Wednesday, July 02, 2008

You Win Sonic-Haters

That whole Sonics vs. the city of Seattle ruling about to come out? Never mind. There is a settlement. Greg Nickels will have a press conference at 5 PM in Seattle, and at the same time, Clay Bennett will hold his presser in OKC (and may that be the last time we ever type that name here again. Bennett is fine, but not Clay).

Our own Ian Furness has confirmed for the last hour that a settlement has been reached. One NBA western conference exec told him that it's "big cash" and that there is also no iron-clad promise of a replacement franchise, but, there might be a wink-wink situation here to return a team in a year or two. More than likely the Sonics owner left the team name, colors, history and a fat check so he can set up shop at home and the OKC love-fest can begin. Ugh.

58 days until we play Oklahoma State!


millcreekcoug said...


I have never in my life been more ashamed to be a lifelong resident of the state of Washington.

Hooty McBoob said...

Come on, dude. Where are your priorities? I'm all for keeping teams here but there has to be a limit to the amount of bullying a city/state takes at the hands of pro sports team owners.

It's a damn shame and David Stern should be taking way more heat for this than he has - as should Howard Schultz. The moment that sale was made, you had to see the writing on the wall.

Boycott Starbucks.

millcreekcoug said...

We aren't the first city to tell a league to f off and we won't be the last.

Ultimately we are going to spend the money to get a new arena and bring a team back anyways.

Sedihawk said...

It's a failure on a lot of levels. But I blame Doba.

Seriously, it's Howard Schultz who created this mess. He should have done more than place a few calls to see who locally would buy the team back in '06. He had to know how this would ultimately end up. Gee, an Oklahoma billionaire is committed to keeping a team in Seattle. He even signed a letter saying so. Really? Did you see Clay-Clay smiling tonight with that fat, disgusting head of his? Did you see his first statement tonight? "We made it." That's a man possessed to keeping the team in Seattle? Just pathetic.

Just goes to show you, you can lie, cheat and steal, even in federal court, and if you have enough money, you will get away with it. It's a sad day for the little guy. Sad day for fans. But it's also reality. The top 10% of the country that have 90% of the wealth didn't get there by being nice guys, did they?

longball said...

As much as it sucks to get a team stolen by a bunch of douchebags from the dustbowl, having the NBA leave is a good thing for Seattle. the NBA is a racket and all sentiment for the Sonics aside, we should have told them where to shove it a long time ago. So now they can go extort money from the public coffers in Okie City. good riddence.

As fans the only vote we get is our $$ and I think anyone giving a dime to the NBA is just a monumental sucker at this point. They dont even pretend to care about regular fans, so lets not play into their scam by crying over the loss of their extortion racket in our fair state.

Hooty McBoob said...

Well put, Longball.

Chris Winkler said...

Call Gary Bettman and offer him $45 million and the #12 market in the country to put an NHL team in hockey friendly retro-fit KeyArena.

Screw the NBA I have lived in Washington my whole life and in 37 years been to about 4 Sonics games. And not once did any one of them produce any memorable moments other than mid-season blowouts with one team going thru the motions for 3 quarters and then emptying the bench.

I am a huge sports fan who watches SportsCenter every night and I cannot tell you the last time I watched more than 10 minutes of an NBA game. The NBA product is terrible and will not be missed for a second.

Sedihawk said...

I am not surprised about the anti-NBA sentiment. This isn't an NBA blog and a lot of you have been clear all along that you really don't care. But I do disagree that the NBA is terrible. It's terrible in Seattle because these guys destroyed on purpose in order to kill passion and then move it.

Personally I will miss it. Mainly because of if any of you have lived in the Seattle area during the winter months, you know how dark and dreary it can be. At least in January - March I had the Sonics to call my team, but oh well.

But I can't disagree that the NBA has so many issues right now and they have fallen to third-fiddle in almost every big-league city. NFL and MLB rules, and the NBA is barely ahead of only the NHL at this point. Stern knows it and is driven to try and get the NBA into one-horse towns where they have no competition. So they got their way. It makes no sense to ditch all the history and a vibrant city in a down economy for the dust bowl, but the NBA is a mess for a reason.

The concern to Seattle is what the hell to do with the Key. There are now 70 nights a year that they no longer have games in the winter months with the T-Birds having moved and now the Sonics. I don't have any idea if the Ballmer group will get a team, but it sure doesn't sound very promising at this point.

Onward and upward. It sucks to have the Sonics taken away, but life will go on. This has happened for decades, and it will continue to happen. Life didn't end in San Diego, Cincinnati, Kansas City. And LA is somehow, some way getting through life without the NFL!

58 days 'til kickoff!

EverettCoug said...

Well said everyone. I am happy this saga is over and we will never need to think about that big jerk-off Clay again. The nba was this stupid they can go and stew in their own filth from the mess they made. Clay raves about the oklahoma market well let's see how fans feel after they lose another 60 games and KD starts talking openly of free agency. They will fall flat on their smug face. KD is out of there before he is even there. Nike will steer KD to a relevant market not let him rot in nowheresville. But who cares. closure is needed and time to focus on what we have not lament what we no longer have. it is unhealthy to pine for things lost instead of appreciating what you still have. Cougar football will always be #1 in this fan's heart and then the Seahawks, Mariners, Cougar hoops. There is enough to love and appreciate what is still here and not going anywhere. Let the rain fall in Everett today as the cleansing has already begun in my life. I suggest all of you do the same and move on. GO COUGS!