Saturday, October 04, 2008

Half-Time Thread

Sometimes its good to state the near obvious:

In this case, let's borrow from one of the great popular quotes of the last decade or so:

"Stupid is as stupid does."

For us, that translates to "when you're bad, you play bad."

So, Marshall is showing that he is a green frosh (but he has some headiness that reminds me of the good side of the Big Apple).

And, our long snapping problems are rearing their head again (which could be a huge factor if we score early in the third).

And Wulff's BONEHEAD decision to go for it at the 40 instead of punting it down to their One-Yard-Line is the difference in the game.

I mean, it may be 14-0, but it feels like 30-0.

That said, Brinkhater likes the overall aggressiveness of the D.

In regards to the O, I'd like to see us dink and dunk much more with the passing game.

We're still too slow offensively and the woes of our offensive line continue to be nearly dumbfounding..

This game has 34-7 written all over it right now.

What do you all think???


ptowncoug said...

I will take 34-7. Cripes it actually means we are not allowing teams to completely own us. Defense has played aggressive.
I disagree about the dink and dunk. You need to run some fly patterns and just put the ball in the air and let Gibson make a play on it.

kentcoug said...

baby steps, guys. We need to complete a pass first then we can talk about all that dink, dunk, deep stuff. I agree, going for it at the 40 was a bad idea, (I said this to myself even before I saw the outcome). Believe it or not, we are still in it regardless if it FEELS like 30-0. (nice catch Anderson). If we get 7 here, things could turn around quick.

Oklahoma Cougar said...

Lesuma is getting his $&%^( kicked by a Bosworth no less...

What was Ocho seeing on that pick...