Saturday, October 18, 2008

Flag Spotting, Week Eight

You just CAN'T KILL IT. Cougar Pride, again on display on Gameday. Thanks to all who make it so.

I don't feel like breaking anything down right now. We know what's going to happen today and it probably won't be pretty. But I, like Brinkhater, will watch. Not because we are gluttons for punishment, but because I really want to see how we look against this type of team. Can they grind through a couple of quarters and keep things interesting before folding up the tents in the third quarter? Or will it be an onside kick 15 yards out of bounds to start things off, leading to an epic wipeout from the first minute, ala Bill Doba 2004, turning it into a horrible yawner of a game?

I am curious to see how the crowd is today. Of course, I cannot be there in person. But will those that make the trek bail at the first sign of trouble? Will the reserved side be half-empty to begin with, seeing how awful the team has been, the march to the inevitable that this week has been, and oh yeah, it's on TV?

And will we see a better performance at the QB spot? Can Lopina take care of the ball (for once), instead of forcing throws into triple coverage? And can the offensive line protect him? Or will it be the USC defensive linemen lining up, like kids at the candy store, just waiting to pummel Lopina?

TRY and enjoy the game. Look for little spurts of improvement. For that is all we have left right now. AND SCORE! Blocked punt, fumbled snap, INT for a pick-6, whatever it takes. Keep that meaningless streak alive!

Enjoy your Saturday, and GO COUGS!

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