Friday, December 19, 2008

How Does it Feel to be an All-American?

That was the question asked to Forrest Gump by none other than JFK when Gump was tearing it up at Alabama. Gump of course answered "I have to go pee!" after drinking about a dozen Dr. Peppers. And somehow they used film tricks to make it look like JFK turned and laughed, saying "I believe he said he has to go pee!" Great line.

But that question now has to be asked of this undersized true frosh linebacker who left everything he had on the field of play, week after week after week:

That's right, Louis Bland is an ALL-AMERICAN. Freakin' SWEET.

OK, so he's not an AP All-American. It's an all-frosh team. And OK, it's not the Sporting News, it's Phil Steele (who cranks out the best preview magazines, ever). And he's not on the first team.....he's third team. BUT STILL, in this season of craptacular performances, it's something! Something good to warm you up, wherever you may be right now.

And how can anyone not appreciate the job Bland did this year? He was big when we needed him, especially in that Apple Cup. Per the press release:

Bland's best game of the season may have been in WSU's 16-13, double-overtime win over Washington in the Apple Cup. He collected seven tackles, five solo, three tackles-for-loss and a pass breakup. Saving the best for overtime, Bland stopped both Husky drives with a two-yard tackle for loss in the first OT then recorded another two-yard TFL in the second OT, which forced a 37-yard FG that was missed.

Big-time players make big-time plays in key situations. To do what he did as an undersized true frosh on a lousy defense, well, Louis Bland has that "look", doesn't he? The kid is going to be really special before it's all said and done. Nice job Louis.



BornCoug said...

Louis Bland is reason alone to support this staff and leave them alone for 3-4 years. Keep finding those Louis Bland's to go along with the Simone's, Markle's, and Tuel's, and things are headed in the right direction.

Congrat's to Bland!

TiltingRight said...

Bland, Ledgerwood, Markle and Barrington coming in.... If we can get some beef on the line, these guys are going to tear it up for a good long time.

Stiffmiester said...

Looks like we have an offer out Taumeolau from Salt Lake City. He was the OL MVP from the Nike camp and took the trip with Washington, Simone and the others. Just the fact that Wulff is getting these top prospects to make the trip speaks volumes about how much of an impact we making. Great job CPW and Staff!
Go Cougs

Sedihawk said...

Hey Stiff, I didn't see Taumeolau listed on the visit list from last weekend. Was it unofficial? I looked him up and it appears he was headed to visit Arkansas in January but doesn't have an official visit listed with us? No matter what though, he looks interesting.

Stiffmiester said...

It was on the ESPN recruiting page for the West.