Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jim Walden: "This is a Junior College Team"

If anyone has listened to the radio broadcasts this year, you know that it's been tough on the old guys. Bob-Rob plows through the excruciating play-by-play, and seems to manage pretty well. But Jim Walden, ah yes, the guy lives and dies with every play. I especially love the "OH NO!" or "Ahhhhh" when the other team breaks a big play or a penalty happens against our beloved Cougs. Walden also ripped Jeff Tedford on the air for Tedford throwing hail mary passes up 42-3 in the 2nd quarter, or throwing for the end-zone when winning 59-3 in the fourth quarter. Tell us how you really feel coach.

That is one of the best things about Walden, is that he doesn't sugar coat things....at all. Last year, after Doba was let go, he was asked his opinion on Mike Price's return, as well as who should be the next coach. Let there be no doubt, Jim Walden did NOT want Mike Price to return. Period. And Walden also stumped for Paul Wulff. The interview where Walden let loose is still online and available here, if you care to go back in time to December 2007.

Once you cut through the hee-haw, Walden is also pretty sharp when it comes to what he sees on the field. For example, I heard him after the Okie State game lament our lack of defensive line talent, especially at tackle, saying "this is the thinnest, least-talented group of defensive tackles I've ever seen at Washington State" and how that was "going to be a major problem this year". He called that one didn't he??

Now today, Walden has weighed in on where things are right now. And as always, Walden delivers:
"There's less talent to work with here than at any time since Jim Sweeney was the coach. With so many freshmen and sophomores in the lineup, what you have, really, is a junior college team. That just isn't going to do it at this level."
There's more. When asked about the job Wulff is doing, Walden broke it down in Pullman-speak:
"If you have nine guys plowing their fields with John Deere tractors and one guy is still using mules, the guys with tractors are going to do a better job and raise bigger crops. That doesn't mean the guy with mules doesn't know as much or isn't working as hard or harder. The guys with tractors just have better equipment. That's the way it is in the Pac-10. I don't think Pete Carroll of USC could win more than two games with this bunch."
Fair enough. Pretty clear picture isn't it?

Thanks for keeping it real Walden. Not that the older players will really care what you say at this point, as from some of the comments and things we have heard recently paints a "who gives a $hit, who gives a f_ck" attitude by some of the supposed elders. Whatever. But Walden might be as homer-hackish sounding color guy as there is in the game, but he's OUR homer-hack! And let's hope he continues to call it as he sees it.

Enjoy your Tuesday, and Go Cougs.


kaddy said...

Walden knows his stuff - he coached for many years. I'd be more apt to listen to what he has to say, rather than all the armchair QB's out there that are calling for the heads of our coaching staff.

I still don't like the play calling against SC - I understand it, to a point, but I don't like it.

Anonymous said...


Yah, but if we'd called our normal playbook, if very likely would have been 99 to 0. Our D was just not able to stop the simplest running play, zone left then zone right went for 9 yards a pop.

99 to 0 would have been much more damaging.

We had to get through that game without injuries and minimizing any negative publicity as there was no doubting the outcome. Now we actually have a chance in a couple of upcoming games.


Brinkhater said...

It would be one thing if we had generated more than 1 first down a quarter (we had 4 first downs total). In such a case, I would agree that our strategy kept the score down.

But, when its 3 and out every time, you're giving so many extra possessions.

So, I think your argument holds water for preventing injuries on the offensive side of the ball.

I don't think that the strategy did much for the health of our defense, however.

Lets just move on to Stanford and see if we can find anything to feel good about moving forward.

San Francisco Coug said...

Jim Walden is a Cougar treasure. There is no wiser man out there. Paul Wulff is a great coach and was the perfect choice.

Bowl game 2011.

Anonymous said...

Bowl game in 2011 and chances in upcoming games?? Hmmmmm.......I wish I had your optimism after three 60+pt blowouts to pac-10 opponents and the only thing close, a 28-3 drubbing........I don't see how we hold stanford to 50? A chance - do you mean being within 21 or less at the half or within 1-2 scores in 4th quarter? Stanford, Arizona, Arizona St, UW, Hawaii - which team can we compete with since even Walden has dubbed us a JC team? I am just not optimistic about our chances in any of these games....still keeping the faith though.....I just do not see anything changing.

Reno, NV

San Francisco Coug said...

Who said I was optimistic about the rest of this season? I say "Bowl game 2011" not "win a few more this year". We will lose out except for the Apple Cup, that's mainly because UW is also bad. The only thing that matter about this year is our recruiting. So if you want to help that cause out, stop grumbling publicly.

Bowl game 2011