Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cougs Aren't Alone in Scholie Losses

Afternoon update - We're now out EIGHT scholarships. 22 for next year's signing class, 77 total. That makes us the worst in the BCS. Good thing we have so much outstanding depth, isn't it?? Looks like Idaho took stupid pills too, as they are also out eight scholies. WONDERFUL.

We lamented last week's asleep-at-the-wheel deal with old Dobes and that pesky school and grades and such. Sir Brinkhater went over it at length, so give it a read if you want. But guess what? We aren't the only Pac-10 school faced with scholarship losses after all. It appears Arizona is also looking at some losses, and both Oregon and Oregon State appeared to be below the line in terms of an APR score of 925. Overall, USA Today ran a story in January that speculated 28 football teams and 70 basketball programs would be hit with scholarship losses.

Misery loves company I guess. Academics are going to be a new focus, not just with our lads but everywhere. The more programs lose scholarships, the more emphasis is going to be put on the classroom. If we didn't know before, we certainly know it's high on the list now!

More bad news. They are pushing for felony charges on Andy Roof. Not good. I know someone put some comments a few days ago that said there is another side to the story and Roof was basically provoked/attacked, and it was mainly self-defense. Still, felony charges are scary. Let's just hope for the best outcome here, whatever that might be.

Finally, some good news out of the NFL mini-camps. While only a small blurb, it was encouraging to hear that our own Michael Bumpus made a favorable impression with the Seahawks. Per Keith Gilbertson (yes, that Keith Gilbertson):

Of Bumpus, Gilbertson said: "You can tell he was very well-coached collegiately. He did a nice job, and we threw a lot of stuff at him."

Nice! We thought he was a good signing when it was announced after the draft, and while still a real long-shot as an UDFA, stranger things have happened. Go BUMP!

Enjoy your Tuesday!


millcreekcoug said...

Showing up to a party uninvited and starting a fight with said partiers because they would not let you in is not "getting provoked."

And its been reported that "sober" Roof was actually wasted during the altercation in question, so I guess he relapsed and we should feel sorry for him?

Sedihawk said...

Hey Millcreek, it's cool (I'm in Mill Creek too btw). :)

I/we aren't saying Roof was innocent or provoked. We don't know much beyond what is in the news. Someone under "anonymous" claimed he was provoked, including his girlfriend getting punched in the face. Hard to give something like that any credibility, I know, but it will all shake out once charges are filed. And when we say hope for the best outcome, well, that means if he's guilty for a felony, he should pay the price. That's the best outcome. Nobody feels sorry for Roof if he did what he did!

kaddy said...

I thought you were in Bothell? Don't be a Mill Creek pretender...

Sedihawk said...

We used to be in Bothell, but now we're in a weird area. Our new home appraisal claimed us in Mill Creek. But then the post office claims our zip code in Bothell. Yet two blocks away the neighborhood is considered unincorporated Everett! We're in the black hole of black holes, but whatever. We're in the Everett school district, I know that, and my kids would end up at Jackson High School which is Mill Creek.

Blah blah blah.

millcreekcoug said...

JHS alum here, go Wolfpack!

Sounds to me like you live east of 35th?

And I hear what you are saying about it being unsubstantiated, but given his history and I am less inclined to believe it.

Good thing I am not on the jury!

Michelle said...

On a different note, just an FYI I saw Eric Frampton yesterday at the rec center, I think he may be finishing up his degree??

Also former WSU wide receiver J. Hill (and current 49er) just had a baby last week! Likely being the only girl on here, I figured I would tell you all :)

Hooty McBoob said...

Don't be hatin' on Bothell, Kaddy.

millcreekcoug said...

No one hates Brothell, its the home of the Ranch Drive In!

kaddy said...

I made that comment with Hooty in mind, too. Boy, it's nice to be from the perfect town, am I right, Atlanta?

Sedihawk said...

Millcreek, you have it pegged. We're east of 35th.

Michelle, great to hear that about Jason Hill! Also heard that he's made a good impression on Mike Martz in San Fran during mini-camp. He could thrive in that offense.

Meanwhile, it wasn't 6 scholies we lost...Make it EIGHT scholarships lost! Worst in the BCS. Damn you Doba.


Anonymous said...

New WSU head coach Paul Wulff registered an average of 940 with the Eastern Washington football team over the past four years.

“During his interview process Paul Wulff was aware of our situation and assured us academic accountability would be a priority under his direction,” Sterk said in the statement.

Hooty McBoob said...

Hells yeah, MC. The Ranch - and Hillcrest Bakery.

Speaking of Mill Creek...I am so old that I remember when it became a city. I attended the grand opening of the shopping center there (where Albertson's is). Ernst Hardware (another sign of how long ago this was) gave away free goldfish. Good times.

wsuhoops said...

Just a clarification: WSU is the only school in the conference to lose scholarships. SportsLink does a really good job of explaining how a program loses scholarships.

Basically, if a guy leaves the school who would have been ineligible or wasn't making adequate progress toward a degree, you can't replace him with another guy. We lost eight such guys, so we essentially lose the ability to replace them. It's a little more complicated than that, but not much.


millcreekcoug said...

Hooty it sounds like you have a few years on me, but I remember going to that Ernst as a kid and they gave out free popcorn.

Greatest thing ever while waiting for your parents to buy gardening stuff.