Friday, October 31, 2008

Polls Open, Jackson Makes Announcement

Pullman, WA--On Thursday, the venerable Keith Jackson held a news conference on the campus of Washington State University to announce his endorsement of Vincent Grippi and John Blanchette for Washington State College Sportswriter of the year.

In making his decision, Mr. Jackson cited Grippi's loyalty to "old school journalism" as the primary tipping point in his decision.

The news appeared to overwhelm Grippi, who upon hearing the news, promptly stormed the podium and ran out of the room with the 2001 Sears trophy that accompanied Mr. Jackson to the event.

Elsewhere, Mike Price declared his support for Bud Withers on Thursday.

In his statement, Price described Withers as a "Great Coug" who "you can always count on for well-researched, straight stories that never include my drunken binges at the Sports Page."

Neither the Moore-Yanity ticket or the WSU Football Blog picked up any major endorsements.

Both declined to offer any public comment, although a person close to the WSU Football Blog called the day's events "crushing."

Meanwhile, the final Gallup Poll showed a two-way race emerging as the Polls open:

Grippi-Blanchette polled at 35%, followed by Condotta-Withers at 25%, Moore-Yanity at 22%, and the WSU Football Blog at 18%.

Polls are open through Tuesday.


Brinkhater said...

This is so cool.

Out of 8 votes cast, we now have 4!

Its kind of like when the 16th seed in the NCAA tourney leads the number 1 seed 6 to 4 before getting blown out 110-58.

Even better, the poll tracker says that the "4 out of 8" equals 80% of the vote.

That's the kind of math that I can believe in.

Go Cougs.

Brinkhater said...

And now we're losing by one to Vince and John.

This election was the worst idea ever. I'm never going to get anything done today..

Anonymous said...

Grippi 08 gets my vote. You guys suck.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, getting smoked in your own poll. Lots of work ahead of you, boys.

Chris '04
Pullman, WA

Portland Coug said...

Chris 04 I don't believe you get the joke. They want to lose and Brinkhater wants the joke to be on everyone. he is like the joker with one farce after another. Kirk cameron as his face come on. This whole thing is a big farce put on and he wants to get voted off blog island. he is a sick diaboloical maniac who will stop at nothing to destory pullman.

No More Moore said...

Come on, Cougar Nation!

These tallies are starting to look like the score of our football games.

How about spreading the wealth??

Anonymous said...

Chris 04, Most guys like getting their poll smoked. To each his own, I guess.

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