Saturday, October 18, 2008

We're Off (full)!!!!!!!

Yes sir.

So, the game starts with us THIS CLOSE to recovering a fumble that would have kept the scoring streak alive.

Now, we get to see how Lopina looks. (And how about Lopina's pre-game line, ZERO touches and five picks)

In the meantime, comment away as the game goes. I know you're on-line because there is NO ONE in Martin Stadium.

Go Offense!

UPDATE 6:00 1st Quarter. I could swear that we've just had two possessions and have not thrown a pass (but I've been sniffing glue for the past 15 minutes, so who knows?)

Incredible. I've heard of playing not to lose (too much), but this game presents an example of a totally new paradigm:


UPDATE End of 1st Quarter--WHICH MEANS IT'S QUIZ TIME!!!!!!!

Vegas has set the over under on USC punts at 3.

How many times will USC punt today?

Get the answer right and get a free Brinkhater hater t-shirt. (I say once).

We're on pace for Longball's 85-3 call!


Isn't it time for Pete to insert the "Band Pushup Rule?"

I mean, if you make the Conquest Chronies do a push up for every point, maybe we could have some additional entertainment of sorts.

I don't know, maybe we see the Tuba player charge Sarkasian after the 91st point?

Or maybe we can see more of this?

But more to the point, don't you all think that MAYBE we should try a bit on offense??

Talk about a de facto forfeit. Sheesh.

Sedihawk says:
Can't let Brinkhater have all the fun here....

Well, we are getting man-handled.

Wow, was that Brandon Gibson at QB? I guess it can't hurt. Nice to see the slowest developing run play in the history of the game continued to gets called/fail. Keep it up.

Anyone see Kevin Kooyman on that last run? He went 15 yards straight back like he was on roller skates. Brutal.

There is NO WAY they are going to score.

Sedihawk says: What a mess. Can the bye week hurry up and get here? 76-0 here we come?

UPDATE 8:29 4th Quarter:

Looks like the shirt is going to A for its correct call with 2 USC punts on the day. Hey, A, Send SASE to Brinkhater Hater Industries, Colfax WA.

We also knownow how much Wulff cares about our scoring streak: ZERO.

I for one am pretty pissed.

It meant something to Brinkhater. And the fact that we didn't even try is sickening.


Anonymous said...

Well, 14pts for USC in first 4mins.....3 and out on 3 offensive possessions for the Cougs with not one pass attempt....hmmm, I think we have negative offensive yards now and have only milked maybe 2mins off clock......and no pass defense - everyone Sanchez TD pass totally wide open not even a defender close.....oh bother!!
Anyway, on the bright side, the WSU cheerleaders look nice today ;)
And damn, why not blitz and do some passing?? What do we have to lose?? - besides another QB and another game??
Reno, NV
watching the game on CSNHD ch.759 ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey I understand what we are doing now? We are playing conservative so USC will not put up 100pts on pass attempts at this pace, we won't get embarrassed - only a 84-0 loss.......yikes!! Go Wildcougarcat offense!!


P.s. Oh my god, we completed a pass to Anderson - wooohooo!! 1st down - GO COUGS!! Celebrate the little things ya know ;)

Anonymous said...

I think 85-3 prediction is optimistic at this point down 27-0 with 12:25 left in 2nd qtr.......I would say 91-3 looks more like it unfortunately.......I will take under on punts for USC - 1 or 2 punts max for the Trojans (I predict 1)......but I am not sure how we will get them to punt unless they play only 9 players??


a said...

I'll predict 2 punts to get the tshirt.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a nice guy Pete Carrol is not going for TD or FG during the last drive of 2nd quarter........ok prediction changed, 69-3 is what I am going with......still hope we can get a td and a few defensive stops.....a takeaway would be nice.....don't really want to see Sanchez throw over 6tds to break the all-time USC record is kinda nice seeing Rodney Peete still at # 1 ;)
Ok, halftime - gonna figure my absentee ballot I guess?? ;)


Limehouse Coug said...

I just watched a Gameday update on ESPN.

"Is USC even playing a team?"
"No they are playing against air."

You know that feeling you get when you pass a cop doing 85 in a 60? That's how I've felt all day.

I really want this team to have one good game by the end of the year. How much more can their egos take?


Anonymous said...

Why did we only pass 3 times? Is Lopina that bad??? That sucks!!! I am so pissed, the first time in 52 years we were shut out at home, and 24 years period. The last cool record we clung to is now gone...SHIT, who is calling the damn offense, or lack thereof?

Anonymous said...

I meant 6 times, but not much better.