Monday, June 23, 2008

Oregon Loves to Show Off

I remember hearing about some of this stuff a few years ago, how Oregon had someone to do "comics" of their recruiting targets, looking for every advantage possible. Well, has gotten ahold of the Jonathan Stewart recruiting tool. Here's a snippet:

Back in 2005, Oregon coaches enlisted students to design custom comic books for the Ducks' top 20 recruiting targets. Each comic portrayed the recruit as a hero who leads the Ducks to a national title. Oregon sent each prospect one page per week during the recruiting period. Here is the entire comic made for running back Jonathan Stewart, one of the nation's top recruits at the time.

It's uh, well, kind of strange. Give it a look here.

Here, they tout their locker room. High-speed internet, personal cooling system, satellite TV's, DVD, x-box, the whole works.

Here you see, of course, Stewart scores the winning TD. I love the Phil Knight "yay!" from his luxury box. Look at what my money can buy! And you can see his handlers are telling him to cheer.
I just can't understand how it is these young men come to college with a, shall we say, an inflated sense of self? Imagine being in high school and having someone not only recruiting you as hard as they can, but actually handing you a full-blown comic about what a freakin' GOD you will be at their school? Amazing. Now you can see what we were up against, and this is just one small thing from Oregon. It's still interesting to think that we were in the final two for Stewart. How could we compete with glitz like this? Then again, we've said it before, but if kids are only going somewhere for the uniforms or plasma's in the locker room, then they aren't a fit at WSU. Still, would be nice to get a sugar-daddy. What could have been, Paul Allen.


Anonymous said...

I am sick of bickering about the Ducks. Rather than bitch about them why don't we try to get creative?

Oregon's comics were initially approved by NCAA compliance and were a stroke of genious.

Hooty McBoob said...

Couldn't agree with you more, anony - I think it's an incredible idea. Creativity is key and they nailed it.

Sedihawk said...

Fair enough. But this kind of thing was eventually outlawed. Oregon isn't alone though, with text messaging and Nick Saban's video conferencing. Every program is looking for an edge. But I don't think any other school other than Oregon went to the extent of making comic books about potential players. I guess the point of it wasn't to bicker with the Ducks, but to show how strange some of the recruiting practices were.

Anonymous said...

As an Oregon fan, I have great respect for WSU. My girlfriend of 4 years is a Coug and I have been exposed to lots of WSU culture. I seriously would have gone there if I could have afforded the out of state tuition.

Anyhoo, we need to remember who the real enemy is here. Washington Huskies. The arrogance, the assumed wins, the sense of entitlement, the bragging of PAST success, and put downs of all the other northwest schools.

While I still hope to whip the Cougs every chance we play them, I really hope we continue to support WSU in becoming the best in the Pac 10, and taking down UW.

Go Cougs!

Anonymous said...

Yup...gotta hate the Fuskies. No matter what happens between Duck and Coug fans, there will always be the Puppies.

Hard to blame Oregon for playing up the glitz...smoke 'em if you got 'em, y'know?

Anonymous said...

my only issue with this post is that you talk of players getting to school with an "inflated sense of self", and you're using Jonathan Stewart as an example? That is about as far from the truth as you could possibly get.

Sedihawk said...

I would never, ever say anything bad about Stewart. A class act on and off the field. I did NOT use Stewart as an example of a player getting an inflated sense of self. I was only saying that it's easy to see how some kids get that way when they are handed these kinds of things while still in high school. Seriously, a senior in high school gets something like this? It would be tough to keep your feet on the ground, no matter who you are. But no, this never was a jab at Stewart. The fact that it's Stewart in comic-book form is merely a coincidence. It was the only one I saw online.

mox said...

sedi, please never write about oregon again. You know what happens when you do. I cannot stand it. While it is interesting and curious, you should remove the story altogether. And quit whining ore-gunt. I am in portland and I saw first-hand that you guys have the thinnest skins of any fans I have ever seen. There is a reason you are disliked in the pac. You are like the jerkoffs at the gym who scream during his sets purely for the attention and spends half the time staring at his own reflection. Nobody is impressed.

Anonymous said...

the point is, either start competing with it, or get used to being at the bottom of the pac-10 on a yearly basis.

oregon's not the problem, youre the problem. what would you say about your school if you had nike and were doing something like this? if you have it, use it.

longball said...

Ha, i love the Duck fans getting all sensative about people pointing out how stupid their entire program's schtick is.

The truth is, anonymous (if thats your real name), If the Cougs were doing the same stuff I would actually be VERY critical. I actually dont WANT to do things the way Oregon does. I think the uniforms are ugly, the comic books and Times Square billboards and other pub are in bad taste and the results on the field are far less than I would expect if my team had so many resources. That is exactly what I would say about WSU if they did things the same way. But you are right, we should compete with it, just as long as we dont immitate it. at all.