Thursday, May 22, 2008

Brinkhater Diaries: The Big Dummy

Brinkhater Diaries: Vol 1 (4)

"With the fourth pick in the 2008 NBA draft the Oklahoma, er, Seattle, Sonics, pick....."

Well, now that the Supes fell out of the top 2 in Tuesday's draft Lotto, the quest now turns to seeing who they are going to pick up. Granted, we don't know who is going to be available when the Sonics are on the clock, but in my book, there is only one choice. THE BIG DUMMY:

Of course, I am not referring to THAT Big Dummy, Lamont (BUT HOW GREAT WOULD it be to have Grady sitting next to Kevin Calabro on all broadcasts?) But I AM referring to Lord King Marble Marble Mouth, B. Lopez.

While currently has him slated for Minneyhana, I think he would be a perfect fit for the Supes. And, although some aren't that high on him (Jerry Brewer likened him to Captain Cayman of the Clipps), I think he is a real star in the making: Shot blocking, nice touch around the basket, clutch, and he's a guy who will be able to match up with any big in the West. He could be a real game changer even a T. Duncan type. With Lopez in tow, the Sonics frontcourt looks lean and mean for the years to come!

Sticking with the NBA, a big shout out to CP3 for once again showing the world that I am an idiot (see former issue of the Diaries where I picked the Hornets to beat the Spurs in five). But in addition to Chris Paul, were any of you surprised when Lebron was sent on his summer-long fishing trip on Lake Eerie on Sunday? I wasn't.

As the above pick shows you somewhat decently, King James has a MAJOR flaw in his jump shot: that right elbow has a tendency to flare way the hell out there on WAY too many occasions. What is amazing is how he can be so stinking awesome with such crappy/erratic shooting mechanics. IF King James can ever get his elbow in consistently, then he will become the Tiger Woods of basketball: LeBron would average nearly 40 a game and would be absolutely unstoppable. I mean, the game seems easy for him now, but imagine what things would be like if he got his shot in order. Scawey stuff.

Finally, my big shout out of the week goes to Vince "Get A" Grippi from the Spokesman. Don't know if you all caught the "hot press" this past week, but reported earlier in the week that our hot basketball recruit Casto now has a qualifying ACT score!

Now, in fairness to Grippy, any student athlete needs more than a passing SAT or ACT to become eligible. And as Grippy reported, we will not know whether or not Casto completed all of the coursework he needs to play next year at WSU until after school gets out.

However, given the fact that Casto has been homeless, has had an incredibly difficult family life, has attended multiple high schools in the last year, and has recently dedicated his time toward studying for that test, could it have been possible for Grippy to more positively report on that accomplishment as a center piece instead of giving us a Caveat Casserole? Or, was it much more important for him to take the "not so fast my friends/grumpy-ole-poopy-pants" approach and gloss over Casto's significant accomplishment of moving from being homeless to being on the brink of attending a four-year university? Way to go, Grippy! Might I suggest that you change your visage on the Spokesman site to something that looks more like this, you old Grump:

And so, Cougar Nation, I doth bequeeth Vince Grippy, this week's "WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!!..........."


Michelle said...

I think the underlying message is that should never be trusted. EVER. What a joke that site is. I think that's what Vince was really trying to convey.

Fire Vice Grippi said...

DOWN GOES DRIPPI! With the frumpy mid-50's gut hanging over his belt and "hey ladies!" comb-over, to his mug shot from 1978.

By the way, what is up with the SR writers? Cutie Jessica Brown has to be lumped in with those faces? Yikes. At least the ugly stick took whacks out of Grippi and John Blanchette and skipped right over Jessica. Jessica Brown for WSU sports coverage!

Ah, Grippi. He's the grumpy generation that thought gosh darn it, ol' Bill did his best coaching up the youngsters. And WSU will never fire Doba, and I'll even write a story about how much it will cost to fire them! (and he was WAY, way off there). Grippi must be cranky from fighting off the sunburn from that trip to the Magic Kingdom.

CougarJen said...

"fire vince grippi"? classy. Everyone go easy on vince. he is a decent guy but was admittedly loyal to a fault over his own generation (dobes). he was blind to what was really happening in the palouse. You want to fire someone, fire bill bavasi. and cougfan does not stink. they are very accurate on what they report. the problem is the premium stuff just is not worth it. my BF has an account but as someone who reads the premium stories I can tell you it is a waste of money.

Michelle said...

Cougfan very accurate on what they report?? They broke the news that we had hired an assistant for football that is nowhere to be found down here. and I'm still mad that they reported that we would have a "midnight madness" for basketball and I told a lot of people about it only for Tony to say he never said we would have one. They rip people off with their so-called accurate news. this site, Nuss', or the sportslink site are free and give a lot more than cougfan does

wsuhoops said...

You'll notice I didn't go nuts reporting the "news" on Casto. (Read: I didn't even mention it at all.)

Again, you always have to consider the source -- in this case, an 18-year-old who likes to open his mouth A LOT. It's wise for any journalist worth his salt to wait until things are actually shored up. I think that's what Grippi was doing, and as a journalist, that's his job.

Cougfan? Their job is to report on rampant speculation, rumor and hearsay, for the most part. I'm not saying that's always bad -- after all, that's the nature of recruiting -- but it's something to always remember when reading that site.



longball said...

I was really dissapointed when they had Grippi take over the Coug coverage when what's-his-face left. I think in sports writing you should have a true blue homer covering the scene, who shares at least SOME of the passion of the fans who read them. On day one Grippi pretty much admitted he didnt know the Coug beat too well and hadnt followed them too closely. nice choice Spokesman! I mean a sportswriter in Eastern WA who doesnt follow the Cougs that much? Anyway, he has done nothing to change my mind. This blog, Nuss and Cougfan are more than enough to make Grippi unnecessary.

longball said...

whats-his-face = Kassas

Hooty McBoob said...

Speaking of Antonio McDyess...(Would you guys believe that I actually watched some of the Celtics/Pistons game tonight?) You know there's nothing good on TV when I watch the NBA...

Anyway, is Antonio McDyess the long lost brother of Otis Nixon? I'm sure he's got a good 10-11 inches on Otis (my man!) but otherwise, he's got that same drug store, wooden Indian face. Uncanny.

Sedihawk said...

Grippi took a liking to Doba as did most journalists, for the simple reason that Doba is a class act and a pleasure to deal with. And oh yeah, while we lob grenades from a safe distance, he has to face the coaches and players on a regular basis, so, neutral is a borderline requirement for him if he ever hoped to get decent quotes. Especially when you think how Doba feared/hated the internet and probably still blames it for why he was fired! "Now you kids get off my lawn!" :) You can almost picture Grippi telling Doba off the record that "the internet's 'n such are out to get you!"

For the very reasons we've lamented on Doba around here are the same reasons he has been well-liked by all media, including Seattle/KJR media. Nice guy, class act, won't ever win, but still, nice guy.

Anyway, whatever. Grippi's gig is to report on what is going on. He's AP wire material all the way. That is all I ever expect out of him. We are night-and-day different in that we try to inform, but ALSO ENTERTAIN. I think bottom line, we want our bloggers to be somewhat impartial, but like Longball says, we want some fan element to it too. It's more fun that way! I don't know about the other blogs, but we don't take ourselves too seriously here. And that is why Vince's blog will never be more than a place to stay up on current events, but that's pretty much it.

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...

Personally, I think we should all pay a tad bit more respect to the good folks at Cougfan.

I mean, we're talking about guys who make JUST enough off their blog to buy a half rack of brew every other week (and yes, that means that they actually WORK for a living outside of that site).

Meanwhile, they must spend ALL OF THEIR TIME calling high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors to try to figure out if Jeff Smith of Foss is a soft lean to WSU or Colorado State?: "Hi Jeff, this is Cougfan, any chance that you've changed your mind today to a medium soft lean? By the way, did you see that you're now a 2.5 star? Got any video of your last game you wanna share? Text me while you can, okay? You're my favorite!"


So, instead of feeling like you're getting ripped off with the premium stuff Michele and Jen, think about it more as premium philanthropy. And you thought us Blogfathers needed to buy a life and clue?


Captain Obvious said...

Captian Obvious Headlines of the day:
Sources: Water is Wet
USA Lands on Moon
Dog Bites Man
Grippi Defends Doba, Still Sucks as Blogger.

Cpt. Obvious

Anonymous said...

Its pretty embarrassing that a University that hosts the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication produced a rambling infantile like brinkhater

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...

But I'm not surprised that a graduate of the University of Washington would think that 'infantile' is a noun.

E said...

I've been subscribed to the SportsLink feed for a while, but recently got annoyed enough with the news on girls high school track in North Idaho (and other items like that) to write a little filter in Yahoo Pipes. If you want a Cougs only feed, use this:


E said...

Oops, looks like the url is too long, try this link.

Cougs on SportsLink

Sedihawk said...

GREAT JOB E! Your work is now our feed. Only two WSU stories, but that's perfect. It will be great when the season approaches and the frequency of WSU news goes up. I tried a few things in the past but never could get it to work with SR, so, thank you!

E said...

No problem. I figured other folks on this board might find it useful.