Saturday, December 06, 2008

Bring It On

Happy Saturday, Cougar Nation.

Well, as mentioned earlier in the week, tonight marks our best chance to get a marquee win against a solid, solid non-conference foe.

You can read about the run-and-gun style about Baylor elsewhere, but in case you haven't seen the greatness, here's a picture of star guard Curtis Jerrells in action:

What a pansy.

So, nation, when you're playing a really, really, REALLY solid run-and-gun outfit like Baylor there is ONE basic recipe for success:


And here's what T-Bone has been preaching to our boys all week:

1) Don't turn the ball over.

2) Make shots (especially from long range--see next point)

3) Contest their defensive boards (and that means minimizing long rebounds which always lead to breaks and easy baskets)

4) Make them play man to man defense by making perimeter shots (both of which minimizes breaks) and then POUND them inside.

Last year, Baylor blitzed us early--getting up as much as 16-18 points until we started to take the ball strong to the rack. Then, after we did that (and Cowgill was GREAT that game in case you don't remember), then Taylor hit a bunch of big shots from 3 to seal the comeback and then it.

This year, Taylor is going to have to reverse his fortunes from the Legends classic and play much like he did last year against Baylor and the Zags (e.g. MONEY), Thompson is going to have to be efficient, and Baynes, Harmeling, and Casto MUST contest our offensive glass to slow them down.

All in all, this is a game that has the feel for me as one that could really get out of hand if we fail in any of those areas. But, the comfort of home tends to play well with youth. I also think that the seniors understanding of these guys coupled with a loud crowd is worth about 8 points in our favor.

So, given the fact that I am predicting us to get blown out on Tuesday, I am going with the HUGE homer pick here and giving us the nod we so dearly need to put us in position to make the Dance later on.

Cougs 61 Baylor 57

Make it loud in the house tonight, will you?


Brinkhater said...

Also too:

Anyone else notice what Buffalo did to Ball State last night?

In case you have NO idea what I am talking about, Ball State was ranked 12th and undefeated, and Buffalo was coached by a guy named Turner Gill.

Also, also too:

Buffalo a few years ago was the laughing stock of college football, getting blown out by 50-60 points to MAC also rans like Ohio, Western Michigan, and the like.

Last year, we had him on our list. So glad the Huskies were too dumb to have him on theirs.

Anonymous said...

I was almost certain that he would be our head coach last year. I'm not sure what the hold up was, perhaps he wanted to stick around Buffalo and see his team through. But I'm willing to bet good 'ol Elson Floyd would have given his left nut to bring a black head coach to Pullman. Whoever does get him (sorry, he ain't stickin' around Buffalo much longer) is going to get themselves a damn good coach.

Chris '04
Pullman, WA

Logan said...

cougs just landed the top CB in the state. love the recruiting job these coaches are doing!

Anonymous said...

Did someone suggest uw would play hard for thier coach today? 31-0 at the half and outgained 300+ yards. worst team in pac10 history they have to be after this pile of shit.

Stiffmiester said...

I ran into Mike Ledgerwood's Mom yesterday while getting a stoggie and she was praising what Wulff is instituting and how her boy is talking about next year. I can't wait and do think we can put a good beating on the dawgs next year.
Go Cougs!

Soupbone said...

Going back to that first comment from BH - not only was Turner Gill on the list last year, so was Ball State's coach, Brady Hoke.

Brinkhater said...

Great call, Soupbone. Couldn't help but noticing today that both are candidates now at Auburn.

Why and how Auburn learned how to buy more vowels (e.g. clues) than the defeateds is beyond me.

But I guess that's how they became the defeateds, right???