Saturday, October 11, 2008

Flag-Spotting, Week Seven

Yep, even in these dismal times, the flag is STILL making it to Gameday. It just continues, MY OH MY!

Good for you Coug fans. The flag sighting is, once again, always a source of pride. I know it's the first thing I look for when I flip on Gameday on a Saturday morning. And thanks to Will and Stephanie Walker for the screen cap.

Moving on, we'll keep it brief. We're beat up right now, to the point that Logwone Mitz is going to likely get a lot of time at running back today, with very little behind him. Chris Ivory is out and Dwight Tardy was limited this week, so, IF we are going to see any semblance of a running game, it's going to be a lot of Mitz. Let's hope he can do more than run for a couple of yards and then fall down.
That said, I don't care if you have Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders or Adrian Peterson carrying the ball. Behind this offensive line, the holes have been few and far between. We ran for 114 yards vs. Okie State, but the passing game was so off, and the special teams killed us that day, so it was of very little consequence. But consider these rushing numbers:

57 net yards vs. Cal - LOSS
77 net yards vs. Baylor - LOSS
277 net yards vs. PSU - WIN
79 net yards vs. Oregon - LOSS
26 net yards vs. UCLA - LOSS

Pretty bad, and aside from the PSU game, which is a throwaway if you want to know the truth? This has been one of our worst string of rushing performances in recent history. Historically, when we've run the ball with some effectiveness, we've been successful. WSU is now 10-4 since the start of 2006 when we've ran for over 100 net yards in a game. You can do the math and figure out that when we sputter on the ground, in the old offense or the new one, we lose. A running game today would do wonders for the confidence of Ocho Rojo, eat up some game clock, keeping the defense off the field, etc, etc, etc. The trickle-down could go a long way towards keeping things respectible.

One more thing - for the third week in a row, we are starting the same five guys on the offensive line. From left to right, it's Lesuma, Roxas, Alfred, Danaher and Hannam. While it's still a group missing some depth, and also quite young with Lesuma the lone senior of the group, at least it's the same group for the last few weeks. You have to believe they will start to gel, at least a little bit more than they have?

The other side of the story, the defense? That's another story. Our rushing defense is bad, bad, bad, giving up over 6 yards per carry on average. We've basically been steamrolled by any team with at least an average running attack, and that's beyond worrisome for the Jerome Harrison clone we'll see today in Jacquizz Rodgers. Just hope we see the defense stay in their lanes and most of all, TACKLE WELL! There was improvement last week, just 325 total yards allowed, and they did rally to the ball on the ground, giving up exactly 100 net yards. Considering where this group was coming into last week, that's a huge improvement.

Maybe we can look to the Beaver Believers for hope. After all, they are the kings of the circling the wagons, so to speak.

When things have looked their bleakest for the Beavs, they have dug deep, come together and turned it all around. They've been 2-3 in 2006 and 2007, and both times have won out, except for a loss to USC last year. I know it's a stretch to look at them for inspiration, but they have become a program that I sure envy. I would love to see us follow in their footsteps of upgrading the facilities, then have a coach who wants to be there build layers of depth, punctuated by strong offensive and defensive lines. After all, the Beavs are one of the most successful Pac-10 programs of the 2K decade. They have passionate fans and play with a real edge at home. They are what I hope we become.

We'll have something up for the game. Until then, enjoy your Saturday, and hopefully, enjoy the game today. GO COUGS!


ptowncoug said...

A buddy of mine is holding one of the posts for the flag post. He's WSU grad and a WSU/UT fan so worked out perfectly for him.
OSU 42- Cougs 24! Moral victory for the Cougs

Sedihawk said...

Love me some WSU flag, week in and week out. Gives you some real hope to see that thing still flying despite everything that is happening.

TD Sooners. Wouldn't it be fun to have an offense like that? I know Sturdy has a good track record of high flying offenses, but man, watching the OK offense is a treat. Fun to watch, lots of points, yards, and wins. The big 12 is so far ahead of the rest of the country right now it's amazing. Hopefully Sturdy will pick up some of the spread offense and put some of this stuff in for next year, because it sure looks great to watch on a weekly basis.

I would bet that a real dark horse for the UW job next year will be Dave Christensen, the OC frm Mizzou. Former UW guy, excellent offensive mind, and will probably come at a reasonable cost.

cougswv said...

Thanks for the painful reminder of the OK State debacle on special teams. I have been meaning to bring special teams up. Is it just me or have special teams become the lone consistent bright spot for the Cougs this year? In the head to head comparison for each position that the Seattle Times did for today's game, that is the only nod that the Cougs got against the Beavs. Talk about improvement from Game 1. I can't believe that would have ever happened in the Doba era. Thank you Coach Wulff for addressing one of my main pet peeves of Cougar football over the past few years. We even have Nico Grasu to thanks for keeping scoring streak alive.

Heres to hoping we cover the 30pt spread (Yikes!) today...GO COUGS!

Blake said...

Remember last year when the Patriots were absolutely obliterating the rest of the league and vegas just could not set the line high enough on a week-to-week basis? It was like Tom Brady took that number as a challenge and went out on Sunday's to see how many points they could cover by this week. Sadly, this is what I see the Cougs' season turning into, only the exact opposite. Vegas is doing everything they can to even-out the betting and no matter what they do, teams keep covering against us. I shudder to think what the linesmakers will come up with for next week...

Nonetheless, I am a Coug to the end. I was raised by a die-hard father and now as a student, I still wake up giddy every Cougar Football Saturday morning. Remember what Harvey Dent said: "The night is always darkest before the dawn. But the dawn IS COMING!"

Go Cougs

Anonymous said...


Sedihawk said...

Anony, it's cool. We are difficult to watch right now. I wouldn't call them quitters though. They just aren't good, at all.

Oregon State's o-line might be one of the best coached units on any team in the conference, period. They just reload with depth and absolutely do not miss a beat. Not just blowing our line off the ball five yards every play, but how they dominated USC, they are just nasty. Even if you don't have great skill guys year in and year out, if you have that good of a line, you have a chance every single week.

Nevada cougar said...

21-0 first quarter. Welcome to the big leagues, Wulff. Fuck! You suck as a coach. You fucking suck!!!!

Nevada cougar said...

pretty sure we get worse by the week.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I thought Alfred was supposed to be, like, good or something? He is getting his tail kicked. He looks really fat too. Is it just me or has he been terrible this ungodly season.

Anonymous said...

Now what?! NOW WHO IS THE QUITTER? Fool.

Anonymous said...

Wulff looks like Edgar from Men in Black

EastsideDon said...

It's like a train wreck.
You don't wanna look but it's so frickin' ugly, you almost can't pull away.
It is a sad year for Cougar Nation.

MarshallMathers said...

I know it doesn't matter, but that might have been one of the most classless displays I've ever seen. Up 59-13 and you are throwing it deep? Jesus Christ Riley you fucking dick. And the celebration after the score? Ok, we get it, you are beating the shit out of WSU. Congratulations. Now GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Anonymous said...

what a fucking joke. I can't wait to hear the blog pundits defend Wulff after this one. What a complete lack of effort. You can't coach talent, but you could get 22 guys to actually show up and play every week if you weren't a complete joke of a coach.

Pull the plug. I've been a Coug fan my entire life. This guy is way too much. End the misery. Wulff SUCKS!!!

Anonymous said...

I hate you Paul Wulff. Youre killing my team.

Portland Coug said...

Don't hate coach Wulff. He is a good man. He just inherited a mess and has no idea how to get out of it. I doubt the blog pundits will defend Wulff or anything after another putrid display. These guys call it close to the vest and are not average joe six pack homers.