Sunday, November 02, 2008


The crappiest bunch of craps who ever crapped. The suckiest bunch of sucks who ever sucked. The national media will rank us 1-2 in the bottom 10. Chris Fowler will cleverly write "Washington Needs a Bailout!" Yuck yuck yuck, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda, something something something, etc etc etc....

No need to over-analyze or break down the numbers. You know the drill, all too well I'm afraid. To think that Brinkhater was actually considering going to watch this 58-0 monstrosity in a rainstorm? Uh, yeah, probably a good call to stay home.

But today, I don't know what is more striking - that UW and WSU were both shut out on the same day, the first time that's happened since 1948? That they lost by a combined score of 114-0? I could go on, but I won't. How about the thing I thought I would NEVER see? It's November, and there is one win - COMBINED - between both schools. Think about that. November, and there is ONE win, and it's not even a division-one style victory at that. Never in my lifetime could I envision such a thing.

And now, Jessica Alba. Enjoy your Sunday.


THE WORST said...


Wulff Hater said...

After seeing the supple Mrs. Cash Warren, I suddenly have this overwhelming desire to be young, rich and famous.

Anonymous said...

Hi, you don't know me, but that video
is soooo racey.

Tubalow said...

brinkhater you really think that is racey? And Wulff hater please don't tell me someone is going by that name. At least wait until next year then the fangs are out.

LouisianaCoug said...

I know it's a ways away, but any early Apple Cup predictions being thrown around (it's the only game left that we aren't going to be 50 point dogs in after all). If Wulff could beat UW in his first year, talk about demonstrating he was the right choice for the job. Any thoughts?

Crimson Coug said...

I know it was another hard beat down to take, but this team is headed the right direction. I realize that is hard to believe, but I've got my reasons and despite the spread Wulff can coach.
Here's another ill advised blog on why I think so.

kaddy said...

Thought this was worth from another site.

As A Jackie Sherrill Recruit


The lone year Jackie Sherrill was WSU's Head Coach, I was being recruited as a High School Senior.

Myself and one other High School players were asked to attend a Cougar practice session prior to speaking with some of the assistant coaches at our various positions. It was late in the season. The Cougs won only 3 times that season and the practice I was allowed to witness first-hand had "Bail Out, Abadon Ship, Every-Man-For-Himself" written all over it.

Not only was it clear Sherrill himself did not intend to be around a whole lot longer, but it was plain to me and the other player visiting along with me that many of the upper classmen, players who had been recruited by Jim Sweeney were not on board with the current staff's plan.

I specifically remember a quarterback named Wally Bennett. Bennett was about 6'6" and had been given a few starts by Sweeney during his time at WSU and enoyed a few bright, shining moments as a big-time, pro-formation, type passer. But by this time Bennet was far down the depth chart in favor of sophomore Jack Thompson, and he openly cursed the coaching staff, the younger players in front of him, and the team's system. Frankly, I was surprised to see the coach's tolerate such openly hostile and vocal criticism from a player. But I imagine the wheels were already falling off and everybody just wanted the season to come to an end, get home for the holidays, and call it quits.

I have never forgotten that rotten environment. The air around the team's practice just stunk with Seniors acting like spoiled children who had their toys taken away from them with young underclassman still working to master a system they barely knew.

I was a high school tight end and I was visiting with a Quarterback. I was a 2nd generation Cougar so I felt privileged to be recruited by my favorite team. I didn't like what I witnessed first-hand but I decided to stick with WSU because I was born & raised Cougar and could remember coming to games at the old Rogers Field when there was grass and the cheerleaders still wheeled "Butch" the live cougar mascot around in an iron cage on wheels. In other words, Jackie Sherrill had me at hello.

The other guy, the quarterback, took an appointment to the US Military Academy at West Point. He never played a down of football and dropped out of the USMA after his first year. I graduated from WSU and hung around through the excitement of the one-year rollercoaster of Warren Powers and the push for credibility started by Jim Walden. By Walden's tenure I had a knee so torn up I left the team. But my heart never left WSU.

The reason I am writing this is, I suspect a lot of the same stuff is going on right now. There are Doba players and they just dont care and just dont fit what Wullf has in mind for the program and what's more, THEY KNOW IT!

So, with little or no upperclassman leadership, Coach PW is dealing with a lot of little kids, (and take it from me, you are like a little child next to men when you are a freshman walking into a Pac-10 environment), who are crapping their pants at the same time they are trying to nut-it-up and play the game against bigger, better, faster, smarter, players. And THEY KNOW IT TOO!

So, lay off. Let the system work itself out. The rotten "Wally Bennett's" inside WSU football will soon go away and yield space, time, and energy to the players Coach PW wants around his program and who want to be around the WSU program.

And in a year or two those scrawny, frightenened little high school players will have beefed up, pumped up, and boned-up and will have something more to show on the field.

Anonymous said...

Can you please go over to cougfan and post that, there are some Wulff bashers that need to hear it

Anonymous said...

Yo Yo Yo... I roll through Pullman on the constant. As THE major COUG fan I gotta say we are the shiznazle.

Take that Duckies and Huskies. The Seabass Don has spoken and if U think we aren't the best u gotta B smokin'.

We got the illest frat ballers on the planet tryin' out for the scout team QB position, so u know that our first team offense puts up the best in-practice numbers in the country FOOLS.

We roll so tough it ain't even funny dummy. Bloe me like u owe me and throw me a trophy.


Anonymous said...




Ya, thats the sound of my Seabass Don crotch cabin, AKA my FAT frat pole AKA five pounds of pus*y beetin' biotch bait, droppin' on the table & rollin out, to put ducks and huskies to shame...