Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Paul Sorensen Calls Out YOU, Anonymous!

Former WSU great Paul Sorensen weighed in on Paul Wulff the other day over at Cougfan. It's a premium article, so we won't post beyond what is listed in the first paragraph. But the gist is that this thing is in the right hands, it will take some time, and those who are doubting right now have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

But Sorensen was just getting warmed up. He went on KJR today, and really let loose in a quick interview with Ian Furness. Give it a listen here. Oh, and he HATES you, anonymous.
"If you want to attack someone, attack a kid, attack a coach, then man up and put your name out there. Hiding behind those monikers mean absolutely nothing. It's just a chance for you to take shots with no accountability."
Sorensen talks a mile a minute, and he was always on the goofy side when he did WSU games on the radio. But he knows of what he speaks. Listen to him regarding Wulff, and EWU and that success and how that will translate to WSU. It's worth your time.

And as far as the fake names/monikers? Yeah, it's a little cowardice to rip people a new one when nobody knows who you really are. But it's more than norm than the exception online these days. We let that go on here basically because we want interraction. We want to hear from you. If we made you register with a user name and password, or demanded that you use your real name, well, then you wouldn't comment.

It's just like people who call into sports radio stations to vent. Do you think that half of them are actually who they say they are? They aren't. It's that anonymity that allows people to be a little more open than they normally would be, that's all. It comes with today's territory regarding message boards, blogs, etc. There are always idiots, and there always will be, but there are some outstanding viewpoints out there as well, viewpoints that we see every day. I'm afraid that if we took away the commenting feature, then we would lose a big chunk of what makes this site somewhat interesting to begin with. So there.


Brinkhater said...

The big stat and/or claim from the interview is that Eastern supposedly has put more kids in the NFL the last four years than the puppies or us.

That's remarkable both in terms of the success of Wulff and his staff as well as the futility of the Washington schools.

PS Monikers are cool.

Sedihawk said...

I actually think that's fiction brother Brinkhater (if that is your real name/picture!). Michael Roos has made it in the NFL from EWU, but I don't know of any others that are still in the league. Meanwhile I can think of at least two WR's from the last two years who are playing in the NFL from WSU, right now - Bumpus and Jason Hill.

Anonymous said...

EWU only has 2 players in the NFL now.

kaddy lover said...

As far as anonymous goes, you do not have to register with Blogspot to have a moniker. Just choose the 'name/url' option under 'choose identity' and you can type what name you want. Today I will be Kaddy-lover

Anonymous O'Boob said...

Kaddy-lover is a douche

Anonymous said...

paul sorensen is old. i wonder if his internet skills are up to par.