Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good Night, and Good Luck

Look at those scoring drive bars above. See all that green? Not good, when "my color is Crimson." But no, no over-reaction, no over-analysis here. Just another beatdown by a BCS opponent that was far, far superior in every way, shape and form.

Sure, we saw some terrible turnovers and penalties early, things that couldn't happen if they wanted to stay in shouting distance. It was 21-0 while people were still filing into Martin stadium. The floodgates were open and that was all she wrote. Very Cal-like if you ask me. Anyway, I don't think there's much left to say.

So that said....if you want to be negative, want to vent, want to rip the coaches and players, or even flat-out walk away from WSU football? It's ok. You have every reason to gripe about where this team is five games into a new era. Just a complete and utter DISASTER, this train wreck of a football season.

And what's worse is that there doesn't exactly seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel, is there? This is going to be a horrible year of football around the Palouse, and that just cannot be sugar-coated. This is a bad team. Pure and simple. But the sad reality is this may only be the beginning. It could get even worse before it gets better. So if you want to check out for the next couple of years, and chime back in for 2010? Totally understand. You won't be alone.

Enjoy your Saturday night.


Portland Coug said...

Never seen such an outclassed wsu team in my lifetime, and I'm a man I'm 40(!). Even in bad times with Jim we at least competed. Not these guys. Not even close.

I am mostly sad not by the lack of talent or strength. Sometimes those are just the way it goes. But by the lack of focus or preparation. They look like a team that has no idea what they are doing and continue to make stupid mistakes. I am blaming Doba for the hand-off here but I am going to ask for the first time wtf is Wulff doing? These kids need someone to coach them up and they are 11 chickens without heads out there. They look the same in the fifth game as they did in the first and that is not acceptable. I am not demanding w's but I expected improvement. How pathetic.

Just sent this from my blackberry. Long drive back to Port and it is best my wife as the driver. I am not looking forward to deciding on tickets for next year. We might just keep the funds and use it for something else. We're $1000 in on the weekend already for the kids and food-lodging. And for this?

The Crimson Observer said...

Being negative and wanting to vent I can live with. But flat out walking away or taking a sabbatical until 2010 is nothing shy of pure B.S. This year sucks and next year we may suck worse or get better, who knows. What I do know is that completely jumping ship should be so synonymous with being a Husky that it shouldn't even be on a list of things us Cougs could or should ever consider doing. Staying the course just makes what victories we do get that much sweeter. If you wanna trade season tickets for watching on TV fine, but jumping ship completely is the worst thing you could do as a Coug.

Stiffmiester said...

This is not chicken little time. We knew that this was gonna be a rough year. CPW actually scrapped the no huddle for this game and I liked the progression I saw from Loebs. Keeping in mind that he is YOUNG and that we just heard that this year would benifit him as we wished Gesser had this chance to learn OJT I think there is hope. Our early verbals are gonna help plug the Dline but this is long term.
Keep the faith Cougies

Sedihawk said...

Good point crimson. I am not advocating walking away and I know I won't. But I can honestly understand if someone did. These are tough times all the way around and it isn't going to improve any time soon. If you are a Coug, you are a Coug, period. The real ones will stick it out, the ones who have lived through some rough periods. The ones that hopped on in 2001 will disappear.

Sedihawk said...

But one more thing. I do agree with Portland on one issue, and that is improvement. I was with everyone else expecting we would lose today, but yowza, I had sure as hell hoped our days of losing like we did to Cal were behind us. This wasn't exactly the same thing, but it wasn't too far off. Those early turnovers and some big penalties were just an awful way to start the game and they had no chance after that. But even when it was 21-7 I don't think anyone thought we were actually in the game. I guess it will take more than a month to get this thing figured out, because they sure looked lost today.

ptowncoug said...

I actually decided not to attend this game, because I have watched the others in person and couldn't handle another debacle. Dline were just steered directions. Really no blocking required by Oregon to creat gaping holes.
However, I was thinking maybe our D has really been this bad for the last couple of years, but it was our offense that kept the defense off the field because they could actually move the ball. Now that's not happening our defense is being exposed even more.
Really sad football. I think we should only recruit defensive players for next year. Rebuild defense first!

B.T.M.M. said...

I think most people would agree that this is where you find out who is REALLY a fan, and who tuned in because of 30 wins in 3 years, stuck around because of Brink's QB records, and is now going to politely take their coat and leave.

I agree with Sedihawk that I wouldn't blame anyone for abandoning the cause. This team is totally unwatchable. Rooting for them will only bring you tremendous pain. If you are emotionally capable of ignoring them, then Godspeed.

Sadly, I am not. I'm a Coug for life. And if you're really a Coug, you are no stranger to losing. Sure, this is a new low, but the principle is the same. I didn't even go to WSU, but I grew up in Pullman and have followed the team since I was 5 years old, and it's just too late for me to love any other team.

I won't watch every second of a 50 point beatdown, but only a masochist would. It's like watching somebody kick your best friend's ass, and being powerless to stop it.

But when the wins finally come back, and they will, I'll be here to see it. And that's when I'll be glad to be a Coug.

Concerned old Coug said...

well, I'll be the first to come right out and question/criticize the coaches. What a joke! This is an utter embarrassment. Biggest freshman enrollment in our history and this is what we give them?

Floyd, Sterk, & the rest of the selection committee shit the bed on this one. Enough points have already been made about Wulff and his inexperience...but has anyone even thought about the assistants?

This defense is being led by a coordinator who doesn't have a goddamn clue how to prep for a division 1 opponent. It's blatant and it's bad.

The only guy I trust on the staff is Levy, and I've got to think that he lays awake at night wondering what the hell the OC is thinking with some of these play calls. One time in the second quarter today, an out route to the sideline 4 yards short on 3rd down?

At the end of the day, it's impossible to argue that athletic success doesn't have an effect on the overall national image of our school. Having continuous embarrassment like this makes all of our degrees worth less, especially in this state. Inattention and carelessness in this regard is bullshit.

How much more of this will we have to endure before we lick our wounds, tuck our tails between our legs and fix this deplorable mistake?

Bud said...

This team is horrible. I'm pretty sure my high school team (Palouse) could beat this team.

I have been a fan for many years and will continue to be one (no jumping ship for me!).

For this season, with the complete lack of ability to compete, I have to point to the coaches. It is almost as if they were coaching this team to be a Division 2 school. If that is what WSU wants, then let's switch to the Big Sky Conference and be done.

After the blowout with Cal, I was sure that I would be hearing the calls for Wulff's head if there was another score of 60 or greater by an opponent. I didn't hear that. He and his coaches have had their chance and it's time to put up or get out.

WSU needs to fix this problem and build up those kids and keep them from transferring after this season to Eastern where they might win a game.

Anonymous said...

I am a long time Coug Fan and Alum. I agree that this whole staff is so unprepared for D1 football. I had to laugh at the post after the Cal debacle explaining the facts and myths (or something to that effect) of Coug football. One "myth" was that the coaching staff was to blame. I wrote then that it was no myth; I think the past several games have shown this is true. Wulff looks lost and overmatched. Even with same players, Doba and Price don't get consistently blown out on a weekly basis and they score some points. Wulff and staff thought they could bring a system, not look at their players and ease into a new way of doing things. Price built teams around their strengths not the system. It took Urban Meyer a couple of years of recruiting while he eased into his system. If he had taken over and implemented his plan from day one, Chris Leak is benched and they don’t win a national title. When Jim Harbaugh was asked about the Wulff hiring, he said with the caliber of the guys who wanted the WSU job, they must see something really special in Wulff; Sterk saw a cheap and easy alternative to a prepared coach. Sterk has to go. If Indiana is not in shambles, we would have lost Bennett too. I think Wulff would have made an awesome assistant head coach who could be groomed to take over after 4 or 5 years at this level; now, by the time he gets a handle on things, the recruiting base will be poor. Nonetheless, I will watch every game because I love the Cougs.

Aubs said...

What happened to the Cougar Faithful. Among other things, Coug fans have always been supportive, no matter the disaster. Granted, this is a tough season, but I have never known a true COUG to walk away from their team. I have always believed that there are no fair-weather fans connected to bleeding crimson. Build a bridge...don't walk away, that makes you no better than a husky! It is a rebuilding year, maybe years, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel; we can't get any worse. I don't care how bad we lose, I still feel overwhelming pride when I see the Cougar flag waving each Saturday on Gameday! GO COUGS!!!

Amazed said...

As a Coug fan, WSU Staffer 83-92 and alum 77' and 86' I now live in Orange County. I am going to the UCLA-WSU game in the Rose Bowl and will still wear my Crimson and Grey.

I live around a lot of Cal, UCLA and USC fans and get taunted on a weekly basis—all in good fun.

Anon—I agree with your observation that CPW should have been brought on as an assistant coach—maybe like the Bennett Father-son model. As I worked on admin mgt staff a long time ago and budgets are always a factor, I agree that Sterk wanted to get a head coach on the cheap. He gambled and it did not pay off. I don’t think the top administrators over Sterk have the corage to do what needs to be done at the end of this season. Either CPW has the talent or he does not—letting another season go by will not give the logrithmical improvement that we need.

This goes beyond CPF to a higher level. My bet is that 2010 may be a little better but will not get us where we need to be without top Div 1 leadership and coaching talent.

Pres Floyd led part of the U of Missouri system so he surely must know what it takes to hire a good AD and get behind them to build a solid football program. Floyd needs to take “performance management” action now over Sterk—either produce or ???. If Floyd does not exercise some leadership here he will show all that he does not have the stomache or commitment to build a good Div 1 football program in the Palouse.

Recall what Lou Holtz used to say after he left ND and was being recruited elsewhere to turn around programs. It was something like “building a winning football program starts with commitment at the executive level—bottom line—if they don’t have the stomache to form a plan, hire the right team, get behind them with money and support, then they cannot and will not ever build a winning program over the long term.” Holtz had a great ability to smoke out university administrators who thought they wanted a winning program but really did not have the long term commitment to build it.

As Stalin said “Don’t watch what we say…watch what we do.”

LouisianaCoug said...

No loyal Coug fan would walk away.

But we certainly have the right to raise a few questions.

It's way to early to quit on Wulff and the staff, and I think he is a good Coug. But to this point, he does look overmatched.

Here's my issue. We fired Doba. That was fine. But the offense was never the problem under Doba, it was the special teams and defense.

Why did we go after a guy with a totally brand new, confusing, complicated, gimmick offense? We had a good thing going with Levenseller at OC.

You can't go back, but I can't help but find myself asking, would we really be 1-4 and not even competitive under the old regime. I pray in time things will be better than if we had kept Doba and his staff. But right now, that 5-7 2007 Apple Cup winning campaign sure looks attractive.

buschlightalum said...

well said Louisiana. we whined over Doba...and look what we got. I guess some of the blame goes to all of us for this mess.

HatefulCoug said...

Well we all know that Doba was a ship going down. When Doba came in and went to the Holiday Bowl, he was playing with Price's recruits. After that it went steadily downhill. The class playing now would have been Doba's 5 year, we should have a great team of experienced juniors and seniors right now, but we don't because Doba could not run a program. he might have been able to make the calls on the field (and even those were questionable) but that is not even half the battle. Wulff probably should have eased into this system slower, I won't deny that, but to say that Doba could have done better is flat out delusional. Give Wulff a solid recruiting class to work with before you rip his head off.