Friday, September 26, 2008

Did We Just See a Ghost??

What a win for the Beaver Believers. But watching that true frosh running back last night, Jacquizz Rodgers, run around USC's defense last night? Looking at this:

Sure reminded me of this:

Same build, same great feet, same great vision, same great cutback ability, same style of always moving forward. Even the same jersey number. SPOOKY.

The most impressive/surprising thing to me wasn't that Rodgers has the speed or the moves. But he simply wasn't afraid to take the ball between the tackles, and looked a lot more physical than I think I expected. Not only great feet and speed, but a pretty tough kid as well.

Lucky for Oregon State, the Rodgers kid is just a true FROSH. We only saw Jerome Harrison for two very special years, including the 1900 rushing yards his senior year, leading to All-American status. So get used to that name, because you are going to hear it a LOT the next few years.

But once again, Mike Riley and the Beavers have circled the wagons after another miserable start (losses to Stanford and Penn State) and have come all the way back to 2-2 after stomping the yard with Hawaii and then last night's shocker. Amazing. I heard from Brinkhater last night, and his point was great for Oregon State and all that, and they do look like they have put themselves together and ready for a decent run in the conference. But maybe the real question is why the heck to do they keep getting off to lousy starts, only to magically right the ship??

As far as last night's game, I think two big reasons Oregon State won - PENALTIES AND TURNOVERS! Sound familiar? When the Beavers have struggled over the years, it's almost always when they lose the turnover battle. Even the opening loss to Stanford, they had nearly 500 yards of offense compared to only around 300 for Stanford, but they were minus-3 in the turnover battle. Last night? Zero turnovers, and two big ones from USC. Both USC turnovers were converted to points on the board for the Beavers. And USC was flagged seven times for 84 yards of penalties, while the Beavs? Five penalties, but just 27 yards. That can make a huge difference in a tight game, and sure enough, Oregon State is the one still celebrating right now.

So here's a question for everyone - does this loss HELP the Pac-10? Or does it hurt? Obviously on the national stage, this kills. USC was the top-ranked team going into last night's game from the WAC-10, and only Oregon was ranked in the coaches poll. But even if SC wins the rest of their games, the BCS title game seems like a real longshot. But what about the rest of us? Does this loss fill you with hope? That nothing is impossible, even after our own rough start? You better believe Oregon, Cal, ASU, Oregon State, heck, even Arizona suddenly all believe they have a legit shot at smelling Roses. Does this loss signal the beginning of one of the most wild conference seasons we've ever seen?

All I know is I can't wait to see how things play out! For once again, last night, we are reminded that there is never, ever such a thing as a lead pipe guarantee. For we were reminded, yet again, that is WHY THEY PLAY THESE GAMES! You just never know. And that is why we love it.

Happy Friday, and GO COUGS!


Brinkhater said...

Told you that USC would score 9 touchdowns!

Just goes to show what 2 weeks of looking in the mirror will do for you. When you act like Brinkhater, you lose.

Plain and simple.

Travis Lee said...

Its funny, I said the same thing to the wife last night, "Man, he looks like Harrison out there." Glad I'm not the only one.

Sedihawk said...

Hey Travis, I really do think it's a legit comp. The quickness, change of direction, cutbacks, the whole thing looked awfully familiar. And he just did that as a true frosh, which is amazing.

Hooty McBoob said...

Before we had our second child, we had two names picked out. Anna for a girl; and Jacquizzz for a boy. (We thought it looked better with three z's.) We had a girl...

HatefulCoug said...

I was stunned when I saw that OSU was up, talk about a season changing game. I think though, that this actually hurts the PAC 10. I still have no doubt in my mind that USC will still be the PAC 10 champs, but instead of going to the BCS game, they will go to the rose bowl, which means another year of USC destroying a Big 11 team while the SEC and Big 12 duke it out. If USC hadn't lost, they could have gone to the national game, and another team such as oregon or cal could have a chance at taking on the big ten in the rose bowl.

Sedihawk said...

Let me just say Hoot, knowing your lovely daughter, I'm glad that you had her to balance things out around the house.

Hurt, it's a good point. This does likely kill the idea of two BCS bowl Pac-10 teams. But when was the last time the conference actually had more than one BCS bowl team? I know in the 2003 BCS games we were in Pasadena while SC was in the Orange bowl. But Oregon, Cal, none of them have been to a BCS bowl since then. So who knows how it would have turned out?

But one thing is clear - ASSUME NOTHING this season!

Longball said...

I'll play Devil's advocate here and say this is GREAT for the conference. Basically the one Pac-10 team nobody in the nation has doubts about is USC, yet with the exception of the Texas Rose Bowl loss they only lose to other Pac-10 teams. In fact, only Pac-10 teams play USC close, like us a couple years ago. Basically a lot of people would love to anoint the conference of champions as the Pac-1, but by having the Ducks and Beavs and the Furd step up the last couple seasons, that point is rendered moot. Also, anyone who thinks this is the end of USCs title run didn't watch college football last year.

logan said...

i can see your point longball, but no one outside the conference is going to see it that way.

Sedihawk said...

Longball has a good point, but I agree that this hurts. The conference has taken so many black eyes early it's amazing. 0-5 vs. the WAC? Brutal.

USC is going to need some help, plus oh yeah, they have to WIN OUT. Who thinks that will happen now? Besides, SC's win over VA didn't turn out to be that great when you consider VA lost by 35 to U-Conn. And they killed tOSU but that was without Wells, and tOSU wasn't playing well coming into that one anyway. I guess you just never know, but this really is a down year out here and the national media will pile on.

ptowncoug said...

Don't worry, when Tennessee beats some of the SEC schools, we will start chanting UCLA, UCLA!
Honestly, I don't care how people view the Pac because the Cougs don't need it to be good to get into a BCS game.
SEC is just like any other conference. They travel out of conference and get beat down.
I figured what makes people believe SEC is so much better is because they pay their coaches a ton of dough, have name coaches, and have fans that have nothing better to do than talk about and watch highschool and college football.

millcreekcoug said...

hatefulcoug - Who cares?

Its not like WSU was hurt by this, and the conference perception was shot when the conference went 0-5 against the MWC.

For us, it is completely irrelevent.

And I love watching USC lose.

PortlandCoug said...

It is relevant. First the question was asked if the loss helps or hurts the Pac-10. It is a good question with varying opinions. And if the Pac were to get two BCS bowls, well guess what? That is extra cash for all Pac 10 schools, including dear 'ol WAZZU. A million bucks is a million bucks, and in our tiny universe, that is a lot of money.

HatefulCoug said...

Conference perception does matter, even for us. As portlandcoug said, it could make the difference between the whole conference getting a lot more money, or not. Also, if we were in a middling position in the Pac 10 and actually had a chance to do something, a weak conference (at least perceptually) would seriously hurt our chances for a better bowl.

Stiffmiester said...

It does hurt us in that the whole face of the PAC 10 has been USC for the past 5-6 yrs. The rest of the SEC?Big 10 country will not see the strength of the conference in that the lowly Beaves can compete with the mighty Trojans. They will ignore that USC has stomped every one outside the conference. They will use this to downplay us instead of looking at these factors to judge the play inconference as more fierce than the SEC. On a side note I just got the best Bday present from my nieghbor... Apple Cup Tickets

Grady said...

"They will ignore that USC has stomped every one outside the conference. They will use this to downplay us instead of looking at these factors to judge the play inconference as more fierce than the SEC."


As bad as this loss was for conference perception, I don't think it hurts as much as Oregon losing to BSU and Arizona State losing to UNLV. When our other "contenders" can't even beat the mid-major guys, we're in a lot of trouble. I would at least hope some people out there realize that with every team gunning for USC, games like OSU are bound to happen.