under TW but it is too late now. 7-5 next year and a blowout in husky stadium. Guaranteed.

Congrats on being the only Pac-10 team ever to go 0-12 said...

in response to fat

Brinkhater said...

Too late for us? Are you kidding?

And Stevey Sark as the next Tony Bennett? Brotha, I'd love to get my hands on whatever you're smoking.

And I love your prediction of a 7-5 record when you have a sure fire non-conference record of 1-2 that's being mailed in right now.

I mean, you think you're going to beat ND in South Bend when they have everyone back? NOPE.

Are you going to be LSU in the opener? DOUBLE NOPE.

So then you're proposing a 6-3 conference mark for next year? And beating exactly who to accomplish that?

Remember, you guys won ZERO games this year, so you really think you'll win six conference games?

Keep dreaming, LOSERS!!!

Fat Mike said...

dudes we totally dominated you in recruiting the last several years and it will continue. I cannot wait to see you pout about Meinken and Simone and Atofau this week. But our youth has learned on the job now they will be ready under Sark to capture the northwest flag. YOU had YOUR chance loser. 7-5 and an Apple Cup blowout. 17 starters back bigger stronger and faster than any of you. It happened with Tedford why not Seattle. This guy has more passion than you have in your little wieners.

Fat Mike said...

Oh yeah ND sucks Weis has lost them and it will be worse than Ty this year. Easy W there. LSU who cares they are SEC but what did they do this year. Miles will go NFL or Auburn anyway. We will win out at home vs. any Pac 10 school wait until Sark unveils Jake in the precision offense. But it will be about athletes and we just have more than you, always have. Now we have the hottest young head coach in the country and you don't. Hurts don't it?

medinabooster said...

Calm down Mike. I was at the press conference too and I am full of Husky spirit but why come to a WSU blog and talk crap?

I will chime in now. You should have heard Emmert and Woodward today. I got a tear in my eye when Sark took the mike. They got THE guy. This is a SoCal legend who will recruit 24/7/365. Go ahead and keep finding guys against Boise st. We will grab kids from LA with the ties Sark has sewn up. He is in on TOP guys right now who are telling people they will now go to UW because they want to be wherever Sark goes. He is a champion in every single way and it is just a formality now. We will prevail.

Stiffmiester said...

Fat Arse Mike....Bwaaaaaa Haaaaaa
Maybe you can go hang out that fatso Softy and stoke each other up.
Next TB Bwaaahaaaa
Go Cougs

Fat Mike said...

First Barack in November now Sark in December. Young passion and energy that rallies the base and surrounds himself with first rate people makes you guys run for cover and your 1-AA coaches. SO DONE with you Cougs. Your time is at an end. Lets see the look on Wulfs face when your recruits flee the sinking ship in pullman before ever setting foot on deck. They will be thrown a life raft in purple and the smile on their faces in february will be GOLD JERRY GOLD!

Big Wood said...

I remember Gilbertson had one of the best introductory pressers of all time....

How did that work out for you?

Sedihawk said...

Wow, I take a few minutes to check up and things and I see someone let "Fat Mike" out of the attic. Hopefully his hour of internet time is just about up? Time to go lay back down and eat a box of ho-ho's kiddo.

Look, Sarkisian might be the greatest hire ever. Maybe he's another Jim Harbaugh. Or he might be a complete and utter failure, like some other USC assistants who moved on, without a clue how to rebuild a program (Nick Holt, Ed Orgeron, Lane Kiffin, Norm Chow?). How can anyone know today?

We can all agree that anything right now is better than Willingham for them, and this guy is about as different as you can get from Paint Dry. The enthusiasm with a young fresh face is understandable.

But don't forget....0-12. I still remember how many people were celebrating when Willingham was hired after that 1-win 2004 season, people saying "THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN" and "HUSKY FOOTBALL IS BACK!" and "ANYONE IS BETTER THAN GILBY!"

But it's ok, this is their day. Reality will come next fall.

Sedihawk said...

Wait, wait......Barack? You are actually comparing Barack Obama to Steve Sarkisian?? "Fat Mike", seriously? Talk about a stretch.

Logan said...

ahh the elitism and sense of entitlement is emanating from every pore...stinks something awful. I hope Coug fans never get like this, I'd be downright ashamed and embarassed.

Anonymous said...

2 mil/yr for an assistant with no head coach experience?!? UW just got ripped off!

Fat Mike said...

You get what you pay for as you will surely find out next year with your measly coaches pay. you see it is expensive to get top talent something you don't understand. Ever hear of Carson Palmer or Matt Leinart? They only won heismans that's all and they were under Sark's watch. What have your coaches done? Didn't think so.

You rarely beat us on a kid before and now you never will. All your recruits will hear from Sark and the bounce will be great from this hire. And sedhawk so what think what you want (lol on living in the attic) I am a young passionate fan what is wrong there? You have all made fun of us and now those days are ending.

whatever I am back to dawgman now just thought I would ruin your Monday! A great day in Husky land is a bad day in cougar country (nowhere).

Brinkhater said...

So, what you're saying then is that USC is used to paying for top talent--e.g. recruits.

If so, we'll enjoy watching you once again turn into probation nation.

Like Sedi said, this could be a good hire for you.

But something tells me this is a much better day for us.

In the meantime, we'll sit back knowing that you have finished below us every year since 2002, have lost 4 of 5 Apple Cups--including this year (How could you lose to US this year???)--and haven't beaten us in hoops in about 1,000 years.


Might have to refer to Sark as "Tidy Bowl" from here on out, cuz he sure was brought in to clean the toilet bowl.


'03CouveCoug said...

Hey Fat Ass,

Did you learn how to write at UW, or Green River CC? Scratch that, because I'd hate to insult the fine folks at GRCC like that. Let me tell ya, if your boy Stevie is half as good at recruiting as you are at incomprehensible, run-on sentences, well, congrats on the hire.

The fact of the matter is that no matter what Sarkisian had to say at his presser, he’s inherited a program that is so far in the dumps it would take an act of God for the mutts to win 7 games next year. You’ve got no verbal commits, no proven talent (besides Jakey boy) and a coach that’s never run his own program. Three strikes and you’re out, there delusional hussy fan.

Could Sarkisian end up being your savior? Sure. Could he fall flat on his face much like every other former USC assistant that became a head coach, just as Sedi mentioned? Of course. Like you, Fat Ass, I’m sure that many of the purple faithful are plenty excited that they landed their 5th or even 6th choice as head coach, but perhaps you should at the very least get through recruiting and spring ball before you run your mouth about a winning record after going 0-12 ON THE YEAR!

You just gotta love delusional, elitist mutt fans. It’s not 1991 and Billy Joe Camaro isn’t walking through your locker room anymore. Your program isn’t special. Your stadium is a dump and you can’t fix it, even by panhandling to the State.

I’d temper the name-calling and lunatic rants if I were you.

Anonymous said...

They are paying Dennis Erickson money (actually $700K more than Erickson) and getting a Bill Doba.

Maybe this assistant coach will work out better, who knows? It does seem like a lot to pay for an unknown quantity though. If he'd already brought them to a couple bowls and this was the contract extension I'd think differently.

Anonymous said...

Sarkisian Wants to Beat Wife, Mother

Head coach Steve Sarkisian shocked liberal media types during his introductory press conference today.

Q: At USC and BYU you were winning but this program went 0-12, you are going to have some lumps to swallow, what are some things within you or your experiences helped prepare you to get over that kind of adversity.

A: The biggest thing is I'm a winner myself. I pride myself on being a competitive individual. If you want to play darts, I want to beat you. If my wife wants to play horse I want to beat her. If my mom wants to play my in pool I want to beat her. I don't care who you are or where you are from, I want to win. Hopefully that's contagious and that's been something throughout my career as a player and coach that̢۪s come across that I'm going to do everything in my power to win football games. and that comes through preparation and hard work and at the end of the day it comes through belief, especially in tight moments.