Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brinkhater Diaries: What a MAN

Brinkhater Diaries: Vol 1 (3)
"What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man" -Salt-n-Pepa

Ya, That’s what I’m talking about:

If you’re a Cougar fan, it kind of makes you wanna cry. It was just a few months ago that the Big Apple was just this wee little babe who made Pac-10 defenses cringe, Pac-10 coaches happy, and totally irrelevant and inane bloggers famous (cough! cough!).

But now, he’s a fricking man. And despite my name, I’m now a FAN. I mean, a BIG FAN.

So, I spent nearly two hours trying to find some dirt on our #10 and found one little tidbit: “If he plays well, he’ll make the practice team” (source: Houston Chronicle). Don’t know about you all, but after seeing the Big Apple in the pro jersey, I think I’d take the practice gig for a season or two, wouldn’t you?
“Nice Jacket, Nice Pahhhhhnts…”

Speaking of surfer dudes, my shout out for the week goes to Richie Sexson. In addition to not being able to hit anything that looks like a baseball, my man showed last week that he also can’t come close to landing a blow on a non-moving human target. What he did accomplish, however, was win the 2008 Frank Madu Award for falling meekly onto a human sofa at the first site of contact. In my view, Sexson should have been suspended 8 games just for being such a meek little pussy. Congrats, Richie, you're now only one season away from erasing Mario Mendoza from the annals of lameness. .200 is quickly becoming the Sexson line.

And while we’re talking about pussies, I’d like to give a second big shout out to my Brinkhater Nation homies who live in the mighty Sooner State (that's code for basically all of OK if you didn't know).

As you all know, I am the MASTER at counting ALL OF MY CHICKENS before they are hatched. And this week, my boys in OKC did just that. Any of you catch this photo?

BARONS? Say what? You mean, they're naming their team after Baron Davis?????

I don’t know if any of you had the privilege of taking a history course at WSU from the great Leroy Ashby. But if you did, you probably saw something that looked a little like this:

You know, with the 2008-09 tilt all but in Seattle’s can, and with an arena deal and potentially a Shulz injuction in tow, I might be sniffing my fingers a bit more in Sooner land instead of dreaming of Kevin Durant. Meanwhile, I hope you'll join me in thinking about how MY SEATTLE Sonics are going to use the #1 pick after they win the Lotto this Sunday.

So, Eat that John Clayton Bennett!

Finally, I know that there are many of you out there who are a-political. But, following Hillos blow-out win over Barack this Tuesday and then Edwards’ endorsement today, those democrats sure seem like they’re in a rut.

Now, granted, I’m not a doctor (not yet, that is), but might I offer this country a bit of leadership regarding a possible third candidate to lead the way out of this Hillo-Barack mess?

I mean, don't the DEMS need someone who is popular with women, whites, and ethnic groups alike.?

I sure think so...

So, please afford me the opportunity of offering you the person who should represent the Democratic Party as their nominee for President of the United States...

And so I bring you...

None other than...

BORAT OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bobby Champagne said...

Dude have you ever stopped in the middle of writing an article for this site and asked yourself the following:

Is what I am writing coherent?
Is what I am writing informative?
Is what I am writing remotely funny?

Brinkhater is to Blogging what George W Bush is to Oil Refining.

Not surprising that he is a GOP hack and a member of the 18% "the country is headed in the right direction" crowd.

I beg of the rest of you guys to kick him off this site. So many of us come here for badly needed information and analysis pertaining to our beloved Cougs. Brinkhaters juvinelle and rambling posts are a chore to sift through.

Sedihawk said...

Bobby Champagne? Relax. Is what he's writing coherent, informative and funny? I think so. Did you know how Brink was doing in Houston? I hadn't heard anything. What a great/weird pic to see him in a Texans jersey. And that Durant pic, running in their hometown paper, makes me SICK!

Good job BH. KEEP IT UP.

TiltingRight said...

Borat, huh?

"Veddy Niiiiice..."

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...

Bobby C:

Thanks for your comments and questions.

While I appreciate the spirit in which your comments were directed, in the future, please know that I really would prefer that:

A) You not make disparaging remarks about our president in any forum, and within:

B) Please do not EVER mess with Texas again on this blog.

As for kicking me off this site, please be advised that me and the other Blogfathers have been trying to do just that for a long time.

Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful of ridding myself from myself.

I'll let you know, though, if I ever am successful in that venture.

Thank you for the continued warm thoughts.

LeftyLefterson said...

Borat is a fraud and a moron. Just like dubya. Obama-Edwards '08!

'03CouveCoug said...

Oh gawd, I come to this place to get AWAY from politics...groan...

medinabooster said...

I come to rip WSU. And for the hot chicks. Any new Tebow with supermodels or hooters gals?

atlantacoug said...

What say you about Abercrombie heading back to New Zealand? he did not play so I am not sure what we are missing. I guess this could have been breakout year or he left cause he knew it would not be? Are you hearing anything?

Sedihawk said...

Nice to see you again ATL. I thought you abandoned ship like Kaddy.

We haven't heard anything big in regards to Abercrombie. Vince made it sound like the coaches had lost confidence in him and when he didn't see much action after Harmeling got hurt this year it was a sign that he wasn't doing well. Maybe he just got homesick or wasn't as good as advertised, but it's hard to know since we didn't really see much out of him.

206Coug said...

Minor detail, but "What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man" is from a Salt-N-Pepa song called "Whatta Man" (not a Beyonce song). Thanks for keeping me updated on the football news. I'm not in Pullman this summer, so I rely a lot on media (instead of talking to guys on the team) for updates.

Go Cougs!

Sedihawk said...

The 206 is right BH. Salt-n-Pepa did What a man. "You so crazy....I wanna have your baby!" :)

Thanks 206, we'll stay on top of things.