Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Jeshua Anderson Faster Than Robert Griffin

A bit of a light day in regards to WSU stuff out there, but we'll touch on a few things.

Interesting sub-plot this week to the WSU - Baylor game. Did you know that while our own Jeshua Anderson was winning the 400m hurdles in the NCAA championships back in June, a frosh from Baylor named Robert Griffin was coming in third?

Yes, this is the same Robert Griffin who was fantastic in his first-ever start last Saturday. Griffin was a hot-shot QB out of Copperas Cove, TX, a 4-star prospect rated as the #12 QB in the nation last year according to Scout.com. He was the top-rated prospect signed by new coach Art Briles, and landed Griffin over the likes of Tennessee, Houston and even Stanford. This kid is a BIG-TIME talent.

That said, he'll be making just his second ever start as a true frosh, and first against a BCS team. I know, we're down right now, but it goes without saying we'll be faster and stronger on defense compared to what Griffin faced last week in Northwestern State.....right?? Anyway, let's see what Jody Sears and Chris Ball can cook up on defense to confuse the youngster. Throw the kitchen sink at the kid! What do we have to lose at this point?

Speaking of Jeshua Anderson. Did anyone watching the broadcast catch what Jason Gesser said about Anderson's hernia? Anderson told Gesser that he has had the hernia for FIVE YEARS! He basically had this baseball-sized "thing" bulging out of his lower stomach area for five years. EWWW. But let me get this straight - he played football last year, of course, but also was winning track championships, as well as a true threat for the Olympic team with a hernia??

First of all, how did he do it all this time with this thing? And second, if he has had it all this time, how the heck was it missed by trainers or a team doctor or whatever during physicals? Strange, to say the least.

Have you seen the line for this week? Baylor is a 2.5 point favorite. Are you surprised? A close look at Baylor saw them blown out at home by Wake Forest in the opener, but whomping on a weak sister last week. Meanwhile we were in the game for while vs. Okie State, and if not for some major special teams breakdowns, who knows how tight it could have been. But then we were embarrassed like no other time in WSU history last week. All that said, I would have thought Baylor by at least 6 or 7, at home, against a team that can't get out of it's own way right now. But we've said it before, we'll say it again - Vegas USUALLY knows what it's doing. It's what they do.

I don't know how you can predict what we are going to see this week. Will we respond from the beating? Are we as down and lifeless as we looked on Saturday, both on the field and along the sideline? The coaches aren't already losing this team....are they? This entire week of practices is going to be very interesting to try and get a read on where everyone is right now.

Finally, Cougfan has a good seen & heard column up, as well as a Notebook. And they are FREE articles! In the seen & heard, they are on the side of another chance for Rogers, but also mention how Lopina could eventually be an effective option with his legs and mid-range accuracy. The notebook touches on the QB situation, youth and lack of experience on defense, particularly the defensive line.
So, the QB situation. It will be debated today, tomorrow and the days to come. Where do you fall in the debate? Rogers for another week, or is it time to go to Lopina?

Enjoy your Tuesday, and GO COUGS!


logan said...

give rogers one more week...but we can't just give it to him every week because he's a senior, he needs to earn it.

steven said...

refresher course on how to read betting odds. A negative sign in front of the point spread indicates the favorite while the positive number is the underdog. meaning we are actually favored to win this week by 2.5. crazy no?

Anonymous said...

Hey dickhead steven, it depends on where you look. The line is all over the place.


PortlandCoug said...

It shoudl say Baylor opened as the fav on sunday but money has come down on WSU for reasons no one can explain.

Capitol Hill Coug said...

QB Controversy: We ought to let Brandon Gibson pick the quarterback and be done with it. Whoever he thinks is better gets the nod. After all, he's the poor bastard that put crimson before cash. For the rest of us, the season is a wash. For Gibson, his very future is at stake.

Anonymous said...

The line = who gives a fuc*. We didn't cover in our first two games so why would we now. Bet the plantation on Waco Bears.

I say keep splitting time between the two until somone shows something. Start Gawwwy, but if he is still lost at sea, put in Lopina for a quarter and lets see what happens. Iff both are stinking it up, then its Marshall Marshall MARSHALL! But do not keep ramming you head into the brick wall, eventually you have to scale it or go around it.

logan said...

amen capitol hill coug

kaddy said...

Gary deserve a bit more time - 6 quarters isn't enough. If he sucks by halftime, however, you go with Lopina...we can't wait forever.

Our defensive coaches need to have a lot of smelling salts available, to make sure our players stay awake, too.

Brinkhater said...

Since the header of the post is true, maybe the switch we should be considering is Anderson to defensive back. Maybe that way we wont get outrun like we did last week.

Look folks, the reality is that Rogers has been handed a makeshift offensive line, a receiving corps that has been brutally hampered, and a new offense to boot.

To pull him after 6 quarters is both mindboggling ridiculous and horribly unfair unless Rogers has two large boulders between his ears (instead of a brain).

If #17 has an IQ below his number, then I totally get why they are looking to pull the trigger. And to the end, it could be that our organization and tempo problems on offense is that Gary is to rattled or bewildered to even remember how to call the plays properly. Otherwise, I think its totally alarmist.

Think of it this way: you pull Rogers either before or after PSU and you STILL have 8 or 9 games left in the season to break in next years guy. That's almost a season worth of starts left to go.

Anyhow, I bet that Rogers starts this week and that the choice to have both prepare is both a gimmick to give Baylor something else to think (or LAUGH) about, as well as to have Gary observe the offense at the same time that he gets a chance to run it.

We shall see.

Sedihawk said...

I used to be all about giving Gary the full month, then re-evaluate if the need arises. But because this is already being discussed? It doesn't reflect a good opinion the staff might have for big 17, does it?

I told this to Brinkhater earlier in the week, but I don't think they are just thinking of this change only based on what we are seeing right now. I would guess that despite the positive things we heard frm the staff re: Rogers before the season, that they might have been thinking about this for a little while now. We are still learning about Wulff, but he doesn't strike me as a guy who would panic into this kind of thing. But maybe I'm just way off, and this is a total freak-out move.

Then again, what EXACTLY do we know about the situation? We don't know what's going on behind closed doors, meetings, film study, etc. Rogers himself said after the Okie State game that things are going way too fast right now. The former Cal QB, Pawelek(?), doing the color with Gesser said as much during the Cal broadcast, that to him it looks like things are flying for Rogers, and it hasn't yet slowed for him. You know how QB's or WR's or RB's say that the game is easier for them when everything seems to slow down? Rogers just isn't there yet, in that zone where all the good ones enter and the game becomes almost easy.

Anyway, I am now finding myself in the camp to 1) Start Rogers and play him for the entire first half, and 2) after that, make the decision to stick with him or pull the plug, insert Lopina and give him the 2nd half.

It may not be popular in a lot of corners right now, but I am going to have faith in this coaching staff. After all, remember UW in 2004, their 1-win wonder? The debate then was do they play the stronger-armed senior (Paus) or the younger prospect (Stanback). Gilby rode Paus all they way in that terrible year, only playing Stanback in spurts. It turned out to be a complete waste of Stanback's season and his development, all because they thought Paus deserved the chance. We know how that worked out. Coug or not, Stanback was a good QB his last season before getting hurt. He might have been even better if he would have been able to develop in that lost season. I know it's different with Lopina as he already is a junior, but maybe they are thinking that if we are going to lose big this year, might as well have a QB get some game time lumps this year that could pay off next year? And when you think about it, if we stick with Rogers this year, then go to Lopina next year, well, you would again have to start a new QB in 2010. 3 years, 3 new QB's might not be what they want to do.

Let's use this game as a chance for Gary to "get it" or Lopina to "take it". But no matter what happens, we cannot keep having sub-200 yards of total offense on a weekly basis!

'03CouveCoug said...

Unless Rogers seriously poops the bed in practice this week, you’ve got to give him the nod for at least one more game. If he plays poorly again vs. Baylor, make the change for Portland State and hopefully Lopina can gain some confidence vs. an FCS school (I hope, for gawd sakes!)

Let’s be honest…yes has Rogers played very poorly in both games this season, however the O-Line got dominated vs. Cal and the “skill position” players didn’t even know where/how to line up! How many illegal formation penalties last Saturday? It’s obvious that Rogers hasn’t had much to work with on top of his lack of experience and/or confidence. He earned the right to start in the spring and in fall camp by “head and shoulders,” according to the coaching staff. I think that six quarters of football in a new system is just not enough time to make a judgment.

Hooty McBoob said...

Bottom line is this: Despite the fact that Rodgers has been a good soldier, biding his time while not rocking the boat, he is owed only the opportunity to compete for the job.

The fact is that in what already looks to be a lost season, Wulff and staff have exactly NOTHING to gain by doing right by Rodgers and letting him have his time in the sun. If after a full year of absorbing the new scheme, they believe they can be more competitive next year - then why give Rodgers another snap? Let Lopina get as much game experience as possible and make sure to get Lobbestael and maybe even Levenseller some reps too.

It really sucks for Rodgers but that's how I see it. He's just a victim of circumstance. If he's really that good, maybe he'll be the next Matt Cassell...

portlandcoug said...

Lose to Baylor and the season is over. Start Rogers this week and see what happens. If we win then there is hope still for '08 as they will LIKELY beat PSTATE next week. If we lose, flush it all, go young and build to '09. Good luck to you Gary and any other senior taking up space.

Cannot forget that we are trying to raise dollars for the next stadium phase, and morphing into a non-competitive laughing stock of the Pac-10 is a really bad idea. Getting money out of you red necks is bad even when we are good. I used to call you guys asking for money in 2002 and am too familiar with your excuses for not giving. Shame on all of you if you have not donated or bought a ticket. Want to support the team, do more than bitch on message boards.....but I cry myself to sleep thibking how you will jump off the bandwagon if we suck all year. Back on topic, sticking with an outgoing senior QB who everyone waits for him to become a star is a complete waste of development time for Lopey, Lobster, Levy, etc.

Brinkhater said...

Portland Coug:

Not sure about who you are referring to regarding "jumping off the wagon" but it won't be us.

Last I checked, since we started this blog, we've never finished above .500. Maybe we're the curse???

Anyhow, we'll be here, whether its 7-5 or 0-13.

Onward Crimson Soldiers