Sunday, November 09, 2008

Improvement, or Illusion? Does it Matter?

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Well, 28 points is nice. Especially when you have been drilled in the manner of what we've seen. And especially when you haven't scored since the second quarter vs. Oregon State, back on October 11th. It's been a while.

But while the object of the game is to get the ball into the end-zone, and we did it better than any other time besides Portland State, still.....not exactly the sexiest 28 points. Not to rain on the crimson parade down main street today, but they were outgained 531-208, turned the ball over four times, had just 12 first downs compared to 28 for Arizona. So while 28 points is nice, on just over two bills of offense and 94 passing yards out of the starting QB is, well, still a major struggle on offense.

All that said, for the first time since that first half vs. Oregon State, these guys showed a pulse. The INT on the first series of the game could have started the familiar landslide towards a 60-pt beating, but instead, they fought back. And in this lost season, with a roster so decimated from injuries, with tons of mistakes brought on by youth and inexperience, THAT IS WHAT WE'VE BEEN HOPING TO SEE! The final score, honestly, it really doesn't matter at this point. Yes we want them to win, of course we do. But the reality is such that unless the other team takes the afternoon off, we're not going to come out ahead. So at least dig in and show some fight, and that's exactly what they did yesterday.

Today, Coug Nation, we should be proud of the fight in these kids. They could have laid down early, but instead, fought their way off the mat. What more could we ask for out of this rag-tag group?

Oh, I know - MORE JT LEVENSELLER! The kid didn't get in until very late in the contest. And yes, he did toss a pick in the end zone. But he showed something as well, moving the team a little bit with his legs and his arm. As we've said all along, we like Kevin Lopina and at least he's been able to speak up in this trying season. He's actually shown some leadership, and lately as he's become more and more healthy, he's starting to make plays with his legs. But the passing thing, it's just not working out. There are STILL three games left in the season, more than enough time to get a lot more work for young Levy. Let's see what he can do, for it just might pay off next season.

That is all for now. ENJOY YOUR SUNDAY, and as always, GO COUGS!


Anonymous said...

You naield this on two fronts. Heart and more Levensellar. More please.

Color me guy nuts but I think the crapple-cup showdown could be rather interesting. We will be 10-14 point dogs vs the dogs but that is ok. The U will beat Neuweasel next week and will be cocky for the crapple cup. Right where we want'em.

Anonymous said...

Genuine improvement, God bless those kids!!!! I'm actually beginning to believe we might only lose to the Huskies by 100 points, and not the 450 I originally predicted!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those kids just might come out with a fury and beat the Dawgs. Who knows?

Besides lamenting (or warning about)the shape of the team before the season, CPW did say he would beat the Huskies.

Anonymous said...

Seeing is believing in this case.

Anonymous said...

What illusion? Dont you realize that Luke was simply using the force? He saved himself sure foot injury by only coming close to the face but he was obviously using the force there. I am happy we showed heart and wished we would win but as you have said all year these kids are too young small and weak. Yet I came away strangely satisfied by the game on Saturday because they tried. If you were at the Cal or USC game you would know that they quit in the second quarters. They did not do that this time.

LouisianaCoug said...

This game really is something to feel good about. Eliminate some of the ridiculous mistakes (fumbling reverses etc.) and maybe there is a legit chance this team can win the Apple Cup?

This game on offense and the UCLA game on defense gives hope that maybe, just maybe, this Wulff guy can turn this thing around.

Regardless, is it fair to say that given the states of both programs, that the Apple Cup will be a telling sign?