Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Prediction, New Ted

Greetings Cougar Nation

By now you all know that we are playing tomorrow.

By now you all know that we are traveling to the game tomorrow.

By now you all know the outcome of tomorrow's humid-yuck fest:

If we come out strong, we'll die in the 4th quarter.

If we come out weak, we'll be killed in the 1st Quarter.
This was NOT a good idea.

Brinkhater's pick: Baylor 34 Cougs 21

Put this one on Sterk, big time.

However, lest you are feeling too gloomy, today did give us one pleasant surprise, and that is WE HAVE A BRAND NEW TED on

Today, we saw the end of the relaxed, gone-yoga-on-me Ted and now have the Clark Kent played by William Hurt version of Ted:

Of course, I like this Ted, but I am now particularly fearful that this Ted--as well as any other--may not be on this blog as expected in December.

In any case, Go Cougs.

"VIVA LOPINA!!!!!!!"


Anonymous said...

No way we score 3 TDS if Roger is the QB...

Brinkhater said...

He won't be

Anonymous said...

Roger will need to be a "dodger" of the wave of baylor pass rushers! Get it?.....

Sedihawk said...

Bwah bwaw bwah anonymous. Roger-Dodger. Got it.

I think it's three-fold as to why we are playing tomorrow. 1) Charter crew couldn't be put together in time for an evening flight. Sterk already said as much in that we couldn't put it together on such short notice. Even the Seahawks were called but they sold their plane last year. 2) We really believe we can win this game and will inconvenience ourselves just to get it in. You hate to punt a chance at a win, ANY win, for 2008. 3) WE NEED any TV exposure we can get, along with the extra pennies that come with it. With a rough forecast the rest of the season, the idea that we will be picked up for many TV broadcasts in those "swing slots" seem pretty unlikely. At least we'll be on TV this week, in one way or another.

Move this game to 12/6, and it seems unlikely there would be TV coverage.

At least we can leave early tomorrow. They'll still have 4 or 5 hours before the game. But maybe all they'll want to do is sleep. Who knows, maybe it'll be a rousing success!!?!? Maybe!?!? I have to say I'm having a pretty hard time holding on to the 26-20 score right about now...I think we all get mulligans for this one. Brinkhater's streak (which only Brinkhater knows about, apparently?) lives!

Brinkhater said...

Personally, I'll be glad when the streak ends. Its too much pressure and I was born and bred to underachieve.
Maybe this is the week that the football gods humble me in front of the masses.
I'd sure like us to be 2-2

Brinkhater said...

Could the Brinkhater Army please check me on this: Has Ted Miller silently reverted back to gone-Yoga-on-me cuz I'M THE BEST SPORTSWRITER EVER Ted?

Sneaky, sneaky Ninja Ted. And you all thought he didn't really read this blog??????

Brinkhater said...

By the way: If you read the Evil Vince Grippi's recent post at, you will see that out of D-1 A schools:

we are second to last in total O

and DEAD LAST in scoring defenses.

So you're saying that we have a chance?


Brinkhater said...

By the way, I meant "defense." I mistakenly referred to D in plural because I forgot we have no depth.

Anonymous said...

wondering when you're going to change your name to "Rogershater"...

Brinkhater said...

I don't hate him. In fact, I think that his upside is absolutely tremendous.

But, the coaches appear to want to go in another direction. It is what it is. Its just too bad that Gary didn't get more reps last year. IF he had, then he could have had a good year.

Lets go beat Baylor.