Saturday, October 18, 2008

Congrats Coach Wulff

Coach Paul:

If I could put your face on this picture it would be totally fitting:

Today, you and your staff put forward the worst and most disgraceful coaching performance in the history of Cougar football.

As we noted here earlier in the week, THE ONLY thing that made this team worth watching moving forward was the scoring streak.

Now, if we had lost the streak putting our best foot forward so be it.

But, we played the ENTIRE game the way that SC played the second half: we took a knee.

And what does it get us?

It makes us completely irrelevant.

It makes us completely uninteresting.

It makes us completely unbearable to watch.

So, congrats Wulff.

You just threw 25 years of history, pride, and accomplishment straight down the toilet.

You just threw attendance for the next two years right out the window.

And you just lost 50% of the 10 Coug supporters out there who think you were the right choice.

On the bright side, you saved the redshirt of JT Levenseller who last I heard is slated to be the next John Elway.

Thank god basketball season started yesterday, our Football Program is now toast.


D 57 said...

I agree completely don't forget we HAD a 52 YEARS HOME SCORING streakk broken today. But what do you expect out of a but of D-2 coaches that are over there head and always blame the kids when they can't coach!!

James H said...

I don't think you could have worded it any better. This game was a joke.

I've lived in Pullman for each one of my 25 years of my life. I am almost always wearing the Cougar logo. Through all the good and the bad, I have stuck by them. Even after the three blowouts, I stuck by my feeling that Wulff would be good for the program. However, what I saw today almost makes me ashamed to be a Cougar.

It would seem that the coaches gave up on this game before it started. The play calling was hideous. Yes, okay, I understand the need to try out some gimmick plays to try to catch the Trojans off guard, but to run the same fake reverse hand off up the gut run 4 times in a row? Or how about send Lupina in motion? You might as well have the gigantic screen tell everyone on the defense what is going to happen.

How many times did you see a Cougar player do a glorified chest bump rather than a real tackle? Thats a sign of bad coaching, and bad leadership. The personal foul calls have been out of control, yet again, another sign of bad leadership and discipline. This loss cannot just be slipped into the "Bare Cupboard" file, the coaches quit. Plain and simple.

I'm a Cougar, I will piss and moan, but I'll be back in the stands for the next home game.

I would like to make one simple request for Paul Wulff. If you and your coaching staff decides to take another week off and coast to your next pay check, please let me know before hand so i can save $50.

Sedihawk said...

Great post Brinkhater, and it can't be said any better. I thought Cal and even Oregon were bad, but those games had nothing on today. At least in the prior blowouts, they were TRYING - and I don't just mean the players - but the coaches were at least trying to make it work.

But as much as they might say they were trying to "Dick Bennett" the game by shortening it with by running the ball, or protect Lopina's health/JT Levenseller's redshirt, or that it's Doba's fault for an empty cupboard, well, today was AN EPIC FAILURE.

Like it or not, he (Wulff) lost a lot of equity today from his fan base. Even I can't/won't spin this in any positive way, shape or form. I know how I feel as a fan, but I can't imagine how the players feel right now. This was disgraceful.

Ethan H. said...

You are dead wrong about Wulff. He's the best thing for our program since Babe Hollingberry. This is no time to go wobbly.

Anonymous said...

I am as die hard a Coug as any. I've lived and breathed Cougar football for all 40 years of my life. But this was awful. I will not renew my season tickets to come watch these coaches give up.

I admit I am not a regular reader of this blog. But today I am looking for an outlet for my thoughts, despite their negativity.

It was obvious that the game plan from the get-go was to stall and minimize the damage. That is absolutely not the Cougar way. If Wulff thinks it is, then maybe he didn't get the message when he played here. I am embarrassed for you Mr. Wulff.

It's tough economically right now. I'm watching nearly 20 years of retirement savings take a slide. I don't have a lot of extra cash. I can tell you this--I won't be spending a dime to come to Pullman to watch Coach Wulff again. I will not. I can't afford to support a quitter, a wuss, a complete joke of a pick for OC and DC.

I feel for Levy having to go to practice every day and support this guy. Levy is a real Coug. Like him or loathe him, he cares about the program and the legacy. It must be tough to watch everything he has worked for over the past couple of decades just slide down the tube. And so disgracefully at that.

I held out for Mr. Wulff. I've wanted to give him a chance, while many others have criticized him. I wanted to think that something great was going to come of this.

Well, I no longer care about Mr. Wulff. I care about getting our team back, our pride back, and our love for everything Cougar football. You're stealing that with your pussy football Mr. Wulff and I would like you to stop. If you won't, hopefully the administration will.

So that's it. I'm not going to Pullman again until Mr. Wulff is gone. I'll be watching on TV, because I love our school and I love our pride. But I refuse to support this coach.

Thank you.
Ed Bradford '92

Anonymous said...

Ed Bradford is right. I've been a cougar fan for 25 years and this is by far the worst team and coaching job I've ever witnessed.


LouisianaCoug said...

Perfectly said.

Wulff is an utter disgrace to Cougar football. It's cute that he graduated from WSU, but his credentials are a joke and we are seeing him and his staff make a mockery of a program that went to the Rose Bowl just 5 years ago.

Do the right thing. FIRE HIM NOW, rally the troops, and put together an aggressive offer to give to the coach we should have gone after in the first place..

COACH MIKE PRICE. Make an offer he can't refuse. I'm sure we could offer him at least double his UTEP salary.. what a homecoming it would be for the greatest coach in modern Cougar history.

Portland Coug said...

Dumbest comment = firing wulff now. Do you have any comprehension what that would do to this program? The hole is deep enough but you fire him now you have destroyed any chance to get out of the tailspin. Recruiting is everything and you do that you lose all your current commits and are left to pull from the clearance bin. You would pay dearly for being that stupid. It would be the dumbest, panic-stricken move of all time.

Open your eyes and tel me what pac 10 team can win that is this young and injured. Outside of the university of spoiled children, when you are this young and in tatters jesus couldn't get these guys to more than a couple of wins. We are seeing nothing but bigger stronger and faster and what that does to smaller, weaker and slower.

And F*ck Price. He said F*CK U to you me and wazzu fans everywhere when he raped the school into coaching that game. Talk to anyone on the inside when Price did all that and you would never believe what a chump move that was. Bringing that drunk old fossil would be almost as bad as john l smith.

bill gray said...

hey portlandcoug, keep your personal grudges against Mike Price to yourself. Was he perfect? No. But he made Cougar football great for Cougars and Cougar fans for more than a decade. And he never laid down for anyone, unlike this puss Paul Wulff.

Can we not talk about Mike Price though? That discussion is irrelevant. This post is about how much Wulff sucks.

Anonymous said...

Here comes again, Brinkhater, you are the disgrace to the cougar nation

LouisianaCoug said...

That man did more for Cougar football than anyone could have ever dreamed. He deserved to coach that Rose Bowl. Hell, he got us there. In fact he got us to two in 5 years. When we hadn't been to one in 67 years.

Now, I fully understand your frustration with him leaving and in terms of winning that game, was it the best choice?, maybe not. But Gesser, mr. Cougar football, begged and pleaded for Price to stay and coach that game.

And recruiting?!? How is Wulff going to recruit. Hey, if you come here you can lose by an average of 52 points a game. But don't worry, I used to coach at a big time powerhouse.. in the Big Sky.

All Price has to do is flash those 2 Pac-10 championship rings, smile, and tell the kid that its going to be turned around.

Portland Coug said...

Price never pussed out? Go look at the 2000 apple cup. 51-3 ring a bell? How about the '01 loss t Ore when we couldn't tackle Ontarrio wizzanator and threw jump balls in the end zone to lose? How about how unprepared with Kegel in the '02 apple cup and he had him throwing bombs to nate robinson?? How about him winning only 3 apple cups ever? 92 94 and 97 go look it up. We had some terrible losses with him, but just like we did with Denny, just like we did with Walden, so on and so forth.

He gave us some high moments. But here is a question, does anyone remember how long it took him to win anything? He won with Denny's kids in '89 and even that was a fold job. But what about 1990? 1991? Losing years. It wasn't until his Fourth year before he did a god damn thing. Everyone gave him a chance but it took years to get out of it. You are dumb enough to sack Wulff when hardly of his guys are even playing yet? Look at his commiments already all at least 3 stars. give it a few years and see. Or write a $3 million check, plus another $2 million for a new staff. Until then shut up.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know what you all expected Wulff to do with a starting QB that was coming off a BROKEN BACK. Seriously, are you all slow, simple, or stupid? Or maybe you wanted him to blow Levenseller's redshirt in a game we were going to lose anyways. I'm embarrassed for all of you Wulff haters. I would love to know what you all would have done today if you were the head coach. I can only imagine the bullshit I'm about to hear.

Chris '04
Pullman, WA

Brinkhater said...

I am all slow, simple, and stupid all in one.

And what do I expect? A competitive effort.

IF Lopina is that damaged, then its simply irresponsible to start him.

But to hand off and hand off and hand off and hand off and make the shut out a foregone conclusion FROM THE START OF THE GAME is simply unacceptable.

The tirade that Wulff gave the team at the end of last week was compete.

You saw none of that from the coaches today.

Name me one worse coaching job in a game than this one. I'd like to hear about it.

Hell, I'd take two or three...

Michelle said... a student and someone who is in Bohler gym daily, I know these coaches work their butts off. And I hear consistently players who just don't care about football or winning or their teammates. So I still find it hard to blame CPW 100%. Yes a coach is supposed to inspire and motivate but players playing with such apathy are not going to win. YOu can inspire players but HEART and determination has to come from themselves. I think there is a lot of blame in this situation.

I want Cougar Football to be competitive but I don't think a lot of you are being fair or realistic.

Hooty McBoob said...

Stay the course. Brinkhater is sour grapes. Smoke a bowl, take a Prozac, pick up a new hobby...whatever you need to do to relax.

As Unbiased Bob said on the radio before the game - remember, this is NOT a rebuilding year; It is a transition year.

We have D2 talent and are trying to compete in a D1 conference. Wulff and Co. (minus Etheridge, I hope) ARE the right guys for the job - period.

Brinkhater said...

Do you mean Melissa Etheridge, Hooty?

Please understand my diatribe.

I don't think that Wulff is the wrong guy for the job.

I also believe that I've been on record saying that we would get killed in most games--including this week's massacre.

So, I'm not suffering from unrealistic expectations.

But, competing is as competing does, does it not?

In other words, you may not be able to stop from losing, or from losing bad, but you can always compete.

And I personally think that there are a great number of folks out there who have the expectation that we will provide 100% effort no matter what the outcome is. Is that not the Cougar tradition?

But when you betray that trust and expectation, then you enter a slipper slope laden with a bunch of bad things.

So, now that lots of people think that we MAY not try to make plays and just "run the clock" on GameDay, what is the rationale for going to games and PAYING money to see games?

What is the supposed attraction for fans on the Eastside let alone the Westside?

For some, it may be just to go see Cougar football.

Unfortunately, when you're trying to build a stadium and bring in recruits, it makes it difficult for a significant number of others to put forth that effort and MONEY.

And I think Coach Wulff just made his job much, much harder as a result--not only with recruits, not only with his players, not only with his fans, but I'm not sure that Sterk's job was made easier today either.

And that is really unfortunate.

We could have lost 100-0 and had a better outcome than what we saw on the field today

Sedihawk said...

Wow, I go out to get a bite to eat, and people are talking about firing Wulff, bringing back Price?? REALLY???

The emotions are always the highest when the wound is the freshest, and tonight is no exception. It sucks right now. Period. And we bitch because we care. So it's cool. We may not agree but we can certainly vent here.

Anyone who has read our stuff this year knows that I have been behind the Wulff plan, every step of the way. I/we have preached patience, and that this thing is going to take time. I/we have tried to remind people of the crap sandwich served on a silver platter to Wulff when he took the job. Although I can't help but think that Wulff probably feels like the next president will feel the day AFTER the inaguration in January, when the free world will pile all the problems of the country in their inbox and say "good luck".

But when the early season collapses started to become the norm, I've tried to spin it in a positive way. Give it some time, I thought. Let's see what Wulff's high-character, hard-working recruits can do when they get bigger, stronger and older. But it has been getting tougher and tougher to see the light. And now, I think after today? I'm starting to be like that guy you see on CNN who you just hate. Why? Because all he CAN do is spin, spin, spin his way to make a positive out of nothing. You stop listening and roll your eyes to anything the guys says, because all he will do is try and cling to something positive in the way something is so unbelievably negative.

But I have always tried to call it like I see it. And what I see says that we need more time to turn it around, and yes, Wulff needs a chance at least to get it going in the right direction (sorry Louisana Coug).

We are woefully young, beat up, weak and inexperienced where it counts - on the football field. From the QB disasters to the running backs to the WR's, to yet another new combo of offensive linemen that started today, we are every coach's nightmare. There isn't a coach in America, or better yet, any coach who was even mildly interested in this job, that would have this team in better shape than it is now. How can we expect to compete on gameday when these guys can't even practice at full strength? Here they are, trying to learn a new system, and they can't even roll with a full stable of talent? I heard tonight from a friend at the game that he was told that Greg Trent is so beat up that he has to ice both knees, every night, just so he can practice. It's no wonder he's had a tough season. You don't hear about the injuries to guys like that.

I think most of all we are witnessing players that are too young, too weak and too slow, who are getting pushed right out of the stadium by bigger, stronger players. You go all x's and o's on it, but I think it really is that simple.

Michelle, you are around or have been around these guys more than any of us, so I respect where you are coming from. If you say you are hearing these things, about players not giving a rip? Then not only do I believe you, but I also believe that this ship has completely sunk. They have tuned these coaches out, at least the older players, and when they don't care, forget it. It is going to be like this every week the rest of the way, and that includes the Apple Cup. And you can start to read between the lines when Wulff lights up like an xmas tree, saying we will be a better football team the moment this season is over.

I guess my biggest complaint today, however, is what the offense failed to even attempt to do. Nine passes, when you are losing that badly? Against the top rushing defense around? Trying to run that stretch running play, time and again with a pulling guard, and attempting to go wide on guys with NFL speed in USC's defense? I just don't get it. You might as well go out to the driveway and run straight into the garage door 50 times, because it's essentially the same thing. I know Wulff said earlier in the week that they wanted to establish the run, shorten the game and all that, but this was amazingly inept in ways that cannot be properly described.

Anyway, for now, I'm going to just chill. I guess I'm not an overly angry dude, and to me this isn't anything to be mad about. I, like you, have far better things to worry about besides the state of this team. If it comes around in a few years, it comes around. If it doesn't, they'll make a change and we'll start all over again. But I won't campaign against Wulff, or call for his head, or anything like that. But Grippi??? Now that's another story, for another day. :)

Anonymous said...


san francisco coug said...

Brinkhater: Shut your pie hole. A loss is a loss is a loss. Get on board with a plan that's going to work. To wit,

2008: transition
2009: rebuilding
2010: some great wins
2011: bowl game

Hard times are no place for wimps. If you can't develop the necessary callouses on your precious little feelings, stop writing.

Michelle said...

In the words of Dick Bennett..."find players you can lose with."

Maybe CPW is just looking for some fans he can lose buy into the system and who see the bigger picture. I have yet to see many of those fans lately.

Anonymous said...

the REAL Wulff plan:
2008 - worst PAC 10 team in history. 2nd to last in USA in scoring defense. Lose shutout streak. Worst loss in school history--twice.

2009 - 2nd worst team in Pac 10 history. Attendance drops to record lows. Students don't even pack their free section.

2010 - the losing continues. Any assistant coach with a future quits. Sears is fired. 3rd apple cup blowout loss in a row.

2011 - athletic dept budget is only a fraction of the early 2000s. Wulff firing rumors abundant. The talk of kicking WSU outof the Pac 10 resumes.

2012 - WSU movedto the Big Sky. Wulff is ecstatic and has first winning season as he is finally coaching on his level.

Michelle said...

sorry anony, I didn't catch you name behind your pessimism...

bill gray said...

The association with Bush is a little strong there Brinkhater. Bush is the ultimate, undeniable fuckup.

Nuss said...

Michelle, we can all handle losing. But losing the way we lost today is beyond comprehension. This would be like a high school team going to the four corners from opening tipoff in an effort to keep the score from getting out of hand.

I think most of us still believe Wulff's the right guy, but today was flat-out embarrassing for everyone involved.

right said fred said...

All you bleeding heart lefties with socialist views. GWB was simply handed a mess from Clintons and it took eight years of pain to cleanup. MCCain and the piece of ass hockey mom will get things right. I am making more money than I ever have and all my bros are driving bmw's and humvee's. This is just a correction in the market and the fundamentals are fine. MCCain was right you will see. He sure as hell won't tax my 300k per year. Survival of the fittest and the rest of you will cry for handouts. You are a disgrace for that picture of GWB. In the good old days you would be tared, feathered and hung for treason.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Pete Carroll.

"I didn't know what to do," he said. "I wanted us to play football. I wanted to leave out guys out there and get their playing time ... and I wanted everyone to play. All of those things happened, but I was just concerned. I didn't want the score to go up any higher than it had to."

Brinkhater said...

You're too sexy for your post grasshoppah...

I won't cry for handouts, but I will for a couple of passes down field..

Aubs said...

WOW!!! Right said! As disappointing as today's loss was, we all knew it was coming. It was, nonetheless, frustrating watching us run the ball over and over again, and never making it beyond the 50 yard line. There were no exciting moments, and no time did I jump off the coach and scream, mind you I am 9 months pregnant and that is difficult to do, but I am still going to support my team. If I could, I would be at every game. Longball wrote a month or so back about looking at this season through the eyes of Baby Keelin, well she is on her way, and despite today's disappointing outcome, she, and our family will remain die-hard and true Coug fans. GO COUGS!!!

Anonymous said...

Right said fred:
Thanks for the laugh on this sad day for "COUGAR FOOTBALL". I mean, did you even see what this blog was about before you started writing about how much better the U.S. will be with a "piece of ass" as our V.P.?

Anyway, I'm not sold that Wulff is the answer, but firing the guy now would be an absolute disaster! There's no way that that happens. It's just too bad that Wulff didn't at least attempt to score in the 4th quarter. I mean go for it on 4th down, C'MON! Anyway, I'll keep watching and supporting this team if only for future revenue purposes. Keep up the good work on the blog guys.

Amazed said...

Here are a few thoughts on leadership styles and what get results (not from a technical football perspective but from a Cougar alum management consultant).

These sports media weekend snippets tell a story beyond the lack of skill, lack of size etc.

"A lot of guys are used to losing; it doesn't (anger them) that we lost this bad," defensive end Andy Mattingly said. "Some guys are just getting used to it."

"A lot of people are playing not to mess up," quarterback Kevin Lopina said. "We just have to go out there and have fun and trust the coaches in what they've coached us. (Implying that many players are not trusting the coaches…)

"We're not doing that. We're playing scared."
Wulff said, "They've got to grow up. Gotta mature. Learn how to fight a little bit more.
"They've got to learn how to compete, not have the glazed look over their eyes."

My questions are:

1. WHO is teaching them to compete?
2. WHO is showing BY THEIR EXAMPLE how to have fire in their eyes instead of the glazed look?
3. WHY are the players not angry at the losses?
4. WHY are most playing not to mess up? (Could it be the coaching staff’s leadership style is to yell and belittle players when they make mistakes? There is another way...

#4 Reminds me of the 2007 Superbowl faceoff between to “non yelling” coaches, Tom Dungy /Indy Colts and Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith.

“Dungy stresses that coaches are essentially teachers who put faith and family ahead of football and do not belittle their players or scream at them. Also, like Dungy, they remain calm when things go badly. They guide instead of goad Wiki” “Lovie is a coach who uses teaching and respect over yelling and cursing to get the most out of his players.”

Are our coaches using Dungy and Smith’s techniques to lead and get the most out of our undersized, underskilled players during these dark days? From these quotations something is not right in the coaching staff’s approach.

I am curious if Wullf and his staff are yellers or servant leaders. If we are only going to be able to recruit budding but still-to-be-developed talent how are our coaches going to mold them into a talented team who can have at least a overall winning season?

After doing consulting for >20 years I have found “things in an organization are and remain the way they are because that is they way management wants it. Until management has the courage, honesty and stomache to diagnose and address the root causes of problems nothing will fundamentally change in the longer term”

If I have misread Wulff and staff please set me straight.

Anonymous said...

I haven't noticed a lot of shouting or anger on the sidelines from CWP, considering the circumstances. I am usually wasted by the 2nd quarter though (no purpose paying attention to the game by then), so I may be wrong. He seems to stay as positive as possible in the radio shows.

LouisianaCoug said...

Anonymous with the REAL Paul Wulff plan, I appreciate the humor/seriousness of your comment.. and I couldn't have said it any better myself... Does anyone else think there could be an ounce of legitimacy to that comment?.. I Do.

Look, as much as I would love to fire this joke of a coach right now, I realize you can't. Sedi, you are right, we do have to be patient.

But does anyone else think we are rolling the dice a lot more with this Big Sky coaching staff??? Maybe he will turn out to be the right guy, but in the midst of a stadium expansion, and given our other inherent set backs (Pullman, money, etc), IF Wulff turns out to be a bust (IMO very likely) a real coach may never want to come to Pullman.

I just think this nobody from the Big Sky is digging us into an awfully big hole right now, couple that with our inherent disadvantages,== not good.

coloradosky said...


I have a CPW quote from this Spring in my email signature at work: '...the definition of Leadership is about how to make those around you better. It's about service.'
-- Paul Wulff, WSU Football

Paul has endured much more adversity than this, and I assure you that he's going to stick to his plan. He had good coaches that mentored him, he fought hard to get this opportunity and he and his staff are tireless workers and it shows in their ability to recruit more players in a short time than the previous staff.

Hearing the shortsighted instant gratification on this board and elsewhere reminds me that our society has changed; and not for the better.

Anonymous said...


Great point about leadership. But I'm guessing some other NFL head coaches might disagree. Bill Cowher is one of them. He isn't exactly a Mr. Nice guy. Oh, and guess who was a Mr Nice Guy? Bill Doba, you know, the guy that got us into this mess. The reason that players don't care about losing is because Doba bred that type of attitude in his "we'll get em next time" attitude. He was there friend and not their teacher. This has left us with players that are utterly complacent and don't care about losing. Give it a couple years for Wulff to get his players acclimated, you will see a noticeable difference I guarantee you.

Chris '04
Pullman, WA

Anonymous said...

Wulff isn't George Bush. He is Sarah Palin. And he oughta be fired.

I never expected to win this game, but I never thought I'd watch a coach wearing crimson from the sideline and who didn't at least want to COMPETE. To PLAY FOR PRIDE.

coloradosky said...

The same sort of PRIDE you have in being anonymous???

Anonymous said...

I missed the USC game and I'm glad. Sounds like some valid points on all sides, in that Wulff should not be fired at this point, and also that an unwatchable WSU team can only be tolerated for a very short time. As someone else pointed out, if you are only willing to throw 9 times against the conference's best defence because you are afraid fro your QB getting hurt, then you had no business playing him in the first place.

Man, college ball in the state of Washington is at an all-time low.

Would Mike Zimmer ever come back to Pullman??