Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Brinkhater Diaries: Eight is Enough

Brinkhater Diaries: Vol 1 (2)

Way to go Big Dobes! As if the projected loss of six schollies wasn’t enough, you had to up the ante to eight! Tremendous. Absolutely tremendous.

You know, in a few years, when we all look back on the veritable reign of terror that Doba and company exacted on our football program, it will ALMOST be funny. Think about it, when Doba finished his first year, we had one of the best academic reputations in the conference. At the end of the same year, we also had just finished in the TOP 10 in the country THREE STINKING YEARS IN A ROW! Think about it Cougar Nation. I mean, I don't know about you all, but I still have wet drool on me face from our Sweet Sixteen run in Hoops. So, if and when you all choose to re-live that Cou-gorgasm in the coming months, sit back and really let it sink in that we were a TOP TEN team three years in a row in major college football! I mean, what an accomplishment for any program, let alone ours! And to be able to tear that whole apparatus down in four short years? Is there any wonder why only two staffers were retained? Talk about a team effort… sheesh.

Speaking of Team, I’ve been somewhat bemused lately after hearing seemingly countless expert predictions on CRAP-10 basketball next year with nary a mention of our Killer Kitties:

Hello? Last time I checked, returning a veteran, moxy laden point guard and a 6ft 10 Behemoth isn’t exactly a recipe for failure. And if anyone out there has any doubt about the potential impact of Baynes next year needs to consider this:

Nation: remember that my man Big Country took his oafy-ass frame and took OSU straight to the Final Four back in the day.

Now, grant you, I’m not sayin’ that Baynes is going to take us to the promised land, but even my man Dwayne Schintzius led the Gators to the Dance in his hay day. So, if Baynes could just add the mullet to the red beard, we may have a legit shot at the Elite Eight next year…

Don’t know how many of you drive around town thinking about Kyle Weaver, but I sure do. How good would that guy look in a Lakers uniform doing his best Ron Harper impression in the triangle offense? Can you say “ball pressure?” I sure could until I noticed that the Lakers don’t have a first round pick. I look for Houston to pick him up instead if Hibbert is already taken since Adelman could use a defender that could distribute, slash, and defend. He'd be perfect there, but Weaver could make me an L.A. Faker fan in a hurry.

Have any of you been paying attention to my man CP3? Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that it was possible to mate John Stockton with Magic Johnson, but I guess that’s why we have a man called God. When you watch the game on Thursday, pay attention to how Paul routinely gets to whatever spot he wants to on the floor. That is the reason why the Hornets will win the series in 5. Its also the reason why recruiting a super fast point guard is priority #1 now for T-Bone and company. UCLA is a ball-pressure team and when you have a PG that can get to his spots, that whole scheme breaks down. Granted, we’ll never get a CP3, but if we could land a true penetrator that could break down ball pressure, we’ll win the conference.

Finally, the Big Apple starts mini-camp this week. I can't wait for the headlines. Go get em #17 (please take that number, B.A., please!), we're rooting for you here at the cougar blog!! Too bad you couldn't take that brillo-pad-3.98-head of yours, B.A., and tutor your fricking teammates while at WSU.

Maybe then we would've lost only seven...

Until next time...


Sedihawk said...

Best/worst mullet ever. Did you find that at

I won't go Final Four on you, but I don't know if Baynes and Big Country are good comps. Didn't Big Country have really soft hands, while Baynes is a bull in a china shop? It's not impossible but I don't know. I love Baynes but Big Country was a pretty skilled 7-footer. That said, I do think the cupboard isn't nearly as bare as some will paint it. The X-factor will be Harmeling. If he's healthy and starting, he could be just huge for us next year. But I do worry about scoring more than anything. You know we'll play our pack defense, but beyond Taylor and Baynes, where does the offense come from? There are people that say we'll be just fine with some of our bench talent, but it's hard to know because we just haven't seen it yet in action. It's going to be fun to watch, that's for sure!

Finally, Doba. His quotes from the Times were disappointing. I don't know how he can stand there and say it's not that big of a deal. Oh yeah, it isn't that big of a deal to HIM because he's just trying to get the hell out of dodge! So disappointing.

I think it's obvious now what Wulff has meant in regards to being surprised at how much has to change. This has been one of the worst off-seasons we've had. Roof going MONGO on a mob of drunk fratters, Hicks with a pair of charges, Roxas with a dui/mip, now the scholarship issues. At least we have Wulff and company to turn this thing around. I guess it can only get better from here, because it can't get any lower....can it?

medinabooster said...

Peace kitties.

CP3 is the only reason to watch the league. He is out of his mind right now. Fun to watch.

So when does lack of institutional control start showing up with Washington State in the same sentence? Keep getting in trouble, keep having players flunk out and the scholarships could be the tip of the iceberg. Where is my Seattle times investigation on how corrupt you are?

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...

Honestly, I can't remember much about Big Country's game in part because of how much he flopped in the NBA. What I do remember, however, is that he had a MUCH better finesse game than brother Baynes.

However, Baynes really went toe-to-toe with the POY in college basketball last year. And, if makes the same type of improvement that he made over the summer last year he could really be a force--especially if we can shoot from the outside. What Baynes needs over the summer is the following:

1) Keep your feet on defense
2) Don't drop the ball down when catching it in the low post.
3) Pass quickly out of the double team.

When you think about it, those things are really not hard things to develop. His turnaround game was really starting to develop in the tourney and he has NBA power around the basket.

With regard to Doba quotes, again, "good riddance." The guy, though seemingly sweet and charming, was a buck stops over there fellow. In the end, when you import kids away from home, you have to take care of them. The fact that we didn't is really telling about how guys were not doing their jobs.

Moroever, while I've heard some comparisons about Doba being our version of Keith Gilbertson, I'd like to remind the Cougar Nation taht the Husky ship was already sinking when Gilby took over: Newy was 6-6 the year before.

Doba took the Titanic, manufactured an ice berg, and then sank the damn thing. And the fact that he couldn't just admit that he blew it--especially when he's no longer a coaching candidate anyhwere else--is just lame.

How many days til Oklahoma State?

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...


I share your concern, but it ain't as if we're stocking the boathouse in Montlake with artillery like the robo-Puppies did when they cheated their way to the National Title.

But without question, had the plug not been pulled, we'd be sitting at 1-11 at the end of this year with a nice, fat 3 year probey sentence coming down the pike. And Dobes would have undoubtedly blamed it on the internet.

How utterly dissapointing.

Woody said...

I too am disappointed in Dobes saying it is not that big of deal. I guess that statement is a reflection on what his view of academics was. I guess I would have liked to see a little contrition...

Medina Booster,
I love your moral equivalences:

1. Bad Academics - by a few
2. Alcohol Related offenses (fights, a DUI and MIP)
3. An Assault charge on a roommate
(BTW: All serious and should be dealt with accordingly)

is the same as:

1. An attempted Murder Charge during a drug deal or steal.
2. Repeated spousal abuse and battery.
3. Bad academics - by a few
4. Alcohol offenses (including MIP, DUI, fights, Driving into a Nursing Home et al)
5. Attempted rape
6. Multiple Recruiting blemishes - or Gray areas as they liked to spin it
7. Oh Yeah and that little NCAA Gambling Infraction.

If the Infractions themselves are not a clear difference. They way they are being handled is.

Have you noticed that we replaced the Coach that much of this happened under. My understanding is that the Admin knew that some of this s**t was coming down the pipe. They did something about it.

No one is looking the other way here, not the school, the cops, the courts, it has gotten plenty of press. It is not the entire system looking the other way because the kids can play.


longball said...

Well this ALMOST makes me want to tune in to an NBA game...

I cant believe Dobes is being such a schumck about all this. His legacy is officially in the toilet.

medinabooster said...

Granted my 2000 rose bowl CHAMPION Huskies smeared the great name. That is right, 11-1 and number-3 that year, what do you got? Do not give me a holiday bowl win, BFDeal. We eat holiday bowl wins for breakfast over here.

Ok I will not debate what they did was wrong. But look in the mirror kids. You cats are screwing up big time. When you cannot control the kids in the classroom or off the field you are going to show up on the NC2A's list of fish to fry. And once those ass clowns decide they are going to launch an investigation they will not rest until they get the dirt they need. They will not rest until they get the dirt they want. You are not dumb enough to think every program doesn't have dirty laundry do you? You better believe your AD Stork is nervous right now. Who can he trust? Who knows things that they better be quiet about or debriefed? The black vans and helicopters will be on their way. Lack of control is an ugly charge and it will take at least a decade for you to dig out. You think 8 scholarhips are bad? Imagine if you had to deal with double that penalty for a few seasons and oh, no bowls either. No bowls was crippling. Funny we still beat up on you though?????

PEACE kitties. I stress peace. But I also warn you that the big NCAA boot is going to go deep in your posteriors soon.

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...

Scawey stuff there, Mr. Medina...Very, very foreboding...

But, I do love that you are living in the past recalling the days where you could justly claim supremacy over us...Too bad that day is no more..We've owned you...

In any case, are there problems in Cougarville? You bet. Were there potentially harmful acts of negligence during the Doba Debacle? You bet. Are those being corrected with haste? You bet. Will there be probey? Nope.

In the meantime, you have a nice window from which to get after us on the gridiron (next two years) and hardwood (next year, MAYBE). Use it while you can, because over the next three years, we will have firmly entered the golden age of Cougar Sports. Wulf and T-Bone are gonna win and win BIG.

Sedihawk said...

So NICE to see Medina Booster has awoken from his nap to chime in on our tough stretch! Wake up just in time to have the nanny change the diaper??

Funny how you were nowhere to be seen after we took you guys down in hoops (and if you are scoring at home - and we know you aren't - but in football and hoops, WSU has now won TEN OF ELEVEN vs. UW).

I guess with your extensive experiences in dishonesty, cover-ups and cheating, you can give us great advice on how to handle probation....oh, wait, we're NOT on probation. Never mind. Now, please, go lay down.

Sedihawk said...

One more piece of history for "medina". UW was placed on probation while Don James was still the coach. Don James wasn't going to resign, and was set to coach the team, until Babs told him that she was taking the bowl ban and scholarship reductions deal from the NCAA and Pac-10. He was outraged, and told her that if she took that deal, he would quit immediately. That night she took the deal. the next day Don James quit.

The point? The NCAA and Pac-10 were going to sanction UW with Don James as the leader. They wanted the current UW regime to pay. If the NCAA snoops around WSU (if they haven't already done so), WSU will simply point to the fact that they knew there was a problem, and aside from two assistants, they have cleaned house with the football program. They will make the argument that these transgressions were all on the prior staff, they will point to things before Doba was head coach, and the NCAA will take that into consideration. WSU has already taken steps to right the ship. Wulff has a great track record as a D-1 head coach at EWU, where is teams were scoring in the 940-960 range for APR.

The reality is they have had kids screw up, like you point out, in the class-room and off the field. We can't deny it. But this isn't anything that the NCAA will sanction. The coaches haven't done anything wrong. It's just that the prior staff made mistakes in looking the other way. Those coaches paid the price by losing their jobs, and the school is going to pay the price with the 8 scholie losses. The NCAA won't do anything here.

It's a real pandora's box too. If the NCAA starts penalizing schools for players getting out of line here and there, then the entire system will collapse. Because almost every major NCAA program has some kids show up on the police blotter on an annual basis. Even UW had some incidents last year under squeaky-clean Ty, including one defensive back who beat up a guy for talking to his girlfriend. Never let facts get in the way of a story, right?


medinabooster said...

The cats are in heat today. Take it easy. Jesus christ I only come here because I find your banter stimulating. Have you looked at the UW blogs? Boring. We could use bloggers like you on the UW side.

And hawk for a couglet you sure know a lot about the dawgs. Are you sure you are who you say Sean Hawkins? Thanks to that link in your comment I read some stories you wrote on AOL sports. For a kitty you sure sound like a dawg. I think y'all might have a traitor in you midst.

The tables will turn in a big switch next year. You guys know it. I am calling a clean sweep next year in football and hoops and we are right back on top. And I will be back here gloating after each win.

longball said...

Awwww, poor lil puppies. These are hard times for Medina and his hapless mutts so lets take it easy on the guy. I mean, of course there is no comparison here, and he knows it, but the chance to FINALLY have SOMETHING to talk smack about amidst all this complete and utter domination his wee widdle puppies are suffering at the hands of us Cougs right now has to be irresistable. Medina, i know that when you sleep at night your head is filled with glorious dreams of Husky domination restored by off-field shenanigans, since you are so hopelessly outclassed ON the field, but those are just dreams. Sorry buddy. There isnt going to be any pandoras box of lack of institutional control, more sancitons and such. Well at lest you still have crew... oh wait, we actually beat you in that too this year! Oops, sorry, guess it just sucks to be a puppie right now!

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...


I really don't think that its about Sedihawk being a closet Husky fan as much as it is that you are beyond a Closet Cougar fan.

So, with that in mind, please know that you are welcome here any time my friend...After all, every blog needs and deserves to have a solid switch-hitter in the line-up.

Just like every blog deserves to have a STL_Glenn.

Where are you buddy?

Sedihawk said...

Never feed the trolls, but I will here. Medina, it is what it is. I'm not a fan of UW. I went to WSU and that is where my heart is, obviously. I was paid for the written word by AOL, so that's why I wrote about them last year. It's the same reason I wrote about Oregon State and Oregon. Being a rich, powerful booster in Medina you would understand if it's all about the money, right?

Brinkhater is right though, you are welcome to come back. Just don't expect any love from us when you act like a complete moron. You Internet tough-guys sure are cool! :)

longball said...

I'll go out on a limb here and say that I dont think Medina is a "troll", per say. He does ome here to flame, but at least he's on topic. Now the quakers on the other hand... those morons are pure unadulterated trolls.

longball said...

I am just realuzing i said quakers and i clearly meant quackers. I sincerely hope the gentleman on my oatmeal box was not offended.