Thursday, June 19, 2008

There is Some Good News

While we wait for the Seattle Times to bring the heat, we did get some good news last night. Cougfan broke the story that Idaho prep linebacker Darren Markle has cast his lot with Paul Wulff and company, committing to the Cougars. Here's some highlights of Markle:

  • Rated as the 29th ranked player in the Northwest top-100, ranked as #57 in the West top 150. Also ranks as the #32 middle linebacker prospect in the nation. Had over 100 tackles as a Junior MLB last season. Currently a 3-star talent ranking from Scout. I wonder how long until Chris Fetters of Dawgman fame drops him to a 2-star after this news? Just kidding....sort of.
  • Excellent size for a high-school senior-to-be, 6-1, 230. Not lightning fast with a 4.59 40-time, but still, not bad for a projected future middle linebacker. Strength? Off-The-Charts Ridiculous. From the profile:
    Won the 2007 US High School Powerlifting Championships today and broke the National Total Record in the 242-pound weight class that has stood for nine years. He claims a current bench press of 365 pounds and squat lift of 550 pounds.
    US High School Powerlifting champion?? Benches 365 and squats 550?? WOW.
  • had a good write-up of Markle, based on a Scouts, inc. evaluation. If you are too lazy to click the link, check out the content here:

    Markle is good-looking middle linebacker prospect with the great size and physicality sought-after at the position. He possesses prototypical middle linebacker size at the position and should add continue to add another 10 of good bulk to his already impressive thickly-built frame to handle the punishment of playing the middle at the next level. More of a short-range backer showing good initial quickness and burst when filling his middle run gaps. Plays with good pad level and a wide, solid base at the point of attack. Difficult to turn out of the gap when he attacks downhill with square shoulder pads. Shows great strength and power from his hips and upper-body knocking blockers upright while stacking and shedding the cutoff block. Solid tackler flashing good explosion driving through ball carriers. Lacks the hips to mirror quicker skill plays in space but can close quickly on the football with an adequate-to-good burst. However, range is limited outside the tackle box and he flashes plays where he looks a bit stiff in the hips when redirecting and pursuing laterally. Can stack the run but needs to work on slipping under the cutoff and not opening up his whole body for engagement; will be harder to consistently shed bigger offensive linemen at the next level. Shows he can close and blanket his underneath zone but his depth on his drops is inconsistent. Good blitzer with his size and deceptive acceleration in the short area, but he tends to guess gaps at times and diagnosing skills will need some polish. Overall, Markle is a tough, middle run plugger who is valuable to a team at the next level struggling to stop two-back, power running schemes. Could be limited to situational run and short-yardage duties versus wide open spread teams.
Finally, your obligatory Youtube video of Markle.

Pretty impressive. You can see his strength and at times, he appears unblockable. I was also impressed by some of his "closing speed" on a few of those plays. He's not a burner, but you can see that he not only has a nose for the ball, but he has good football speed if you know what I mean?

And now, some powerlifting highlights.

That, my friends, is MAN strength. Welcome to the family Darren! Excellent "get" coach Wulff. Markle and Meinken are a great start to a class that will be so vital to the future.


kaddy said...

Is that the music from Braveheart? Made me want to put the pads on...very nice!

He does look like he has decent game speed, which is all I care about at this point -

Still waiting for the haymaker from the Times - whatever it is, it can't be anywhere near as bad as the purple pups.

TiltingRight said...

I wonder if the commitment will help land this guy.

Not even July yet, and the recruiting is looking good.

Sedihawk said...

It is exciting to see what kind of class these guys can build. Compare this year to last year, the staff basically playing the two-minute drill in building a class out of nothing in 6 weeks!

Kaddy, you can see the "game" speed can't you? He might not be a track star but the highlight clip is impressive in just how much he's around the ball. The kid can hit like a truck too. Some of those were serious de-clearers.

Tilt, good find on that kid from Ohio. Nice that he mentioned Markle in his article back in April.

Like Kaddy said on Vince's blog earlier today, it's exciting to see how dialed in the coaches are and aggressively selling WSU. We needed this energy didn't we?

CougarJen said...

Hi guys, I found this on another blog today and thought it was funny about the Sonics trial:

Anyone think that judge Marsha might zone out every now and then during the PBC's dog-n-pony show? She is a human being after all. She can't be "on" the whole time, can she? Here's a glance at her mind today:

"did I leave the AC on?.....GOD I'm starving, hurry up already....Keller is good but now he's showing off.....what an ego....cute....but a show-off.....I bet he's got one of those now, don't go there right now....wait until the bath tonight....then go crazy......Let's see, 1 hour of cardio on monday-wednesday-friday, plus some light weights.....easy on the weights though, I don't want to look like a body builder.....Tuesday-Thursday just an easy walk, maybe some squats, lunges, that sort of thing....Oh and stretching...Definitely stretching.....I better start drinking more water....but if I drank as much as the doctor said I would be in the can 15 times a day....I'm a federal judge pal....I hate doctors....think they're so cool and better than everyone.....Should I refi now or see if the rates come down?...That lady on CNN sure sounded like the rates were leveling off....I think golden retrievers are beautiful dogs...but I'm more a chocolate lab gal....Yeah, definitely chocolate lab....if I had a chocolate lab I'd name her mocha.....but I am happy with my cats.....and where would the dog play, my yard is way too small!.....Come on Marsha, FOCUS......oh, not Keller again.....ah, screw it, I will let him go on....let them introduce whatever they want.....that will help stop their appeal.....this case was over when that windbag admitted they knew what they were getting into with the's been entertaining though....the weather better improve by the end of next week.....As soon as I give my judgment I am so out of this town.....salmon off the grill tonight, should I do bread or just rice for my carb....screw it, I'll have salad with fresh cucumbers....hmm, maybe I'll have a glass of that chardonnay in the back of the fridge.....wait, isn't it from easter?.....does chardonnay go bad?...I can't it safe to have tomatoes now?.....that was a weird story.....where's the coughing guy?.....I feel like yelling at someone.....these fans are crazy....did they really think a rally would matter?.....not to me it doesn't.....Look at Clay over there.....should I tell him now that he lost? would be so great to just pound the gavel right now and say case dismissed, seattle wins, now get out of my court?.....Nah, I'll let him sweat it out for another week....I think I'll glare at him for a moment and see what he does......ha-ha, I'm the judge, you aren't.....jerk.....boy he's rich though.....he married up big-time.....I can't wait to see his face when he realizes he has to stay here two more years!"

Stiffmeister said...

I am to lazy to click the link so thanks. This guy is a manchild. Bring on the crushing hits and make those fuskies piddle themselves like...well dogs.
Jen I was reading on Sonicscentral today that Keller went over to the cities table before the trial and was bitching about how one of the lawyers had upset him. WAAH Bring on the Schultz trial. Bye bye Clay Clay,

Sedihawk said...

Jen, I love the dot-dot-dot what's inside Marsha's mind! The reality is it's probably very close to the truth. How can anyone be 100% on during all that? Especially someone who doesn't give a flying you-know-what about the Sonics or sports in general? Think about it - how would you do if you had to sit there all day, every day, and listen to lawyer's argue about something you had absolutely zero interest in? Would YOU be all-in? I guess I'm honest in saying my mind would be pretty much everywhere else. But that's also why I'm not a federal judge! But anyway, good stuff jen.

And stiffy, I heard something about that but I didn't hear many details. That's cool. Maybe some desperation. Still everything I read or hear says this thing is still a toss-up and you can't get too high or too low during all this. It is entertainment, but at the end of the deal it boils down to specific performance. Either the judge makes them adhere to the lease or she awards a financial remedy, and that's it. But man, you and me both - BRING ON the Schultz case.

At the same time, even the Schultz case is going to be a long-shot. Not only will they have to prove fraud, but, the remedy of unwinding the sale and putting the team into a trust for sale to local ownership seems like a real difficult thing to pull off. Then again, Schultz and Yarmuth wouldn't be sticking it out this far if they didn't have legs to stand on. Maybe in the end, that trial has the NBA's attention to where a deal will be struck? Moreso than this lease deal anyway. There is far more for them to lose in the Schultz lawsuit vs. the lease.

Anonymous said...

Looks to have good speed. Not many linebackers run in the 4.5's in highschool and be that big. NFL guys are the only backers that get freakishly fast and what did Lofa run? 4.65?

People have unrealistic expectations if they think HS backers get much faster than that.