Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hello Kitty

Happy weekend to you, Cougar Nation.

Well, tonight we play the kitties

Montana State style.

And what a laugher it should be at the Key.

I'm looking for T-Bone and company to come out tonight and really establish Mr. Klay Thompson and Aron Baynes from the onset. I'm also looking for Mr. Casto and Mr. Capers to log some heavy minutes.

Anyway you cut it, we will walk away with a nice 71-47 victory.

I'll be back at Game Time to provide another irrelevant thread in real time.

Join me then, won't you?

(The world misses the first five minutes due to the Beavs' thrilling one point victory over Nebraska)

10:00 16-11 WSU. Harmeling has his J, Taylor looks better, Casto looks great. But where is Baynes???? Congrats to the dude who proposed to his girlfriend at Center court. I almost forgot about the Cougar Gold Cheese Factor.

6:50 20-11 Big Cats. T-Bone has put in my near dream lineup of Baynes, Harmeling, Thompson, Taylor, and Capers. Not surprisingly, Taylor looks 100% better when not manning the point. If you add Casto to that group less Harmeling, that's our ticket.

5:00 24-15 Big Cats. Watch Thompson come off his screens. He NEVER RUBS SHOULDERS with our post players. May be one of the big reasons why he is always catching the ball in traffic. That is something he needs to work on!

1:39 28-18 WSU Harmeling is aggressive and looks really, really good. Harthun meanwhile looks lost defensively. But that jumper is nice: elbow in, follows through high. They should run the picket fence for him.

Half 30-18. Thompson's jumper is so pretty it makes me want to cry. Too bad he can't get enough separation due to his poor habits of running too wide off of his screens. Once that improves, he's gonna average 17+ ppg. Seriously.

15:00 41-31. Well, they've struggled a bit defensively, but the line-up of Taylor, Klay, Capers, Harmeling, and Baynes is by far our best offensive look. I am particularly impressed with Capers' length and how quickly Baynes passes out of the double team. They just lead to learn the Pac defense.

11:00 48-34. Baynes is so improved. Nick has shown that he is a really nice distributor from the wing. But, his defense has been a bit suspect. I really like him better off the bench. Tony, are you listening????

7:00 60-38. We're now running away with this game thanks to exceptional passing by Nick. The guy can really, really distribute. Meanwhile both Taylor and Capers look great.

Final Score: 70-51. Can I call em or what?

Overall, a really nice performance. We saw the seniors bounce back with a bunch of confidence and aggressiveness. We also saw the virtues of the kids who will be really good.

Bottom line: Capers, Rochestie, Thompson, Harmeling, and Baynes are our best line-up with Casto mixed in there as well.

The more they play together the better.

Our pack defense needs A LOT of work.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to add Forrest into our best line-up. He has the best shot by far inside the arc.

James said...

My favorite lineup would be: Rochestie, Thompson, Harmeling, Baynes and Casto. I just really like Harmeling better on the outside.

Koprivica and Forrest would be the ones to come of the bench first, while Capers and Harthun can add some fresh legs (and Rochestie can play more of a SG) later in the game.

I like your lineup as well.

Jenkins said...

Koprivica looks like he can't do anything other than pass from a standing position (which, as you noted, he does well) and do a bull-rush drive with his dominant hand that often results in a charge. After all that talk about how he was finally healthy again, I'm quite disappointed in how he looks so far. He looks as useless as he was last year.

olycoug said...

I'm with Jenkins. Koprivica sucks as much as ever. Watson should start. Nuff said

olycoug said...

Not Watson, I meant Capers. Sorry, it's late.

Brinkhater said...

Sucks is too strong a word. He just has limits like many of our guys. Nick is really SOLID if he's a bench/energy guy.

That said, IF you watched the AZ-Zags game last night you know that we need ball handlers and scorers out on the court to compete and to handle the type of press, pressure, and traps that we're going to see playing so many freshmen.

Capers gives us more athleticism and that three guard look that is becoming our trademark.

But, as mentioned, if that is going to be the group, they need a lot of time on the court for defensive purposes as well as for the O.

A team like AZ would KILL US right now.

Anonymous said...


I can't BELIEVE your score predictions. At least I got the Hawaii / Wazzu football score dead on. (almost)

- Brian the Beav