Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Ramblings

When is it NOT good to lose 300 pounds? Well, yesterday for one, as the d-line has shed some weight in the form of Andy Roof. Coach Wulff wasn't thrilled with the decision, and per Vince at, one can understand why.

"From where he was a year ago, he has changed his life around 180 degrees," Wulff said in the statement, "and as a coaching staff we have seen the positive impact he made on this program."

When asked to elaborate, Wulff didn't hesitate.

"For any ... person on our team, we're always looking for people to better themselves," Wulff said during the conference. "To continue to make smarter and more wiser decisions. When people are doing that, and are clearly showing those signs, we want to continue to reward those people in our program.

"That's what we're here to do. They're going to make mistakes, we're here to help them along the way."

There are some decent arguments on both sides of the fence on this one. Do you abandon a troubled kid who has suddenly turned things around? Wulff is right, kids are going to make mistakes and they want to have the support system in place. But he's also right, in that good behavior needs to be rewarded, but bad behavior? Not so much.

The timing, for one, stinks. As "Kaddy" pointed out in comments yesterday, we're less than a week from school starting. Roof was on campus, not only practicing with the team but also enrolled in school and had an apartment. Now that Roof has been expelled, well, who buys out his lease? Should the student conduct board pass the hat to buy it out?

Then again, as "Michelle" pointed out, let's get real. It's not like this was a one-time offense. Roof was on his fourth strike, and normally it's a three-and-you-are-out system. He has to be held to the same standards as the other students on campus, and if he's given a free pass, well, isn't he just being enabled? Behavior like his cannot simply go unpunished. Regardless of how well he had been doing in the most recent of times, he had his chances, and the entire body of work is taken into account.

It's a shame though, any way you slice it. And we certainly don't know all the details of the latest offense, as there is a lot of talk out there as to what happened. But in the end, everyone loses - Roof, the coaches, the fans. The trickle-down to what it could mean to the defense is a big concern. On the surface, one might shrug at the thought of a backup tackle leaving the program. But this team? Where the tackles were thin to begin with? The young, thin defensive interior just got younger and thinner. And in this case, young and thin isn't what you want on the inside....

Moving on, lost in the shuffle was Dan Rowlands stepping away from football while he still can. Bum shoulders have ruined his last season of football, so the o-line will continue it's shuffle. Micah Hannam will now slide outside to replace Rowlands, and young sophomore guard Brian Danaher gets his chance. Danaher, well, we don't know a whole lot. He did play in one game as a backup last year. I guess we'll all find out on Saturday.

Next, is time running out for Mkristo Bruce and Michael Bumpus? Mkristo got off to a hot start for the Jacksonville Jags, recording 2.5 sacks in the first pre-season game. But then he had a couple of tackles the second week, and now after the third game, he didn't record a single tackle. Meanwhile, the only first-round holdout still left in the NFL, Jacksonville DE Derrick Harvey, finally agreed to a contract last night after missing the first 33 days of camp. Hopefully old MKB can stick with the team, but, well, you can more or less read the writing on the wall.

Bumpus was making waves early on in Seahawks camp, routinely singled out by WR coach Keith Gilbertson and even the big show himself, Mike Holmgren. But after three catches in week one, then two catches in week two, Bump didn't get a ball on Monday night in San Diego. Now Seattle did make a few roster cuts last night, including WR Joel Filani, so it still isn't over for Michael. But Bump didn't get much PT on Monday, and with just one game left on Friday night, this is it. Bump has been a long shot, at best, to make the final 53, but let's hope he made enough of an impression to be on the practice squad. That's not exactly the end of the world, and hey, Jordan Kent from Oregon was on the practice squad last year, and now clearly will not only make the club this year, but could even start in the 3-WR sets. Hang in there Bump!

Have you seen the new Martin Stadium sign?

It's, well, it's "alright" from the pics at the official site, which you can see here. A little different than I think we thought it was going to be, at least from the artist renditions.

It's not the super-terrific Taj Mahal grand entrance that folks were dreaming of, but it is certainly better than what we used to have, which was, uh, nothing. Remember??


Finally, we thought it would be a good idea to see what the Okie State blogs had to say about grand old WSU. I couldn't find a whole lot, but there is some stuff floating around.

That's about it for a busy Wednesday. Look for our first official "Football Friday...Only on Thursday" tomorrow. Enjoy your day, and as always, GO COUGS!


atlantacoug said...

3 days till kickoff. love it.

Regarding Bumpus...remember that the 3rd preseason game is really for the veterans. Bump will get plenty of PT during Friday's game against the Raiders. Let's hope he at least makes the Practice Squad.

Sedihawk said...

Right you are ATL. The regulars did play into the second half in some instances, so, Bump City's touches were going to be limited at best. I am with you though, stash him away on the practice squad, learn like crazy, and then let's see where he is a year from now. Worked for Jordan Kent, it could work for Bump.

But, I have to say, Kent has some freakish skills. Tall, supremely athletic and can jump out of the stadium. He's a heck of a project that might become something special. While we love Bump and know he's tough and has decent hands, well, he doesn't have those NFL measurables that make teams clamour for him. But guys like Bump can play in the league, and hopefully he'll get his shot someday.

Selahcoug said...

I hope Bump makes the practice squad as well. I was a bit worried watching the last Seahawks game.

Maybe MK can catch on with the Giants, they are in need of a DE.

Sedihawk said...

Right you are Selah. Now that Strahan decided that $8 million and sitting in a comfy Fox studio is, yeah, slightly better than trying to bull rush the likes of Walter Jones in the Meadowlands! I'd love to see MKB land somewhere. We know he can rush the passer and has a huge heart, but is that enough to make an NFL roster? Maybe Jacksonville has seen enough to want to practice squad him, but we'll see.

Anonymous said...

When is a guy who played a couple of years in college and a couple in the NFL no longer a project? How much time do they have to spend with Kent?

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Kent only played NCAA football since '05 and is still a major work in progress. It takes several years to figure it out on the NFL level. Why do you think so many high draft choice WR's struggle their first year? Whole different ballgame in the NFL. You can't just get by with athleticism.

CougCenter said...

No shame for Bump in going to the practice squad -- remember, although any other team could sign him away from the Hawks at any time (which would be great for him), he also could be signed to the 53-man by the Hawks at any time. They're about one season-ending injury to a receiver from that happening.

It's amazing, though -- 53 seems like a lot ... until you start crunching the numbers.

-- Nuss

Anonymous said...

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