Saturday, November 01, 2008

Mid-Day Report: Place Your Bets

Happy Saturday, Cougar Nation.

Well, in case you haven't tuned into your west coast ABC-Affiliate, let me tell you the tale of the tape:

1) Sedihawk's upset pick of CAL over the Quack looks better and better as the game goes on.

(Shame on Brinkhater for forgetting how well Gregory preps for spread offenses!)

2) And more to the point, the weather down here in No Cal is absolutely horrible today. HORRIBLE. And so you all know what that means:


While I am NOT saying that we will win today, you can bet that the stratetoogy for putting 13 in the box has a much better chance of being effective than it did two days ago when it was 80 degrees and sunny.

Moreover, the chance of Stanford having "one of those days" turning over the football just went up about 80% (of course, we know what our success has been holding onto the football this year as well).

So, in the final analysis, this game has a chance of being quite interesting if you are a Cougar fan.

In any event, I would imagine that a bet to cover a 30 point spread is a good one on this day.

Lets hope we can keep it close and build some stinking confidence from the closed practices of the last two weeks...

Go JT! Go Cougs!


Timmy said...

And unfortunately, those conditions that might make it hard for Stanford to hold on to the ball makes it damn near impossible for Lopina to not turn it over. Lets get JT in there already.

Sedihawk said...

17-0 2nd quarter. Two more TD's and they cover. LEVY time?

Portland Coug said...

try 24-0. Is there any experience more miserable than even caring anymore? I don't think so. tata fellas it has been real, been fun watching and reading. but not really fun.

Anonymous said...

He just got in.

Anonymous said...

WSU has given up 164 straight points without scoring. whats the record?