Saturday, November 22, 2008

Game On - Apple Cup '08

Here we go.

4:40 1st Quarter (Brinkhater): Iron Triangle is playing inspired football. Bland and Trent are shooting gaps nicely. Offensively, why either team throws is beyond me. Totally agree on the comment that Fouch v. Lopina is the worst QB match-up ever. We need 3 first downs on this drive!

1:34 1st Quarter (BH): 2 yard punt gives the Defeateds good field position. Too bad. This game really deserves to be 0-0 at halftime.

End of 1st: 1/4 of the way to a 0-0 Game. We can only hope

12:17 2nd Quarter (BH): The dream ends. 7-0 Dawgs. How we respond on this next drive will be crucial. You know you're bad when 7-0 feels totally out of hand.

11:43 2nd Quarter (BH): Game Time. Lopina shows he's in a league of his own--I've never seen a guy do a better pre-snap Peyton Manning Routine. Amazing. If D doesn't hold, we'll fold.

9:39 2nd Quarter (BH): See, see, see! 1-2-3 Kick! First three and out of the season. Meanwhile, I'm cramping up from typing. Someone get me off the field!

7:42 2nd Quarter (BH): Damn it, do NOT take Lopina out. 0 touches and 11 picks is not a large enough sample.

5:00 2nd Quarter(SH): Nice 30-yard screw-up by the refs. Aren't two knees down, uh, down? Yeesh. (BH). Time to start drinking...

4:00 2nd Quarter. (BH) Thank god Lopina is still in.

3:00 2nd Quarter (SH) Jeshua Anderson and Tony Thompson both out. Anderson with a chest injury. Walden ripping Lopina on the radio for throwing off his back feet!

2:00 2nd Quarter (BH) Thank god Lopina is still in. (SH) Nice fake. Get some points here please?

1:13 2nd Quarter (BH): Thank god Lopina is still in.

10-0 Halftime. (SH)AWFUL. Willie Griffin already at 87 yards rushing. Our defense is fighting but they can't hold up like this over a full game. They aren't getting any help at all at offense. Lopina is just off, there is no other way to say it. Someone asked if he was still injured from that concussion and there might be something to that. He does look off (even more than usual).

NOT looking good.

14:55 3rd (BH). Thank God Lopina is still in.

11:21 3rd (BH). Now, I'm really going to make my first drink. How Wulff and company justify Lopina's play is now beyond ridiculous. I would venture that every fan in Cougar land would rather watch JT lose 52-0 then watch Lopina's 31-0 suck fest.

9:00 3rd (BH). At least our D is playing hard.

6:41 3rd (BH). Ice Cold Martini in tow and now I realize that we're only down 10-0. We have a chance!


END OF 3RD: 10-7 DAWGS. What do you think will happen? At this point, I'm thinking a 14-13 win.

12:35 left: HUGE STOP on a 3rd and 2 followed by a missed FG by the pupps. WE have the MO, we have the MO!

11:30 left: MO, no mo....Bad three and out. Watching Lopina get blasted was painful. REEEALLLY Painful.

8:30 Huge 3rd and 2, completed to Daley. We MUST hold them to 3.

5:08. Tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock. Its getting REALLY late. If they get 6, we're done. If they get 3, we might be done.

3:24: Dawg kicker misses chip shot. WE'RE GONNA COVER!!!

2:56. Lopina throws a ball away instead of taking a shot or loss. Finally, PROGRESS!

2:02. Brinkhater's streak ends fittingly in a 5 yard throw when we needed 7. Classic end to a happless season.

0:56. Ball on 20, only 3 to tie

0:00 10-10 after K gets inexplicably behind the defense. We barely make a chip shot to tie as time runs out. Greatest Apple Cup of All Time

REMARK: UW FANS. YOU GUYS SUCK--simply because you are tied with us after 60 minutes--wow you are bad!!!!!!!! ALSO TOO: WSU. THANK YOU FOR SHOWING SO MUCH STINKING HEART. GREAT HEART. GREAT HEART. GREAT HEART!!!!!

1ST OT (O): Great call to go on 4th and 1.

1st OT (O): 3rd and goal from the 1 1/2. Go to a full set, please!!!

1st OT (O): Lopina blows an easy touch. Too bad. Lets go D

1st OT (D): Put 10 in the Box. YES! Now 3rd and 6.

1st OT (D): Now the field go attempt (We held).


Both teams are so bad!!!!! Lets hope we're the second worst!!

2nd OT: HOW the hell does UW NOT score points with a running game like this? They get 5 YPC.

NO GOOD AGAIN! Mattingly almost picked it before, but NO GOOD! Hold your breath...

2nd OT (o): Cougs win. Brinkhater's streak lives.

Final Thought til Later:

This game was won for four reasons:

1) The heart of the defense and the Iron Triangle.

2) Great, clutch kicking.

3) Willinham's inexplicable T.O at the end of the game.

4) Lopina's heart

Congrats Coach Wulff, Congrats Seniors, Way to Go Cougs.


Anonymous said...

and there is nobody there. zzzzz.

Sedihawk said...

Did you expect a full house?? Not this year man.

Sedihawk said...


frinklin said...

Man, I gotta say the all-crimson look is just hideous. Memo to the uniform people: It's crimson and gray, not crimson and white.

Lastly - Lopina versus Fouch might well be the worst QB matchup in Pac-10 history.

Anonymous said...

What are we FRESNO STATE!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a 3-yard in on 3rd and 7.

Brinkhater said...


Anonymous said...

The rout is officially on. :(

Sedihawk said...

Never, ever call that screen again, please? Has it worked all year?

I hate to say it but this one could get away from us fast. We can't slow them down on the ground, and we can't cover Goodwin.

LouisianaCoug said...

Stick with the silver helmets.

Their lines are just destroying us.

Can we stop running reverses, please?

Sedi, you're right, this could get ugly.

frinklin said...

Can someone please go slap Papadakis upside the head?

Anonymous said...

Is lopina over the head injury? he looks sick.

Anonymous said...

Lopinda actually stepped up on that throw instead of pussy footing it.

Anonymous said...

god damn it Paul what the * are you doing! Lopina won't get us past the midfield the rest of the day and you keep him in? he is off his game. This is STUPID. You are a good guy but making it awfully hard to root for you as a coach.

Anonymous said...

OH MY DOG did we just call a timeout on 4th and 10 from our 42 with 40 seconds left? Way to mmanage the game paul.

buschlightalum said...

you waited until 5:00 of the second quarter to start drinking? and you call yourself a coug? i don't know what university you went to brinkhater but it certainly wasnt the same one I did. is this your first apple cup? christ!

frinklin said...

To be fair, Lopina's last pass would have been perfect had the receiver been six inches tall.

Sedihawk said...

Oh he's a coug Busch Light. There's drinking, and there's DRINKING. You know that. Now he's set to REALLY DRINK. Time to dial 'er up.

Anonymous said...

We have a chance huh? And Paul Wulff looks like Brad Bitt. Have another.

Anonymous said...

Got to stop the run. Good job Eichelrberg way to get on TV. You are horrible.

Anonymous said...

Ball game. Damn it.

frinklin said...

Wait... 5 yard swing pass to the tailback on FOURTH AND SEVEN? Augh!

Anonymous said...

Can't understand the offense down there just terrible. We had this thing and let 'er get iaway.

Sedihawk said...

Holy shit another OT!? GOOD JOB D TO HOLD YOUR GROUND!

B.T.M.M. said...

This one feels so great. This is the reward for sticking it out, Cougar fans. I don't care if it was the ugliest game in history (it was close), it still feels amazing to come back and beat the Huskies!

Brinkhater said...

Just want to say for the record that when I started drinking, things changed.

congrats seniors!!!

Sedihawk said...

Four out of FIVE people. Never happened before in the history of this series. But wow, did they "dawg it" or what? Three missed field goals, any one of which would have put the game away.

I will say this - we have said all along that Lopina didn't know what he was doing. But he told us all to STFU with that throw to Karstetter was money. The free safety misplayed it a bit, but that was amazing, given the circumstances.

B.T.M.M. said...

That throw to Karstetter was unbelievable - I've never seen Lopina make a throw like that, and he probably never will again. Did ANYONE think we could go 80 yards in less than a minute? Even if he never throws a TD for the Cougs, #9 has a place in history now.

atlantacoug said...

You have any idea how much $$ people lost in Vegas today? Lopina, I am sorry for taking your name in vain all day. After seeing the 3 times we tried to go deep, you were drilled each time. Our line can't give you any time. And you are playing injured. You da man. Maybe not the future of our program, but you are now an Apple Cup Champ. Something Gesser could never say.

Joe Sampson said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The hated Huskles are burning right now, man these are glorious days, it makes all those bad losses seem...well, all right, those were pretty bad losses, BUT WHO CARES?!!

We are the best! We are the best! We are the best!

Butch will sleep soundly tonight!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not one word about Lopina's great pass, Brinkhater your a idiot You try and suck the energy out of every cougar fan I know. Dude go away far away. Your support for Doba sucked and now your doing the same thing to Wulff. Go some place else with your BS we don't want your hatred here!!!! We Won With Lopina I hope he starts every game next season is spite of your support. Get a life and stop the hatred.
PS Lopina won this thing for us with that great pass and Wulff is a good coach and you sir are a idiot.

Stop the hatred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brinkhater said...

Great heart by the kid, no doubt, which I noted RIGHT after the game.

But if you think we're going to win a lot of games with this kid, you've got another thing coming.

But at this point, who fricking cares??


buschlightalum said...

I thing the choice of Wulff was the stupidest thing our athletic department has ever done. He made shitty coaching decisions all day and all season. I can't stand the guy.... But I gotta say... He did it. I don't know how, and part of me thinks our Cougar pride won this thing despite of his decisions. But he is the coach and We WoN!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for these guys after a horrible season.

Party hearty Cougs! You deserve it!!!!

E said...

To the first commenter, I'd say that the game was 90-95% full, especially close to the end of the game and overtime. It wasn't nearly full at kickoff since all the coug faithful were still getting "fortified" for the game. But, all in all, it was a great crowd that pumped up the volume at crucial times. Even in the 2nd OT, when the D was at the husky part of the horseshoe, the crowd noise was great. You know how loud Martin can be when it's rocking, and it was rocking.

It's really disappointing to see the general tone of these comments and how they evolved during the course of the game. I love the analysis from both Sedi and Brinkhater. But, some of you commenters need to pause and imagine if you were a WSU football recruit trying to get the pulse of a fan base before spouting off all the negative stuff. If the team threw in the towel as early, we'd have a big L today instead of an instant classic.

This game was AWESOME! Over the history of Cougar football, we just don't get many of these moments. I hugged my wife, and then a couple of complete strangers. It really reminded me of the 2002 USC game where it came down to key defensive stops and the kicking game to win.

Enjoy this one! 4 of 5 sure seems like a trend ...