Sunday, October 12, 2008


Hello Cougar Nation and the irreparably beleaguered Brinkhater Army.

Hope you all are hanging tough.

Well, when your beloved program moves hook-line-and-sinker into "rebuilding" mode, its time to really re-think everything.

And that includes the ole WSU Football Blog.

While none of us are ready to throw in the towel on our team or this blog, we are also finding it hard to move forward with the same amount of intensity, fervor, or joy.

As a result, we are going to scale back the number of posts that we are providing here on a weekly basis.


Specifically, I am in 100% agreement with many of you that Sedihawk's summaries of the Wulff radio show are a Blog staple. So, we're going to keep that.

We also plan on continuing Football Friday which we hope you all will comment more on since we all know the outcome of the rest of our games.

Finally, we will continue to do Gameday posts as well as some sort of post-game thought on either Saturday night or Sunday.

In other words, we plan on taking off Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at least through the end of football season.

When football ends, I will again take up basketball while Sedi, Longball, and Hooty chime in on all things recruiting and so forth...

In any case, if there's anything else you all would like us to include or focus on, let us know.

In the meantime, on behalf of the other Blogfathers, thanks to all of you (WHERE ARE YOU COUGAR JEN??) for your continued readership and your fantastic comments during the course of the season.

And remember, like Wulff said today, there is a PLAN that the staff is executing.

Its just hard to wait for its fruition when you can't see it.

But, in the end, that's why we have a thing called "Faith" is it not?


Grady said...

That album cover is brilliant. You have the leather jacket with no shirt, the cross earing, and then the little symbols at the bottom which at first appear to be different religions, but somehow a bass clef and a heart with an arrow through it got thrown in there.

Manages to be religious and kind of gay all at once. Mesmerizing.

Anonymous said...

Wulff's "plan" is so obviously simple it makes me sick when people can't see it. He is basically cleaning house. He is being an overbearing @ss to the veterans so they will leave or quit. Look at Mattingly, the kid has talent but he's an idiot. Frying pan incident, anyone? He want's this crap out of his program and the easiest way to do it is bury him on the bench. I'm actually surprised that Hicks has seen the field at all this year.

Just wait, it may take a year or two but this program must take one step back before we can start walking forward.

Chris '04
Pullman, WA

kaddy said...

I love the posts, but you gotta do what you gotta do. By the way, anyone heard the rumor of Mattingly moving back to LB? One thing you have to credit Wulff with, is that he isn't afraid to change things when they aren't working.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else have a Fish Called Wanda flash back with Kevin Kline sniffing his pits????????

Or are you just thinking about Father Figure like a bunch of girls?

Amy said...

Hey guys, a word of encouragement --
I never really planned on commenting but came out of the woodwork in response to this post. I'm not asking you guys to keep posting more because I know it must be pretty hard work to maintain the blog and post every day. HOWEVER, I do want you to know that if/whenever you do post, there are lots of people hanging on to your every word! I'm speaking for myself and the rest of the subscription reader community. We probably won't comment unless a post really moves us to (case in point), and we don't even come to the actual blog... but (at least for me), every post you guys write is read, via Google Reader. So keep up the good work and keep those posts coming (at whatever frequency you think best)!


logan said...

yeah...i check this site everyday...i would love two posts a day, but that's not reasonable or practical. We all love reading your guys' material, but do what you gotta do, we'll still be here waiting for new posts.

thanks for all you guys do.

Anonymous said...

+1 on keeping it going as is.