Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Paul Wulff Radio Show Recap - Week Eight

Some good stuff as usual for this week, so we'll jump right in:

  • Wulff said they have practiced well so far this week. Still working very hard, even with everything going on.

  • Bob-Rob asked him immediately about what he's seen from the USC - Oregon State tape and anything they can glean from that one. Wulff thought Oregon State did a great job at the line of scrimmage, and they ran the ball just so well and could control the clock. He also said Oregon State really ups their game at home, and they have one of the best home field advantages around. But Wulff also said that was obviously just one game, and USC has regrouped quite well with blowout wins over Oregon and ASU, two of the better teams in the conference. Bottom line is USC is a great challenge for anyone they play! Bob-Rob did throw in "yeah, but they hate coming to Pullman" and Wulff said that's true, so hopefully we can make them even more uncomfortable.

  • They touched more on USC. Wulff said that they have an amazing touch throughout the country in terms of recruiting. Bob-Rob said back in the old days, kids all over grew up wanting to play for Notre Dame on a national level, and now USC has become that glamour school. Wulff agreed and mentioned players like Cushing, the linebacker from New Jersey. There are other examples like Mike Williams from Florida and Dwayne Jarrett from New Jersey.

  • One interesting thing Wulff threw in there about USC, however, is that he said they are doing quite well recruiting some kids, right now, who are also interested in USC. He said that they are getting a very good reception from families in the LA area who are interested in having their sons get out of LA instead of stay home. Not that there is a flood-gate situation where athletes headed for USC will suddenly reverse course and head to Pullman(!), but, he said their message in recruiting has been very well received thus far. There will be some recruits in for a visit this coming weekend who we are recruiting who also happen to have USC on their list, but so far so good.

  • A caller asked Wulff who his biggest influences are from his background, in regards to offense, defense and overall philosophy for his program (this was one of the best questions I've heard asked, and Wulff gave a very detailed answer). The first name Wulff mentioned was Dennis Erickson. He said he learned so much from Erickson in regards to offensive x's and o's, about the one back/spread the field concept. Also how aggressive Erickson is on offense, to go along with the scheme, and how unpredictable that type of offense can be. He also said that their biggest goal, however, is to be balanced offensively, even in a spread scheme. They want one of the mainstays of the program to be the ability to run the football, week in and week out. It's the same thing defensively, in that they want to be aggressive and physical on defense and commit to stopping the run. Again, another mainstay, stopping the run on defense and being as aggressive as they can.

  • Wulff brought up Dick Zornes, from EWU. Not so much his schemes, but his entire philosophy. He said Zornes was the most organized coach he has ever seen in 15 years of coaching. And Zornes always preached fundamentals and taught them constantly to his players. Wulff also mentioned learning a little from Mike Price and even Joe Tiller when he was at WSU, but didn't get real specific with them.

  • One interesting name he brought up? Pete Carroll. He said when he played with the Jets for a short time, Carroll was the defensive coordinator I believe? Anyway, he said he learned some good things from Carroll, just being around him.

  • Bob-Rob asked him is there one that you emulate more than the others, and Wulff said no, not really. He said that it's a process where you are around different coaches and styles, and you learn what you can. But you still have your own beliefs and ideals, and you take things with you that will work. But Wulff did go on to say this program will be all about fundamentals, and no matter what, going forward we will be sound in all phases of the game. That is his ultimate goal.

  • Finally, Wulff touched on why he is a coach. He said he never thought he would ever be a coach, but once he was around Dennis Erickson, he say how hard that staff worked but they also had fun with it. That Erickson experience really rubbed off on Wulff. But he loves the interaction with the kids more than anything else! Teaching them, talking to them, and the excitement one gets when all their practice and hard work pays off. He said it's the best feeling to see a kid just light up and excel when they execute what you have taught them. He also likes being involved in their personal lives, helping them out wherever he can to help guide them through some tough times. The best thing is, that like a lot of coaches, he still gets a lot of calls all the time from his former players. Players who have now grown up to become doctors or whatever, yet still give him a call to talk. And also jokingly said that they all tell him how much they appreciate him NOW, but back in the day? That was another story. But the bottom line is the impact he can have with young kids, it's the number one reason he stuck with coaching for all those lean years at EWU. One can think back to the stories of when he first started at EWU, so anxious to be a coach that he worked for free his first year, living in a trailer, well, you can tell that passion is the real thing.

  • Moving on, they touched on the QB situation. Lopina will start, and has healed quite well from his injury. Wulff then went into the injuries to the QB's, and how unfortunate it has been for them, but also many teams around the country have suffered the same type of deal (Look at UCLA's QB situation, or Oregon, or UW with Locker). But closer to home, Wulff made it clear that the injuries to the QB's have been extremely difficult for the offense to deal with. They are big on rhythm and timing with this offense, and it takes all the reps you can get to improve, not only as the QB itself but also the rest of the offense. They just haven't had that chance. Wulff went on to say that the injury situation, from top to bottom, is the absolute worst he has ever seen in his 15 years of coaching. Nothing else has come close to what has happened this year. Wulff also touched on the entire QB situation this year, even without injuries. People have to remember that they are replacing basically a four-year starter in Brink, and that's a big issue. Brink took almost all those reps with the one's for all those years, obviously in games but also all those practices, and that held back the growth for someone like Gary Rogers. So everything has just kind of combined for the "perfect storm" of QB issues this year.

  • Bob-Rob asked him about the offense in general, in that with so many injuries, have they considered scaling things back even more? Wulff said that in hindsight, they wish they would have done a little more to protect the QB's early on, and he especially said Marshall. But he said that they are trying to implement this new offense, and they only way it will click is if the offense is run in game situations. You can't practice one thing, then do another in a game as it wouldn't work. But even in these tough times, Wulff believes they will gain from the experience in the big picture. He said they COULD change the offense, reel everything in and just run the ball and eat clock, but they wouldn't learn enough and it would stunt their growth overall.

  • Another week, another Louis Bland comment (shown above getting mobbed after scoring a TD last weekend). A caller said Jim Walden has really been praising Bland during broadcasts, saying how impressed he is with what he has seen from Bland thus far. Wulff said that he's just a fantastic kid, a leader and a winner with great intangibles and maturity well beyond his years. Wulff said he is already saying he wants to be a captain and has talked to the coaches about it (wow). That's impressive for a true frosh. Bob-Rob asked how did we get Bland? Wulff said that Cal was recruiting him, but had him on the back-burner due to his size (he's barely 6 feet and 200 lbs). So by the time signing day came, Cal didn't offer a full ride, and a scholarship came available for WSU. Wulff offered and Bland signed on signing day, and Wulff called it "a moment where we KNEW we had to have this kid in our program. Luckily it all worked out." Wulff also mentioned some of the other leadership from this recruiting class, like Tyree Toomer, Jared Karstetter, Mike Ledgerwood. All kids that are playing, all are tough, hard-nosed kids who are competitive, passionate and will have a positive influence on others.

  • A caller asked what the heck is going on with the left tackle situation?? Wulff said it's been tough, no question. First it was going to be Vaughn Lesuma, but he was hurt to start the year. They moved Steven Ayers out there from guard, but then he got hurt. They tried to put Joe Eppele out there, but he is still too fresh off of knee surgery and wasn't really ready to come back. It was too much, too soon for him. But now, Lesuma has been moved inside, to guard, so Will Hunter, the walk-on frosh, has been moved to left tackle. In that same part of the answer, Wulff went into the play where Marshall got hurt. He said that there were a few factors, one of which is that Marshall was probably holding the ball a little too long the whole game, and did so on that play. But also the crowd noise was a factor, and Hunter simply didn't get off the line quick enough at the snap, while the OSU d-end timed it perfectly.

  • Bob-Rob did ask about the general strategy for USC this week. While Wulff wouldn't fully divulge the game plan, he did say that they will adjust some things this week. Part of their strategy could in fact be to try and shorten the game, take care of the ball, use the clock and play sound defense (sort of like the Dick Bennett approach?). Wulff said that when they do the right things and execute, they CAN play well. He pointed out they won the second quarter vs. OSU, 14-3, and did so by playing sound defense, getting takeaways, etc.

  • The defense was brought up. Wulff said that yes, the final scores have been disturbing to say the least, but he thought the defense has been OK in some stretches. The UCLA game they hung in there, but the offense didn't give them any help, and all the 3-and-outs and turnovers really wear out the defense. But that UCLA game, at least in stretches, showed that if you can do well in the field position battle and not give the ball away on offense, they can hang in there. He said overall, however, he's never seen his defense put in such bad situations. The deck has been stacked against them, time and again. And, Wulff said TURNOVERS MEAN EVERYTHING to coaching staffs. Turnovers change the complexion of a game, completely. If you turn the ball over the way we have this year, you really have no chance to win.

  • A caller asked about next year and what fans can expect. Wulff didn't hesitate to say that, without question, they WILL be considerably better next year. He quickly listed some reasons as to why: 1) With another year in the program, eating right and lifting weights, the team as a whole will be bigger and stronger, more equipped to compete in the Pac-10. 2) With another year in the system, players will have more experience in the offensive and defensive schemes. You have to remember that still, everything is brand new to these guys, and they are still learning every week. All these injuries have really stunted their growth as a football team. But a whole year in the systems, and they expect real progress. 3) There are several players they are redshirting, right now, that Wulff fully believes will help immediately next year. 4) Finally, they expect to be healthier next year! After this year, that goes without saying, but Wulff mentioned that they are doing things now as a team that will help players deal with injuries better than in the past, and they don't expect to go through something like this again. But bottom line, Wulff was very encouraged when talking and thinking about next year, and while they will still be young, they will be better. IT WILL COME!

  • To wrap it up, a caller asked about recruiting bigger WR's. Wulff said sure, they'd like the players to have a big presence, but they are just looking for playmakers at the skill positions, period. Size isn't as big of an issue compared to pure ability. On that theme, Wulff was asked about the current recruiting priorities. Once again, for like the fourth time this year, Wulff said defensive line is by far the top priority. He said ideally they would like to bring in up to six defensive linemen in this class, but it probably won't be that many (there are three right now who have committed, although Geoff Meinken is officially a "soft verbal" right now - and no, Wulff didn't mention any recruits by name). Bob-Rob asked about hitting the JC ranks for immediate help, and Wulff said they might take a few more than they normally would, but maybe just between two to four, tops.

That's a wrap on the radio show. Lots of stuff to digest. Interestingly enough, JT Levenseller's name never came up. The only QB talk was on Kevin Lopina. However, a check of this week's release shows JT as the number one backup to Lopina. Not a surprise given the media speculation we've seen so far, but if Lopina goes down, it sure looks like JT will get the call.

Enjoy your Wednesday, and as always, GO COUGS!


Brinkhater said...

Great recap of the show again, Hawk!

Don't know about the rest of Cougar Nation, but after I read these recaps, I get so reassured that I start to think we actually have a chance this (and each) week.

But that, of course, is why we have Football Friday is it not??

kaddy said...

Agreed - all of a sudden I'm excited again. Wulff really seems to have a plan, and I continue to support him. I think if we can be somewhat competitive against SC this week, it will look really good in front of the recruits we have. I'm hoping for a decent crowd, too. Phase III (and IV) can't come soon enough!

Anonymous said...

so wulff said they wont change the offense this year so they can learn but then says they will change this week? I don't get it. Which is it Paul? Just one more example of how outclassed he is in the pac-10.

logan said...

anon...there are differences in anything you do...SMALL changes to the offense always happen in any program, but it doesnt change the structure of the offense itself. quit trying to take everything wulff says and use it against him. look at positives from what he says...wait until next year when he expects lots more progress.

'03CouveCoug said...

I am still just baffled by the folks that seem to think that we can contend with our Pac-10 foes when we’ve lost so many to injury from a group that was marginally talented at best to begin with. It seems like many Coug fans (or so-called Coug fans as it may be) expected Wulff to come in and turn water into wine in his first season. This udder collapse has been years in the making, and it will take at least an equal amount of time to turn it around.

That being said, I sure am glad that Coach Wulff is not panicking and burning redshirts or shifting his philosophy in order to appease some loud and narrow-minded fans…babbling idiot Jim Moore included. It is awfully encouraging to read the radio recap (thanks again for your coverage, Sedihawk!) and see Coach Wulff acknowledge the fact that we’re having a very tough season, but at the same time, he’s confident about the plan that is in place. I’m also glad to read that Coach is much more optimistic about next year.

It’s amazing that people have such short memories. Just 5 years ago, our basketball program was mired in one of its worst stretches in WSU history. When Dick Bennett was brought in to “save the program” we had to endure some serious, serious beat-downs before the culture, attitude and system could change. Perhaps people don’t remember this because nobody paid any attention to basketball pre-Coach Tony. At any rate, I really marvel at the folks that think Wulff should be able to pull off a Bennett-like turnaround with a FOOTBALL team that consists of 22 starters…not the paltry 5 on a basketball team in just one half of a season.

I guess that many “fans” want it all, and want it now. Please remember everyone, WSU just doesn’t have the financial clout to do the things that some of our conference brethren do, so we have to go about our business in a much more “grassroots” kind of fashion. We as fans also don’t want Coach Wulff to cut any corners by recruiting a large amount of JC guys or guys that can play ball but come with baggage. It is in our best interest to endure this putrid season knowing that there is a plan in action, we just have to see the big picture.

I guess people will continue to bicker and whine no matter what. Hell, fans did that even back in ’01-’03. I don’t like our guys getting blown out any more than the next guy, I guess I just wish that some of the other fans would calm down and know that things are going to get better because we finally have some direction.

Anyway, here’s to our guys hopefully surprising many and being competitive this Saturday! GO COUGS!

Woody said...

Our ineptness has officially reached metaphor status.

I am not sure if anyone else caught it on Ivan Maisel's College Football article today: "Breaking the huddle at the halfway point."

and I quote:

"While the Tide struggled to put away Tulane and Kentucky, respectively, after those big victories, a team this young (six senior starters) playing this consistently is as rare as a Washington State first down....."

He was writing about the impressiveness of the Alabama Crimson Tide by by pointing out the unimpressiveness of our offense.

I guess there is no such thing as bad publicity?

Go Cougs!


Portland Coug said...

fergawdsakes, WHO CARES about what ESPN says about us! Colin cow-pie says WSU is one of the worst pac-10 teams ever. WHO cares! ESPN lists us in their bottom 10 - WHO cares! Ivan Maisel makes fun of us. WHO cares! ESPN doesn't care about WSU and only cares about USC west of the mississippi. people around the country hardly know we exist, and when they do it's because 1) Ryan Leaf, draft bust. 2) Mike Price blowing it at bama and 3) the WSU flag on gameday and 4) Tony bennett (and they don't even get that right half the time). that's it.

We suck right now, there's a plan in place, we all know it. So stop worrying about what ESPN or anyone else says, writes or expresses. It does not matter. Sorry to be harsh woody, but man oh man I am ill at the people freaking about our program being made fun of right now because it just does not matter.

Woody said...

I went back to look at my comment and I must have missed the part where I was freaking out about what people are saying about the football program.

I was just pointing out that WSU was in an article on I thought since this was a WSU Football blog people may want to know this.

You obviously could not read the sarcasm dripping from my comment. Look at the bright side we were mentioned in the same sentence as the #2 team in the country!

I was not calling for anyone's head here! I just thought this was a forum to express ideas.

I would say if there was anyone who is a little touchy and sensitive about the subject....

Sedihawk said...

I have to agree with Woody here. Portland seems a little "off" lately, I don't know. You ok Portland? At least you have a basketball team down there, plus Greg Oden, Brandon Roy, Nate McMillan...sigh.

Anyway, I appreciate the info Woody and yes, you can always share stuff like that here. We always encourage that stuff and we always will, you know that.

On Portland - Funny, but I do see his point, even though he's a little wound up about it. Worrying about what ESPN, SI, CNN or the LA Times says about us right now isn't anything to, well, worry about. Aren't they all saying the same thing, that we are terrible? Fair enough.

I know I used to get uptight about what ESPN used to say about us back when we were, uh, good. From 01-03 I used to rail about our lack of respect from the talking heads. But in the end, it didn't really matter after all I guess. What they say isn't going to steer recruits one way or another, or it certainly won't have any effect on the outcome of the game. And that's all that matters, that they recruit well and that we can turn this bad boy around.

Really quick, speaking of recruiting - I saw that our safety verbal from Federal Way, Andre Barrington, just got upgraded to a THREE star. That makes every verbal so far a three-star guy, and every verbal so far in the top 100 in the nation in his position. I know Meinken is now officially "soft" on WSU, but that's ok. Wulff is right, their message of playing early and being part of a turnaround is falling on receptive ears.

Sedihawk said...

Oh, and Couve? Good points. Gee, the team loses some NFL quality players at WR and TE, a long-time starter at QB, and the prior staff had their feet up on the desk and basically stopped recruiting. And oh yeah, this program won 5, 4, 6 and 5 games over the last four years. And this thing was suddenly going to turn "from water to wine"?

That's what was sad, too, to hear people complain about the defense bringing all these starters back from last year and still getting run over. First of all the offense has been awful this year, and that has a big trickle-down. We're 10 turnovers ahead of the next worst team in the conference. That is really, really awful. But starters on paper back from last year? Last year was from a 5-win team that gave up 418 yards and over 32 points per game in '07. A defense that lost it's top tackler (Abdullah) and any semblance of defensive tackles in Aaron Johnson, Ropati, Roof, etc? We gave up 259 yards passing per game last year, 2nd worst since 1996. We also allowed QB's to complete 61% of their passes, worst at least since 1996. The 163 rushing yards allowed was the worst since 2000. Combine the other injuries to players like Cory Evans, the shuffling of Andy Mattingly, and really, what's happened shouldn't be that big of a surprise. This year was coming.

'03CouveCoug said...


Right on, as ususal. I continue to wonder what people thought was coming...most reasonable Coug fans I know thought that this team would win 4 or 5 games AT BEST coming into the season.

Just like with the stock market, people need to stop, take a deep breath and try to remain calm for a few seconds! We've got to give these things time to heal (both the financial situation and Cougar Football!). The worst thing possible would be knee-jerk reactions because of bad losses(again, in both cases...)

Here's a retorical question to ask yourselves...Would you rather go away from Wulff's system and hamstring efforts geared toward making us better next season and beyond in order to lose by 20 instead of 40? If that's what you want, you're absolutely nuts. I say keep pulling the band-aid off hurts pretty bad initially (especially for a hairy guy like me), but the pain goes away quickly. Not only that, you're glad you just got it over with instead of pulling it off excruciatingly slow. Wulff making drastic changes or burning redshirts at this point would be like pulling the band-aid off slowly.

We're going to get there people! Ya just gotta have a little faith. Who cares about those that are laughing now, because it will be Coug fans laughing in just a few short years. We all know about he who laughs last...

Until tomorrow...

LouisianaCoug said...

Couve, I understand that we all need to stay positive, continue to lend our support to the program, etc. And yes, any long time Coug knows of the inherent disadvantages of WSU, money, etc. And quite frankly, we have finished last in the Pac-10 a lot.

And I agree, we do need to keep the faith and give everything (namely Wulff) a chance. And yes, a down year was coming this year regardless of coach.

However, there are people like myself (right, wrong, or indifferent) who really did not want Wulff (or his system/assistant coaches) in the first place.

Why change a perfectly efficient offensive scheme?? Levenseller was a great OC. Why demote him for some nobody from Eastern?

The biggest Q I have is, Was this guy really our first choice? (I genuinely do not know and am curious)

Or did we fire Doba and end up with our fifth choice?

And also, why couldn't we have just replaced top management (Doba) and kept our proven Pac-10 caliber coaching staff? (Again, I acknowledge my limited knowledge in coaching changing decisions).

Regardless, Wulff is just an unexciting hire, much like when West Virgina hired that long time nobody assistant head coach.

And as far as that faith goes, I certainly will keep it and support the program. But honestly, I would feel a whole lot better that, given our current situation, if we had hired someone else (just my opinion).

Again, please don't question the fan-hood of those of us who don't like Wulff. We're not scapegoating him, and we will still support him.

And believe me, those of us who dislike his coaching, are still praying we are wrong and rooting like crazy that he rights this ship.

Go Cougs.

ptowncoug said...

Look at you Sedi always trying to please everybody. Do you guys realize that we are facing giving up the most pts in Pac-10 history! More than even OSU! Someone please read my post when I clamoured for the 4-7 team of 2000.
Is it absurd to ask that we not look like a highschool football team? Honestly, I think Pullman HS could show us how to run the spread.
I know it's going to take some time to right the ship, but this is plain horrible football and PW has to show a pulse next year (because he certainly hasn't shown one yet) or I don't have any problem throwing him under the bus.
You have guys on the field (returning starters I might add Sedi) who apparently don't have a gosh darn clue as to what they are doing. If that isn't a concern than well than maybe we should expect 1-11 every year from hereon out.
I'm not a Clemson fan. I don't expect pac-10 championships, let alone national titles, but for pete's sake can you play some competitive football that I can enjoy as a fan. I almost tuned into the WNBA because I found that more exciting. I have always taped Coug games, even in the down years because even when we lost it competitive football a large % of the time. I haven't even bothered to flip the switch one team this season.
I defended MP during those losing seasons, even after the 6 INT game against SC. I always pointed to games during those seasons where we showed glimpses of hope and I am not talking about 2 or 3 series of football, but an entire game where we were competitive and could have even won the game.
Please, please show me a glimpse of hope.

UWhuskytskeet said...


Wins: Cal, Beavs, Stanford, UCLA & UW

Pac-10 record: 5-4

Wazzu vs. Cal - This early in the season WSU is healthy and their O-line controls Cal's young D-line and/or potential 3-4 scheme to help Rogers' effectively run the new offense.
Wazzu vs. OSU - Even though Wazzu's D-line will be severly outmatched by OSU's offensive line the Cougs offense will have a handle on the new scheme and will barely out score the Beavs in a track meet.
Wazzu vs. Stanford - Another game that Wazzu eeks out by putting a ton of points on the board.
Wazzu vs. UCLA - Cougs O-line neutralizes UCLA's strong D-line as Rogers and the new scheme take advantage of a, at this point in the season, young inexperienced secondary. Fortunately UCLA doesn't have an O-line that can over power a week Cougar D-line.
Wazzu vs. UW - I could possibly be gooching us here but I think this will be a repeat of last year's game. If you ask me sure the Cougar D-line is probably going to include some freshmen and JC guys at this point in the season but look for Ball and Sears to find a scheme to work around this fact. What should also prove helpful in regards to the Cougs D is that I have to imagine, whether told not to or he decides it on his own, Locker will not carry the ball every chance he gets. He has NO back-up and UW can't risk him getting hurt. If this is indeed the case the Cougar D can hold UW down long enough for the offense to make a mockery out of 1 defensive end, 1 linebacker and 1.5 DB's. It's Apple Cup though so expect your you know what to be puckered up right to the very end.

Sedihawk said...

Louisiana, we have very strong word that Wulff's staff was his choice/preference. He knew before the get-go that it would be tough to change things, and wanted to come in with a fresh staff that was also VERY positive. Wulff demands that everyone on the staff be on the same page so the message is singular, and clear. As far as the choices, we know we interviewed Kevin Sumlin, John L. Smith, and had some sort of discussions with June Jones and Norm Chow. I have no clue as to where Wulff rated in that group, but I was told June Jones wanted a ton of money plus other perks, and he had major skeletons in his closet. Chow is a different cat, and has been an assistant all this time, maybe for a reason? I did hear we liked Sumlin, but I don't know how far that went, and we know John L was in the mix.

I guess it doesn't matter now, as it's all water under the bridge. We are where we are with Wulff, and it isn't going to change.

And ptown, not sure I follow you but what do you mean, trying to please everyone? The only thing I said there was that the so-called returning starters on our defense was bunk, mainly because the names coming back weren't that great, and the defense SUCKED last year. We were only better than UW's all-time worst D last year. And Ted Miller and others have shot major holes in the whole returning starters theory. It's quality, not quantity, that matters. And to have just one capable defensive tackle is the biggest trickle-down failure of all. If you have nothing up front, you are doomed.

'03CouveCoug said...


The reason we didn't just fire Doba and keep the rest of his "proven" staff was because that staff couldn't recruit a lick. Which I thought was obvious at this point, but evidently not. As for Wulff being a "fifth" choice, I have pretty good sources that tell me it was neck and neck with Wulff and Sumlin until Wulff discussed his recruiting plan in his final interview. He blew the group of interviewers away with his plans to recruit Washington hard using his relationships with high school coaches to his advantage...not to mention his stressing going after young men of strong character that are willing to work hard. I must also point out that you most definitely are trying to scapegoat Wulff by questioning his hire, wondering if he was the 5th choice, and saying that his staff consists of nobodies. Just sayin'.

Look, I probably shouldn't have questioned the fanhood of those Cougs that are upset with Wulff right now. You have your opinion, I have mine. Mine is just different than yours, that's all. In the words of the great Ron Burgandy, "Agree to disagree." I think that we can all agree to keep supporting our team no matter what because we're all Cougs. Here's hoping that we see some improvement as the season goes on.

LouisianaCoug said...

Sedi, thanks for the coach hiring explanation. That actually does clear things up... and from a personal opinion, the name June Jones, John L. Smith, or Norm Chow would certainly have made us Wulff nonbelievers a lot happier. But as you said its water under the bridge.

Couve- couldn't recruit a lick? Weren't most of those guys the same guys who recruited the 2001-2003 players and Harrison, Brink, and Gibson? (I am asking seriously). Or was it just Doba who wasn't doing his job?

But I agree, we are all Cougs, we're in this together, and we all want to see Wulff win, he is a Coug after all.

But just curious... How long will you give him to turn this thing around?

Sedihawk said...

I would bet the administration is going to give this thing the proper chance to work out. Nobody knew more than Sterk and company about what Wulff was walking into, and so while a lot of the BS that came out about the team was news to all of us, I'm sure majority of it was no surprise whatsoever. Sterk knew the state of things was bad, and that's why the change was made. If I had to speculate I would say that by the end of the 2010 season, maybe even into 2011, that will be the time to judge. If they are playing really well and showing a ton of promise with Wulff's guys, then even if they aren't full-out winning a lot of games yet, that will be enough to see that the changes are working.

There is some precedent for where we are right now, and some real hope out there. I'm going to lay out an example tomorrow of the biggest, brightest hope yet that this thing has a lot more hope than we might think! For there is a program out there that is almost a mirror image of who we are and what we are going through, and they are the beacon of shining light through all this.

'03CouveCoug said...


No, most of the guys that made up the '01-'03 team were recruited by former WSU coaches, not the guys we had coaching the last few years. The only exceptions were Doba, Levenseller and to a lesser degree, Akey (even though he wasn't on the staff last year because he left to take the Idaho job, he still had a major footprint in terms of the guys that were playing for us the last few seasons).

Keep in mind that the majority of the guys that made up the '01-'03 teams were recruited from '98-'00...those 10 win teams were pretty heavy on the upperclassmen. Price, MacDonnell, Ball (who is now back), Dunn, Zeches and Bray were the coaches on staff (along with Doba, Levenseller and Akey) at the time. Coach Zeches was the recruiting coordinator then.

As you can see, the staff of the last few seasons was drastically different than the staff that recruited our most successful classes ever. So, yes, I still contend that the staff of the 4 years prior to the current one couldn't recruit a lick. Please note that this lack of recruiting occurred after 30 wins in 3 seasons. It's pretty well documented that we whiffed on 4 and 5 star guys and had to take table scraps and questionable characters late in the recruiting process, rather than go after 2 and 3 star recruits with a chip on their shoulders like Price and Co. did.

To answer your final question, I truly believe that this staff will need at least 3 more seasons to right the ship. And I’m more than happy to give them that. We need to let the 2009 recruiting class start to mature before we can judge, because let’s face the facts; the 2008 recruiting class was thrown together in a mere 6 weeks. I think that we’ll start seeing progress as early as next season (by that I mean at least win a few games and stop getting blown out by 40+ week in, week out) and by 2011 I expect the Cougs to go bowling. Now, if we’re still uncompetitive in 2010, I’ll expect a change.

Go Cougs!

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