Monday, September 22, 2008

Fun with Ducky Tears; Marshall P-O-W?!?

This has been making the rounds today, if you haven't heard/seen it yet. Just listen to the announcer for the Oregon broadcast. I guess if you pulled some yahoo out of the stands and said "call the game" it would probably sound like this.

Now, they will probably kick our behinds this Saturday, but still, this is funny. Probably sounds a lot like if you asked KJR's Dave Mahler to actually call a UW football game?

Finally, breaking news - can YOU name the Pac-10 offensive player of the week this week??

Nice job LOBSTER!


'03CouveCoug said...

Oh my goodness, THANK YOU for posting this! I live in SW Washington, so of course I was watching the game on the Oregon Sports Network on Saturday. I could not get over how that Oregon honk of a commentator kept referring to this game as “Boise State’s Super Bowl.” He acted as if Oregon was the defending national champ and BSU was a FCS school or something! Hey, newsflash Oregon honk, BSU has a BCS Bowl win under their belt a mere 2 years ago…a feat not accomplished by the quacks since Little Joey Harrington was tossing the pigskin around Autzen.

What really got me was the fact that this jackass was certain that Oregon’s talent was head and shoulders above Boise State’s. It culminated in him saying that “Any coach in the country would take Oregon’s talent over Boise State’s…yet the Ducks are still losing.” Yeah, dumbass, it’s called EXECUTION! I’m convinced that Oregon does less with more talent, year after year than any team in the Pac-10, including ewe dub.

I guess that like all Oregon fans, this doofus expected the Ducks to simply toss their gawd-awful uniforms on to the field and watch as Boise State cowered in fear. Guess what guy; they weren’t afraid of OKLAHOMA in the Fiesta Bowl, so they sure as hell aren’t afraid of you. I felt like Anthony Michael Hall in “The Breakfast Club,” saying to myself over and over as I listened to this announcer’s drivel, “You’re SO conceited, Oregon! You’re so conceited!”

Alas, our Cougs will more than likely be humbled by the Ducks on Saturday, but that’s alright. I can be comforted by the fact that no matter how much success we have under Coach Wulff (and I tend to think it’s going to be a lot), our supporters will NEVER act like the folks wearing green and yellow. They got too big for their britches years ago.

logan said...

good god that was ridiculous. i hope that guy is never put back on air. i've thought he was bad before but geez.

ok well go cougs!

Brinkhater said...

For me, this call epitomizes why it is that many Cougar fans HATE Oregon so much.

Its just the non-stop excuse machine all the fricking time. "its Boise State's Superbowl, they've been practicing for this game for 9 months, etc..."

Yes we know that you've had devastating injuries to your QBs just like last year. But the sign of an elite football team is the ability to consistently overcome those type of barriers.

But, the fact that the Quack ALWAYS collapse in the face of adversity is exhibit A-Z about why they are NOT an elite program despite what Philly-boy and the rest of the Quack jobs want to believe.

Like Hootie said on this site before, while it may be fun for you Quackers to watch your team win this weekend, that joy will NEVER match the glee we will feel the next time we beat your arrogant behinds no matter how long it takes.

Til then, enjoy sticking your butts in the air..

Sedihawk said...

I am not a fan of Boise State either, but that announcer did act like they were some bum-phuck U team that were collectively peeing down their legs at the mere sight of the grand spectacle known as Autzen.

It's weird, but Oregon isn't exactly perfect at home. They've lost at least one home game the last seven years. It's a great home field advantage, but every once in a while they lay down.

Anonymous said...

The team has spoken, per Cougfan. The new nickname is Ocho Rojo. That's Spanish for "Eight Red."

And that’s Lobbestael’s new handle, courtesy of Tony Thompson. It’s a takeoff on Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson’s recent announcement that he was changing his name to his jersey number, Ocho Cinco (or 8-5).

Lobbestael, the second-year freshman from Oak Harbor, wears number 8 (ocho). We’re not sure if the rojo (red) refers to his carrot-top hair or jersey color.

buschlightalum said...

well, it's got to be a reference to his hair color, because our jerseys aren't red. crimson is NOT red.

thanks for passing that on though...that's a clever nickname and I hope it sticks. as long as 'ol Rojo doesn't go changing his legal name.

also agree with everything already said about Oregon and their fans. What arrogant assholes. It never ceases to amaze me how disrespectful some Oregon fans can be. One word for them: karma.

Anonymous said...

ocho rojo...a great nickname given by tony thompson son of ledgendary jack thompson
just happens to also be the name of a popular drinking game

HatefulCoug said...

Well lets hope we play well enough to shove it in their ugly green and yellow faces this Saturday. I mean... they are on literally their last quarterback, lets get some pressure this weekend and some more big hits out of Mr. Hicks and kick some feather this weekend. Go Cougs!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Great call on the Softy Malher analogy. It's also no wonder why the UW hates UO so much, nobody likes a challenge, even if it is for conference domination in the category known as supreme douchbagery.


millcreekcoug said...

Oregon is a joke, why waste your time getting all bent out of shape about them?

They will probably beat us on Saturday, but they will still end up underacheiving for the year, as always.

I have never understood the Oregon "hate."