Monday, October 13, 2008

Time to Swim With Sharks

Man vs. shark. Who ya got? I think Saturday will look a lot like this, don't you? Basically trying to push a charging, three-ton great white out of the way with one arm will be similar to what our offensive line will look like against USC's monsters. You thought we got manhandled vs. Oregon State? Just wait.

I am a little disappointed in the line this week. ONLY 42.5 POINTS!?!? What planet is Vegas living on this week? I was thinking at least 50 to open. But who knows, it's only Monday. Plenty of time to see that line move in that direction. Early lean? Take SC, the points and the over, and take it now.

Given the state of affairs, the walking wounded on a physical AND mental level right now, I can't help but feel like this game with USC shouldn't even happen. I know, I know, the only way you improve is by playing against the best. You can practice, practice, practice, but true game time is the best teacher. And heck, even a young Bruce Wayne fell down a well and was accosted by about a million bats. That turned out OK.

But why do we fall down? So we can learn to pick ourselves up again.

Maybe we can just call the whole thing off, take the forfeit and lick our wounds. And let's face it, USC would rather not even show up anyway. The trip is a pain in the ass and everyone already knows the outcome. I mean really, was it that entertaining back in the day when Christians were fed to the lions? Maybe the mob would get a little excited if the humans ran around, yelling and screaming and trying to stay alive, but the end result was unavoidable. Everyone knew what was going to happen. Ho-hum.

Here's an idea - they could simply cancel the game, bring Drew Bledsoe, Ryan Leaf and Jason Gesser back and let them fling the ball all over Martin Stadium on a lovely October Saturday. At least it would be watchable. We could remember where this team used to be, and what could be again. Wouldn't you love to see #11, #16 and #17 in crimson, all over again?

Sounds as though Kevin Lopina will be first up, followed by an already limping Dan Wagner and maybe, just maybe, the burning of JT Levenseller's redshirt. Great. Who knows though. Maybe the offense will open up a little bit, back to what the original hope was when this thing first came together in the spring? After all, even though it's been a steady dose of Ocho Rojo the last few weeks, Lopina has had far, far more reps with the 1's compared to Marshall. Maybe we can approach using HALF of the Sturdy playbook? We'll see how it all shakes out. But man, coming off a broken vertebrae, Kevin....if you see some of these USC thugs coming at you at full speed? SLIDE. It's cool. We totally understand.

Moving on, once again the comments have been excellent, with all sorts of viewpoints. There's a lot to digest right now and there has been some good stuff out there. But can we please cool it with the F-word in comments? I know we're all frustrated, disappointed, you name it. But you can express that without the f-bomb, can't you? You are pissed off and sick of it. We get it. We all are. But enough already.

Finally, about this blog. Brinkhater and I had a long talk after the OSU loss. At the time, we concluded that the interest level in this team is going to drop, big-time. We are headed back to the dark ages, similar to where the attention level was for the hoops team in the end of the Paul Graham era and the beginning of the Dick Bennett era. The team lost big, nobody went to games, nobody cared. So we thought that we should scale it back a bit in what we do around here, because quite frankly, apathy will rule in the dark times.

But is that what you want? Would you rather check in every few days for some regular features? Or do you want something new every day? Granted, Brinkhater is right - it's tough to find the passion in times like this, and it's purely passion that drives the bus here. So as Brinkhater says, we are at the crossroads right now. We can keep up the content, but there may not be a whole lot of interesting over-analysis. What's the point, when we will be several TD underdogs the rest of the way? When we are overmatched and too young in so many areas, well, we don't need to tell you about that. You already know it. Or, we could go in a whole different direction. Make many more attempts at humor, blog about things other than Cougar football, etc. But don't be shy, tell us what you want the rest of the way. We aren't afraid to adjust our plan to fit what you want.

Happy Monday, and as always....GO COUGS.


HatefulCoug said...

Well, even when football sucks I still check this blog every other day or so, or whenever I'm bored, which is a lot. If you guys don't write as much, thats fine, but if you do I'll probably drop by and read it.

Anonymous said...

I will come by regardless, but it is refreshing to read this than most of the post on the other site.

Stiffmiester said...

I will still stop in and read daily. Hopefully with the reduction of posts it might liven up the comments as there will be a longer time to get discussions going.
Go Cougs

Coug2000 said...

Guys, you write great stuff. Your blogs help to keep me sane in these days of Coug football misery. In these rough times, the more humor and comedy in your write-ups, the better.

Anonymous said...

If Longball keeps writing, I will keep reading.

Anonymous said...

I just placed 10,000 on USC -42.5!!!It's a winner!!!

atlantacoug said...

While we may be heading for the dark ages football and basketball are not comparible. We suck now but I for one want to read all about our sucktitude.

ptowncoug said...

Misery loves company! Who wants to wallow in it alone? I mean if I can't read posts that understand what I am going through, I may have to start talking to my wife about it and she'll probably end up kicking me out of the house.
What drives me nuts is that we have every excuse for being bad this year and the outside media/other team don't seem to acknowledge it. We are talking about starting a fourth string walkon for crying out aloud.
Then again if I see one more post that PW is going to turn this around not year next, but the year after next, I'm probably going to jump off that horseshoe looking thing in the grand canyon. Whadda people think, NCAA is going to give all our players 6 seasons simply because of how horrible we are.
We get to be bad this year, although this really, really bad thing is new to me and something I really hate. Maybe I need to talk to some old time Beav fans about how sit in my own POOP (no swear words) and enjoy it. The new ones are jaded and have forgot where they came from.
Progress has to be made next year! It just has to be. I am not asking for 6-6, but at least the 4-7 we had in Gesser's soph year where we lost 3 OTs. I yearn for this season to be like that.
Lastly, I won't read anymore of Longball's posts until he figures out how manage his fantasy football team. Believe me, his fantasy team is a train wreck, much like our beloved Cougs.

ptowncoug said...

After reading my own post, I should revise my comment above to: "that PW is not going to turnaround the team next year, but look out for the year after next"

TiltingRight said...

I certainly understand the lack of passion. I noticed after watching the game on the DVR today (I was traveling during the game), it was the first time I didn't watch the whole thing. I turned it off before the 4th. Just couldn't take it any more. There are moments when things start to look halfway decent, then there's a sack, a stupid penalty, a run for no gain and another punt....

That said, I come here daily to read your thoughts. Maybe you should post on other things that interest you. I know it's a Coug blog, but maybe interesting tidbits from around the PX. Better yet... let's talk about the Big XII... holy flying pigskin!

*sigh* Is it basketball season yet?