Saturday, November 01, 2008


Can't stop the run, can't run the ball, can't take care of the ball. An extra week to prepare for a 4-4 Stanford team....and this is what we get??

Brand new week, same old story. Might as well etch 1-12 at the top of the 2008 football tombstone, because nothing is going to stop it now. Not Arizona, not ASU, not UW, not Hawaii. FUN.

Seriously, one question - why not roll with J.T. the entire second half? What was/is the point of playing Lopina? Ok, Lopina is a junior, and that's fine. And he can scramble a little bit. Great. But what has he done to earn the PT at this juncture? What has he done on the field, other than not get us into the end zone? Why burn the redshirt on the kid QB if you are just going to roll him out for one first-half series in a game that got out of control in a hurry? Why stick with Lopina well into the 4th quarter? When it was 51-0 you still played Lopina? REALLY? Wasn't 31-0 at the half enough to decide that this thing just isn't working out? What about building for the future, starting with next season and getting your young QB some real playing time? What are you waiting for? What is the POINT to any of this???

Maybe some day it will lead to days like this:

I have wanted to hold off on saying this, and have tried to be the eternal optimist....but there is no denying it any longer. This might not be just the worst WSU team in our lifetimes - it is, without question - but this is the worst Pac-10 team of all time.

Enjoy your Saturday night.


OK Coug, too said...

Blown out at Stanford after two weeks of prep.
Of course, none of this is PW's or his staff's fault or the result of coaching in general.
1) The players' attitudes
2) Doba
3) The players' "getting it"
4) Nutrition
I heard an interview with a pretty new coach at D1 today (the beloved MN program that people want to look to for inspiration/hope). His point was this: with a new system, it's the coaches fault if the players don't understand the ethos and execute. In addition, a coach needs to show guys why they should buy in. He took responsibility for their first year struggles. Said it was the coaches’ fault. Huh, not sure we really have an analogous situation here.


Anonymous said...

How much more can we endure. Wouldn't any decent coach at this point in the season be able to at least put points on the board. I'm trying to be patient but this is to much.

Pancho said...

All I ask is the Cougs score 3 more points this season. Just three more point!!!! Is that too much to ask- 1 measly FG for the remainder of the season??? Sadly, for this year's team, it just might be.

Oklahoma Cougar said...

Okay, times are bad. We are now the laughing stock of D1 (or the Bowl Championship Division or whatever).

But we need to rally around being Cougs. We need to celebrate guys like Gary Trent... He's given a great effort every down for four years. I wish had 20 more like him, but I am happy he chose to be a Coug.

We'll get past this and return to Glory.


Amazed said...

Recalling the mostly true "Remember the Titans" high school football movie scene where the all america player Berrtier had his own buddy thrown off the team for failure to consistently block for a teammate.

From a recent News Tribune article post Stanford loss:

"(Lopina was) Asked if players should go to the coaches and ask for some players to be removed from the team, Lopina said, “I think we need that.”

Is it time for such an action?

Anonymous said...

Wow...this would never be allowed on almight CrimsonGavel would put people on posting probation.

Mr Cat said...

The real question remains this: Are the 2008 Cougs capable of defeating Pullman High School? And will the Cougs lose the Apple Cup by more than 100 points? The Huskies are TERRIBLE, but they look like the '72 Dolphins compared to the Cougars.