Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Not the End of the World....

....but right now? You can see it from here.

Tonight's post took some time to think about and discuss with Brinkhater, among others. What to say about another truly embarrassing performance? 549 total yards allowed, 30 first just 132 yards of total offense, and another QB knocked out?? If you haven't heard, Wulff said after the game that Marshall Lobbestael is likely out 3-4 weeks with an MCL sprain. Anyway, you know it's bad when you have MORE PENALTY YARDS (170) THAN TOTAL YARDS. Good Lord.

What can you say? Every week we not only hit rock-bottom, we redefine the term. It's a season of new lows, and there isn't any sign this will end. In reality, it could get a lot, lot worse. And I'm not talking about just what you see on the field.

What will the locker room be like now? There were already some rumblings that some vets were, shall we say, less than thrilled with the new regime. Anyone still watching at the end of the game notice a very frustrated Andy Mattingly? Think about how his season has gone. Here's a kid who, as a sophomore last year, had over 90 tackles and 8 sacks. He was rated by many as a true all-conference candidate this year, and there was even a few websites that had him on the NFL RADAR for the 2010 draft, given his size and play-making ability. Now? This year he's a backup defensive end who simply cannot get going. That frustration has got to be boiling at some point.

And what kind of a message do these weekly performances send to recruits? I know Wulff has put a positive spin on things in regards to recruiting, and so far it's a good start if you can put any weight or belief in the verbal commitment process. But let's face it, Pullman isn't the easiest sell in the world. We love it, but there's many that cannot picture going there. There's no way to dance around that, it's just reality. But what will a recruit think of seeing this team get sand kicked in it's face, week after week, with no let up whatsoever? I know they say recruits are attracted to a place where they see early playing time, in a BCS conference, etc. And Wulff and the rest do have a pretty good reputation for finding players. But this season has to make that sales pitch that much harder, don't you think?

And what's going to happen with attendance???? YIKES. Think about the years where we've been entertaining, if not really good, yet attendance was a problem. But now?? When you are 1) bad, 2) in a bad economy where pennies are tight, and 3) on TV every week? Not a good recipe for a great gameday turnout.

But enough of all that. I hope they keep playing hard and trying to improve. But it has to be a very difficult time to be a player or coach at Washington State right now.

Have a great evening, and go Cougs.


Woody said...

I am not sure what to say!

In an effort to not complain on and on, my post will be questions only?

Is it possible to forfeit games? (USC)

Do you think Brandon Gibson regrets his decision to come back for his senior year?
(Minimum NFL Salary = 300k)

Do you think Jim Sterk regrets his decision?
(Kevin Sumlin University of Houston 3-3)

Are we the worst team in Pac-10 History?
(someone else can do the research)

Is anyone else tired of losing by 50 points?

Would we be this bad with Dobas staff? (answer that one honestly)

Go Cougs


ptowncoug said...

Regrettably I don't think PW is going to get much time to turn around. This board and many others have pointed to 2010, but I truly believe if pitiful football, if that is what you can call it, continues into next year, he won't be given the chance for year 3.
Shoot look no further the Zona or UW for allowing a coach too much time to turn something around.
MP went to UTEP. In the 39 seasons prior to his arrival their overall record was 126-309-4! In 41/2 seasons, he is 28-26 and took UTEP to bowl games his 1st two seasons.
A coach with a new team needs to show some type of impact in his 1st year. I have yet to see that from PW. Look at DB. Yeah we got blown out in some games (Zags beat us 96 to something), but in DB's 1st season we swept UCLA and SC in LA for the 1st time in school history.
No way you fire PW, but you cannot wait until after the 2010 to make a decision. PW's team has to show something, either this year or next or sadly we move on.

ptowncoug said...

By the way DB is Dick Bennett. Another coach, how about Harbaugh. This guy in his 1st year with a absolutely crappy team, wasn't last year his 1st season and he beats USC with our throw QB, Tavita!
I honestly supported the hiring of PW, but did not like the lack of a big name on the defense coaching side. Wow, what do you know, our defense with the most returning starters doesn't looks absolutely confused and horrendous.

Anonymous said...

It is true that the veterans failed to by in. Is this the reason that many are not starting? I could not agree more with the perspective on Andy M. I feel terrible for him. A top recruit out of HS who chose to stay in Eastern WA. He could have played many places. He moved from safety (HS) to LB (college). He would have been a dominant LB this year and as said above been on NFL draft boards. Now, he's not. I don't trust PW’s "talent evaluation."

Also, I am sick of PW’s problems being coaching blamed on Doba. I wanted Doba to go, but there is NO WAY he's losing like this. Please stop being so Pollyanna about the coaching. It's making long time cougs sad. If he's doing a bad job, it's ok to acknowledge it...and he is doing a bad job. Rebuilding teams make progress, show signs of competitiveness. By the way, it's not the nutrition.

THunt said...

Well at least it wasn't the worst loss in school history.

Sorry, actually it's very frustrating to watch this, you just want to see some improvement week to week you know and at least give someone a game. I guess the defense has shown a little life (2Q), albeit in very brief stretches and it never lasts. I'm grasping at straws here. Bottom line is we just need more talent.

Sedihawk said...

I really don't want to be pollyana about things, and the state of state makes it impossible. But I have defended Wulff all along and believe that he is making the necessary changes off the field that were so deperately needed. Go back, again, and read the Times story. Look at the apr mess, worst in the bcs. When a program is spiraling out of control like it was, then I don't know who could have walked into this job and shined right away. I know that is laying a lot of blame on the prior staff. But have you seen the overall lack of talent out there? Have you seen the incredible lack of depth? It's right out there, every week. How many could succeed given all that has happened to this team in such a short time? Just before you tear Wulff a new one, keep things in perspective. That's damn near impossible right now though, and for good reason.

Check out the evil Grippi today, and see some of the players comments. Read how guys are starting to say things like players aren't doing what the have been told, or Pellum saying guys are doing their own thing instead of being in the right place. They are not good, not together in any real sense of the word, and it shows.

One more thing - unless Wulff walks away, they won't fire him. The can't. You can't spend money you don't have, and they don't have it to flush on him plus buy a new, successful guy in the process. We are still paying Doba and his guys off for this year as well, and we have to pay that off over time because we just don't have the funds to do it otherwise. So really there isn't another choice in the matter. This is it, folks, and it will be it at LEAST until 2010. Maybe more like 2011, or four complete seasons. The question is, what will you do about it? What can you, or any of us, do about it? Try even harder to not make the trip to Pullman? Go out of your way to not donate money?

That's the sticker here. It ain't easy being a WSU fan. It never has been, even in the best of times. We have a reputation for not filling the stadium every week, and the attendance figures don't lie. But this season of epic failure, week after week, could be the thing that sets us back for a long, LONG time. I hate t keep doing this, but look at UW. All their tradition, all their history, big, beautiful city in a large media market with 72,000 sold out every Saturday. But the program ran off the rails, they hit rock-bottom in 2004, and they never dug out of it. THAT is what worries me. We are digging a very deep hole here, and I am afraid that we may never emerge from the depths.

kaddy said...

This is just the reality of a major coaching change - stuff like this happens. Some of the veterans don't buy into the system, some leave right away, new and younger players see the field, etc. I have friends that have been watching the Cougs for 30+ years, and they all say this is the WORST Offensive Line they have ever seen! If there is one position that will get fixed, you gotta believe it will be that one.

bill gray said...

Thanks for not defending Wulff on this performance. I hate that we're several weeks into the season and the biggest topic is how the hell we got Wulff as a coach. That's not football. But that's the only solution we have to this debacle.

Ok Wulff, sure you "inherited a mess." But sending out a team that gets WORSE every week, where the offense gets outscored 66-0 (i dont count the TD set up by the defense), where you give up 170 yards in stupid penalties, and where your team shows a huge lack of effort and heart---that's some shitty coaching. If you can't get the guys to give their all, despite the overall lack of talent, then you don't belong on the sideline.

Come back next week and try again.

Aubs said...

Sedihawk, I agree with much of what you said with the exception of your last comment. A) try not to compare us to those other guys across the state and B) Have you not hear any stats on our alumni and fan base. Isn't the flag on Gameday enough to let you know that no matter how bad our performance on the field, a true coug is always a coug? You ought to know that...there is no such thing as a fairweather coug fan, and if by chance that is an inaccurate statement, then, they were not a coug to begin with. I grew up in Pullman, and went to WSU, and I have said it over and over...A true Coug's pride never falters, no matter the record!

Limehouse Coug said...

The games are getting harder to watch but like sedihawk said, go back to "the articl". PW had his work cut out for him. It's a long road and with our newest injuries I'm running out of spins to apply but My Color is Crimson and I'll stick with them until the end.

Until then, we're getting DANGEROUSLY close to making this list

Keep your head up and have a good week.

Sedihawk said...

Aubs, we've always had a passionate fan base. I will never argue against that. And you clearly are a true Coug, and I am not saying you aren't. But when you lose, and lose badly, it's hard to draw fans, no matter the sport/team/etc. Look at the hoops program for an example. Sure it's hot now, but when we were brutal in the Paul Graham and then the early Bennett years, we were lucky to draw more than a few thousand. And we are at those depths with this football team right now, no other way to say it.

I am not truly comparing WSU to UW, I'm really not. I'm just looking at 1) where they used to be, and 2) where they are today, and that makes me nervous. The climb out of the hole looks harder than ever. It's not just UW but the success of the Oregon schools that make it that much tougher. We haven't lost like this, maybe ever, but our attendance has never been anything to crow about. This could be much more difficult than we ever imagined.

Anonymous said...

Paul is just not a great coach yet, I don't care if this is his first season or not. Take look at some coachs at their first season. Houston Nutts at Ole Miss, Steve Spurrior's first season at South Carolina. They both did good.

Oklahoma Cougar said...

I am willing to give PW a chance... he is a Coug after all... but he has already bumped up against a couple of my pet peeves... He has talked bad about his team (see the Go2Guy's column last week) and he has fixed on his "system" rather than putting the team in the best position to win. The first of these is most serious... Kevin Eastman did this all the time and it really frosted my cookies. The first job of the leader is to remove the team's excuses for failure.

The second issue is serious, but PW has shown the inclination to adapt a little by, e.g., huddling. And we did win the turnover battle... for all the good it did...

I hope Ocho Rojo has a speedy and full recovery. Good luck to J.T. next week...

LouisianaCoug said...

I pose this question to Cougar Nation, and I'm sure its been asked before...

When we fired Doba, was Wulff & his entire Eastern staff really who you wanted as our new regime.

My answer was then and still is NO. I'm not a Wulff believer. I hope he does well and want to give him a chance.

But my dream was to bring back Coach Price and maintain our very competent staff. Bring back Akie as DC and keep Levenseller at OC. That was (and still is) my fantasy. Hell, get Wulff to be the OL coach. (I know all this is just wishful thinking)

Yes, the cupboard would still have been very bare this season, but Price would bring legitimacy to the program and still be able to sell the program to recruits.

I want to give Wulff a chance, but whether or not its even realistic, I still long for Coach Price.

Go Cougs.

ptowncoug said...

I am a huge MP fan, but he wouldn't have been right. He's too close to Dobes. What we needed was a MP type those. Those are coaches who inspire troubled teams and get players to play a notch above what they were playing at.
I'm sorry, but PW isn't that guy. Let's not argue that pt. His demeanor clearly evidences he is not that guy. He's going about his business as sees fit, but it simply has to payoff faster than those MP type guys because they usually pull of wins that no one expects and thus buys themselves more time.
Remind me. Isn't PW's contract a 3-year deal?

PuyallupCoug said...

I would not be surprised if Andy Mattingly transfered after this season. This is the internet so take it for what it's worth but I've heard on more than one occasion from former players who have talked to Andy, and they told me that he is not happy and is strongly considering leaving WSU after this season. He went from a starting LB do a backup DE, who wouldn't hate that. I hope Wulff realizes that he is a much better LB and puts him back there where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

hey lousiana coug, where in LA do u live, I live in MS. It's nice to see other cougar live in the south.

Anonymous said...

You guys are crazy. Bunch of chicken little mommas boys. None of you have a clue about what you say. Talking about firing Wulff, you don't know a damn thing about college football. You don't know anything about coaches or what it takes to play the game. None of you ever played after high school so your idea is based on what you read on message boards.

This is Pullman yall. Pullman. Pull your head out of your ass. We had some success here and there but this has never been anything other than a 50% program. Some good highs but bad lows and it is bad right now. But if you had a brain you would know this isn't coach Wulff's fault. He is trying to coach punks and bad attitudes who are too busy fucking off on the side and txting their honies to give a shit. Talk to someone close to the team and you will be shocked to learn the truth. This year the rookies are good kids but the vets are the worst kids I have ever seen on one team and I am not alone in that thought. I am embarrassed for coach. Wulff is taking it easy on them in the news because he knows what he has. That corner who said the team is fucking up on the field is right. They have stopped listening. If coach said what was really going on you would be sick to your stomachs. But go and jump off a bridge or quit on the team. Who needs ya.

hateful coug said...

Well, the only nice thing about losing is that you kinda get numb to it. At least what this last game showed us was that we are capable of making plays on defense for brief moments. After that first half, we almost looked like a respectable football team.

As far as Doba vs. Wulff goes, yeah Doba might have had more success this year, but ultimately we would be just one more year into a massive hole. I'm not saying Wulff is totally blameless for this season, but him sucking does not make Doba any better. He did try to come into this with a totally new scheme that was tooo much for this team to learn, but ultimately this program will be better for having gotten rid of Doba.

And lastly, it is only football.

Anonymous said...

the Doba question is irrelevant. the mistake was not made in the firing of Doba, but rather in the hiring of Wulff.

ptowncoug said...

Hey anony, with the bunch of little chicken boys comments. Hey if there are problems those are PW's to deal with and thus don't give me this garbage that there is a bunch of pussies on the team. So be it. Kick'em off. Suspend them. Show leadership. If there is a problem child on the team, then deal with it. Clearly that has yet to be done.
My post is the reality. PW is creating a shorter window to turn around the team because of his approach. It's his grave that he is digging. If he doesn't want to kick players off or suspend them so be it, but I wonder when he is going to start acting like a head football coach.

LouisianaCoug said...

Well put ptown. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure Wulff has a five year deal.

From what it seemed was implied before, these "bad attitude" older guys quit on Wulff.. or did Wulff quit on them?

I know when Doba was fired there was a pretty strong resistance from some of the older players, most prominently former QB Alex Brink.

No one will know for sure what all is going on in that locker room, but on the field, where it tangibly counts, Wulff seems to have lost the team.

And if it is those "bad attitude" seniors, just remember, its some of those same guys who rallied around Doba and won the Apple Cup less than a year ago.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the "sky if falling" attitude of you guys. No one could have succeeded this year. Nice comparison to Spurrier above, yah, thats fair to compare cpw to a former national champ coach.

This year is going to suck, I think everyone knew that before the first kickoff.

As for Mattingly, make a play son. CPW can't be on the field with you telling you: rip, now swim, now spin. As a DE you just have to make plays and you can't blame anyone else. Its just you vs the OTackle, get to the qb before he throws and you win. Mattingly hasn't won much and he can't blame anyone. And if he transfers, he's not a team player cause the cougs needed d-linemen this year, not LB's.

CPW will turn this around year after next.