Saturday, August 30, 2008

Post-Game Thread

Well, one down and TWELVE BIG ONES left.

While I am sure that many of you are disappointed by the outcome of today’s tilt, I also think that there were enough good things accomplished today to see why it is that Brinkhater has been so optimistic about the upcoming season as a whole.

IF we can stay reasonably healthy, we will get better and better and better each week. And I actually still think that a bowl game is in the cards.

At the very least, I certainly think you will see a huge jump in our performance next week.
Couple of quick hits:

The defense played much better than expected. And, as forseen on this very blog, was pretty terrific before they wore down.

The highs: the discipline at tackling. The lows: the Limited Pass Rush and inability to win a “jump ball.”

The offense lacked overall tempo but had some good moments nonetheless. The obvious high: The running game. The Lows: Rogers’ consistent “lock” onto his primary receiver; Gibson's dropsies.

The biggest low of course was Special Teams, but that will improve with the return of our punter. The field goal kicking may be a real, real problem, however.

The biggest high: The tackling and the overall temperament of the coaches which I thought was first rate.

Personally, I feel much better about this week one than the opener last year.
But what really matters is what you all think.

So, what do you think?


TiltingRight said...

I agree 100%.

On offense, it was disappointing to see so many overthrown or bobbled balls, and such a lack of cohesion on offense, especially in the first half, and especially on third downs. That being said, I don't know how many times I was jumping and yelling as Tardy or Ivory ate up turf over and over again. The rest will get better as the O continues to gel and the young players get more work in.

Can't say enough about the D. Holy cow, am I impressed with the tackling. I think I only saw 2 plays where the first defender didn't at least get a solid hit in to slow them down. They were wrapping up like pros. They wore down in the fourth, which we were all worried about, but BOY did they impress the hell out of me.

Can't wait to watch them get better in the coming weeks. BRING ON THE BEARS! GO COUGS!!!

P.S. A big high five for Myron Beck, who showed he deserves to play at the D1 level.... He's the walk-on that STARTED at FS.

Brinkhater said...

Great, great call on Beck. He really did play well. And what a great example of what Coach Paul is trying to instill in these guys.

Again, the D showed great spirit and strong discipline against a pretty darn good offense.

The 250+ yards on special teams was just brutal, though.

We've got to get that figured out.

B.T.M.M. said...

I agree with everything you guys have said, but I have one addition. I was pretty surprised by how well the O-line played. They opened up some monster holes and gave Rogers time to throw for the most part. We obviously didn't have the spread offense down yet, especially in the first half, but as everyone gets more experience in this system I think we could see a lot of improvement, and hopefully a lot of Cougar W's.

I don't know if there's any hope for our VERY special teams, though.

James said...
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James said...

I was excited about the game today, I felt it showed we had a lot to work with on D, and I pretty much expected the passing game to be very shaky. I was very surprised by the running game though, we managed to run it down their throats in the 3rd, which finally allowed Rogers and co. to hook up.

Anonymous said...

People are sure making a big deal of Gibson's drops. One was PI and the other was a good play by the CB.

None were flat dropped.

Sedihawk said...

Just back from the game, and some quick thoughts. You are ALL right. We did have some promising things, some things to look forward to, and a heck of a lot to work on.

One thing that I had heard recently about Rogers, at least people watching him in scrimmages and practice, was that he doesn't make quick reads. Basically he had been staring down option #1, and isn't quick enough to check down. I think we saw that today. I can't remember many times he truly went to his secondary WR's. But it isn't all his fault, and you have to believe that will improve as he gets more confidence.

And of course, our WR's get healthy and more comfortable in the new offense. Because I don't know if you could tell from TV, but there sure looked to be a lot of confusion out there. Players running in and out late from the sideline, some guys moving around before the snap not based on motion but based on just being in the wrong place.

But stuff like that will get ironed out. We have a game under our belts now, and everyone will get comfortable going forward.

We'll have more thoughts tomorrow.

kaddy said...

Biggest disappointment was the crowd - the number of empty seats was embarrassing.

E said...

Special teams! From where we were sitting, a big chunk of this loss falls squarely on our poor special teams. With a coaching transition, I was so looking forward to a regular, old kickoff strategy that involved kicking the ball as far as you can, and then have our guys run down and tackle the guy who tries to return it. Or, even better, kick it so far that the other guy doesn't have a chance to return it. Why is this so complicated? But, there it was, late in the game ... the dreaded Doba pooch kick. Right after we score a TD to take back some momentum, and we gave OSU a short field for the game sealing touchdown.

Our first priority this offseason should be to recruit a top shelf kicker. Also, does anybody know if there is a coach on the staff who has experience kicking, or coaching kickers? Even a graduate assistant? Maybe we should get a kicking coach too ...

I also thought the D played lights out, given the field position they were put in all day. And, I was disappointed to see the lack of polish on Offense, even though it is game 1. But, if we can continue to run the ball like we did in the second half, we might pull off a few upsets this year.


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