Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Andy Roof Out at WSU

So much for the 2-deep, and maybe so much for Bernard Wolfgramm's redshirt. Breaking via Vince this afternoon, Andy Roof has been expelled from WSU. Here's the quote from Wulff:

"I was very disappointed when I heard the decision. Since I arrived on campus
Andy has been a great leader for this program, on the field, in the locker room,
in the classroom, and done everything we've asked, that we ask of all
student-athletes. From where he was a year ago he has changed his life around
180 degrees and as a coaching staff we have seen the positive impact he made on
this program."
Dang. Too bad for the kid, as it sounds like he was back on the right path. And too bad for the d-tackles, who suddenly lost 300 lbs of anger inside. Might not have any choice now but to let Wolfgramm play, because the tackles are thin, thin, thin.


Anonymous said...

what a bunch of horse shit. Expeled now? why? He is no saint but just when he is doing the right thing the school takes a dump on him? horse shit.

Anonymous said...

Expelled now or not, it sucks for Andy. He needs structure and support, two things he was not receving under doba but has done a huge turnaround for CPW. Sure he mixed it up with some drunks and was out too late but overall he has done what was asked of him so there must be more to it. Why not wait until the charges are filed or not? What if we get word that Whitman County drops the charges? Is that now punishing Roof for a crime he truly didnt even commit?

Selahcoug said...

My bet is the Student board is made up of frat buddies of the guys Roof mixed it up with. Not waiting for charges to be filed seems a little fishy to me. What puts this board above the law?

Anonymous said...

What about an appeals process? So he's just out because a student board says so? Wulff said he and prez Floyd were behind Roof after hearing his story. So a student conduct board can make decisions like this vs. what the president believes? All without charges filed? This is a weird deal, and maybe we haven't heard the last of it.

Anonymous said...

Well as a regular reader I'll get my 2 bits worth in. While it was not the best choice and we've all made those. Andy needs to accept the consequences, it also appears that the student conduct board carries some weight. I'm sure we will need to wait to see if there is some appeals process and let that take its course. You all need to remember that it is likely that this board can be overturned but what really matters is what the Whitman County prosecuter thinks bucause they may put it to a trial and that would be much worse. Right now its one game and they probably don't want to try to manouver until the prosecuter has their say. Wulff made comments that did not pass any judgement or put him and andy at odds whith what may come down the road. I'll bet he will not make any major statement until the prosecuter makes their ruling.


Michelle said...

Ok, as a current student I would like to offer you all my 2 cents:
1. All WSU students are subject to the 3 strikes rule. If you mess up (drugs, alcohol, cheating, etc.) 3 times through your whole WSU career, you face the student conduct board, the same board that decide Roof's fate today.
2. Andy unfortunately had three strikes previous to this year's incidences, and ultimately the conduct board decided they would give him another chance to turn his life around and get things going again.
3. Incident of the broken jaw and Andy's self defense. This is all kind of cloudy to everyone as far as details, but fighting of any kind is a strike (99% sure). I think he can appeal, but my guess is they won't let him play during that process. If it was self defense, I don't know if that still counts as a strike...
4. Conduct board says basically Andy has 4 strikes against him now and maybe WSU isn't the right place for him to get his life back on track. I think that makes a lot of sense and I think that's where most people are missing the point. This guy may have been working on getting his life on track but WSU was the wrong platform for him to do so. Pullman is an alcoholic's nightmare.
5. I have had friends get kicked out of school for three strikes, with appeals. All for underage drinking. I think the school had to make this decision to show that athletes aren't getting away with things because they are athletes.
6. Really...just based on people's comments on all the boards, I wonder if most are concerned with this guy's life and future or mostly how bad it sucks for our defense or our APR for next year.
7. Lastly, the Conduct board isn't made up of "I hate football player" frat guys. They are model students and usually student leaders, yes maybe some of the greek community. My best friend was on the conduct board for Ropati Pitoatua when he had some troubles and they let him stay at school.


Bad, sad news. But I think we just have to go with it and focus on this weekend's game.

kaddy said...

Waiting until the Tuesday before the first game is unbelievable - not so much because of the game, but he's already enrolled in school, has signed a lease on an apartment, and settled in. Who's going to pay to break his lease? I think the student conduct board should pass the hat.

Sedihawk said...

Good stuff, all. Cougdad, couldn't agree more on the accepting of consequences. The kid has had his chances. But it sure sounds as though he is done at WSU. Wulff even said they are working to find him a new home. Michelle, money as usual. But I can honestly say we give a rip about Roof as much as we care about what happens on the field. The saddest part of all is we all lose in this. Roof loses a support system, a system in which it at least sounds like he's doing well under Wulff. Wulff loses a key cog in the middle who, while not a starter, was certainly going to get a lot of playing time. The trickle-down from this just hurts an already-thin team. So we all lose.

And Kaddy, yeah, you are 100% right. The timing is simply awful. He's got a legit gripe there. Hopefully he can get out of it via circumstances out of his control?

millcreekcoug said...

Kaddy what were they supposed to do?

Classes just started on Monday, and they were not going to do this over the summer.

And everyone just quit with the f'ing conspiracy theories, Roof put a kid in the hospital with his little tirade. No way you will ever convince me that beating a kid to the point where has to be hospitalized and miss the last few weeks of the semester is "self defense."

joakland77 said...

millcreekcoug...the kid with the fractured cheek only got hit once. andy is a three hundred pound kid who squats 650, and benches 320...it only takes one punch to do that kind of damage sometimes. and the kid with the fractured face punched the girl who came with andy...i think we would all be a little angry about that.

sven said...

Good Job! :)