Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cougars in 3rd Straight NCAA Tourney

At least that's the scoop from Joey L at ESPN.

In the current bracket, we are a 10 seed matched up against Tennessee on Duke's side of the Bracket. Meanwhile, the Defeateds are among the first four out. So sad.

Obviously, we're light years away from March, but it's neat to see that our non-conference slate as well as our past success has left us squarely on the map.

In the meantime, if we wish to see our third straight dance, the next games are beyond critical:

LSU is going to be tough, but this is a very winnable game. And for us, we need another non-conference W BIG TIME--and to have it come against an undefeated team from the SEC on their home court would be REALLY huge.

Then, the Defeateds game is going to be season breaker-maker game if there is such a thing in January. Both Washington schools figure to be fighting it out for the 4-6 spots in the conference. As a result, we simply MUST protect home court. And from what I've seen, the Defeateds offer the type of length and athleticism that could offer some big problems for us.

So, give us your thoughts about those upcoming games.

Are they must-wins as I think that they are? Do you think we will win one, both, or none? What will it take for us to pull off a sweep?

Share your thoughts with us and have a very happy and safe Holiday Season.


Stiffmiester said...

That's interesting that we are now at a ten seed since we were a twelve seed before Pitt and Gonzaga losses.

ptowncoug said...

I agree must wins with LSU and UW.

James said...

LSU isn't undefeated--they recently lost to Texas A&M and almost lost to some team called McNeese State or something at home lol. Both wins are necessary. UW has been looking better lately, but it has been against pretty bad teams so it's hard to analyze them. Are they still the same team that loses once they leave their home court? Who knows, but every year these games are close regardless of ranking.

Lucas said...

UW hasn't won a game outside of Hec Edmondson. They're 0-2 on neutral floors, and 0-1 on the road. They have had no decent teams at home.

MBA looks like he is All Pac in the making, but the same issues befall the Defeateds. They suck from the charity stripe, play terrible defense, and cannot put teams away.

James said...

They did beat Portland St (barely), who won at Gonzaga tonight... Apparently we cursed the Zags that nights because they have gone 1-3 since we played them. Hopefully they can pull it together to make that loss not look too bad.

Brinkhater said...

Sorry about the undefeated gaffe, people. But LSU is still 9-1 losing only to a 10-1 A&M team that (gulp) also happened to beat Arizona.

I'm still interested in what you all think are the keys to victory.

While I'll provide a lame breakdown later in the week, I'll give you one major key: SHOOTING THE BALL.

The Zags game got out of hand because of our inability to make open looks. That will have to change from here forward.

It sucks watching the Zags suffer from an acute case of Oregonitis--e.g. challenge for a number one ranking, slip, and then fffffffff--aaaaaaaaa---lllllll-llll.

kaddy said...

Hate Gonzaga.

Anonymous said...

Agree LSU is a must-get, but the UW game is less important. Protecting home court would be nice but I'm more rooting for us to win because it's UW than because it will be an important W down the road. What matters is finishing at least in the top 5 of the Pac 10, less so who we beat and where in the Pac 10. Plus with so many frosh seeing playing time, in theory they will only get better over the year so early losses in Pac 10 play might not hurt as much if we go on a serious run to close out the year.