Saturday, October 04, 2008

Final Game Thread: So, tonight..

I'm gonna party like its 1999.


Because we are easily as bad as that group.

Tonight we saw that even when our defense plays well enough to keep us in a game, our offense is just not up to it.

Bottom line: We haven't been able to score points in a meaningful way for the last three seasons.

And that, more than anything, has really, really killed the development of this football team.

So, do Brinkhater a favor, spare the talk on all of the message boards about the defense. When you have SOME talent on the O-Line as well as GOOD talent at the skill positions, you need to make progress. And we're making NONE.

The next two weeks will be bad, but if we don't rack up 350 of total offense against Stanford, then ALL of the coaches deserve to get blasted. We're not improving on the offensive side of the ball.

And that is not acceptable.

How many of you now long for Alex Brink?


Sedihawk said...

I would kill for #10 to come back with his patented 5-yard outs on 3rd and 7, or his 35-yard hail mary that falls about 10 yards short of the goal-line.

What I would really kill for is an offensive line that could block. Our record continues to be abysmal when we don't run for at least 100 yards. We miss the ability of Bobby Byrd, a big, strong guy who could play guard and tackle. He had a ton of experience and could handle all the shuffling around up front.

And I will tell you who else we miss - JED-ZILLA! Not only was he a 50-catch tight end, but his blocking was excellent in the run game. When Tardy went for 214 against UCLA last year, Collins blocked his butt off that game, going in motion to lead on some counters and sweeps, etc.

We were a 5-win team last year. But this current group is LIGHT YEARS away from the 2007 team. Not even close.

Anonymous said...

How about have a little pride...are you truly a COUG? So far I see no spark of Cougar Pride from you, but rather, the meaningless rantings of someone whose favorite QB was the joke of Pullman, and the NFL. I imagine you like him only because he led the team to the Rose Bowl during the 97 season...bad reason. I have lived my life watching Cougar Football, and more often than not, we are rebuilding. Again I say to you "Brinkhater (nice name by the way...not" To be a Coug fan is not about winning, sure it is nice, but it isn't about that.