Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Howard's End Game More Than We Thought?

So Howard Schultz's lawsuit news a little over a week ago was met with the usual rhetoric of this is just a PR stunt. I even spoke to a family member who knows Schultz personally over the weekend, and he said among many things that if he ever does file it, it's only a publicity stunt to try to win back a region that has, for lack of better words, HATES HIS GUTS for "selling out".

Well, breaking news tonight has Schultz filing the lawsuit. And guess what? It's got some real teeth. Not just little candy-corn sized baby teeth either. We're talking "WOW" teeth. Think John Elway.

Somehow, Schultz and his lawyer, Richard "I'm going to DESTROY YOU" Yarmuth, has unearthed some pretty damaging e-mails. One floated thus far has an exchange from Clay to his boys, saying two days BEFORE the sale was announced, that they could simply buy the team and then do a "sweet flip" all the way to OKC when the arena fails! Whoops. Um, yeah, you see, that's not EXACTLY good faith. Schultz has already given some information for the suit under oath that this thing was a fraudulent deal from day one, and the interesting part of all is that Schultz isn't even claiming that he wants back in to NBA ownership! In reality, Schultz and his legal team are asking that the Bennett group simply be removed as owners, and they get their money back. Then, the team is turned over to an independent party, which would then seek out LOCAL ownership in Seattle (Ballmer...Steve Ballmer).

But hey, what the heck do I know? Don't take my word for it. Check out what a legal analyst at ESPN.com had to say about it in a very quick, yet informative, read that will outline exactly why Schultz could have Bennett on the run in a major way. Maybe the best part of the ESPN piece has that they at least believe that this is very, very serious for Bennett and the words "historic" were mentioned. And that most of all, you haven't seen Schultz giving a press conference/talk show tour on this thing. In fact Schultz and his attorney refused to comment for ESPN. If it's a PR move, you make the rounds. If it isn't, you keep your mouth shut and let the suit do the talking.

Just keep piling it on. Back this scumbag and the NBA into a corner and see what they offer. This is knee-buckling stuff here. The NBA and Bennett in particular are going to have absolutely no choice but to offer the ultimate sweetheart deal to make this go away. They cannot allow Bennett and his morons to testify under oath.

I think it was Conan the Barbarian who said it best:

Mongol General: Hao! Dai ye! We won again! This is good, but what is best in life?
Mongol: The open steppe, fleet horse, falcons at your wrist, and the wind in your hair.
Mongol General: Wrong! Conan! What is best in life?
Conan: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.
Mongol General: That is good! That is good.

CRUSH these guys!


Anonymous said...
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Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...


A potential great day for our beloved Sonics gets marred by Adolf Hitler trolling our blog.

Hey Adolf: Last I heard there was a nice band of anti-semetic Nazi's living in the mountains of Argentina. If you aren't there with them, go there. IF you are there, stay there. And stay the hell off this blog.

At this point, I say "don't settle." Make Stern give Clayton an OKC expansion franchise..Take these boys to the mat. IF the NBA doesn't like the fact that a city would fight tooth and nail to keep the NBA in their city then F-them.

It is nothing short of shocking to see how Munson pumped this whole thing up. This is now FASCINATING. Absolutely fascinating...

Sedihawk said...

And "anonymous", your comment died about 5 minutes ago. We usually welcome all comers but not with crap like that.

We shall see how this goes. It's still probably unlikely that they can unroll this thing, BUT, Schultz and his attorney seem to think they have enough of a case to make them pretty nervous. Bennett's team will regroup and fire back, downplay it, claim they acted in good faith. I guess it's sort of like Roger Clemens, where you've told yourself you haven't done anything wrong and you are so dug in you actually convince yourself you are "above it all".

Remember Jerry, it's not a lie...if YOU believe it!

kaddy said...

I was hoping for a Conan The Destroy quote, personally.

atlantacoug said...

For Kaddy:
CTD (Conan the Destroyer)

I suppose nothing hurts you.

Conan: Only pain.

Let's hope all these lawsuits bring Bennett and co some pain.

Sedihawk said...

"Now they will know why they fear the dark."

We'll get back to some Coug stuff tomorrow. Look for some pre-draft hoopla and how great a day it will be to be a Coug!.....ok, maybe not.

Anyway, I found this on SonicsCentral.com. It sounds like the legal types are all saying that if Howard does indeed get a preliminary injunction, Bennett and the boys are in big trouble.

I’m a lawyer and my quick take on Howard’s suit is similar to Lester Munson’s on ESPN.com. Fraud, lack of good faith, etc. are difficult to prove, but Schultz is off to a very good start. The latest email from two days before the sale when read in conjunction with the other emails, McClendon’s statements, etc. form a very compelling case that Clay had no intention of staying in Seattle from the very beginning. Accordingly, there was no “meeting of the minds” on that term of the deal.

The question then becomes whether a desire to remain in Seattle was a material term of the contract between Schultz and Clay. And, again, Schultz is putting a good case together. The news regarding Ellison could be very important on this point. If Schultz passed up on more money from Ellison because he thought (however foolishly) that Clay would be more committed to Seattle, that is good evidence of the materiality of that term of the deal.

As Munson said, it is almost certain that there will be a motion to dismiss and a motion for a preliminary injunction filed relatively soon. If Howard survives the dismissal motion (which he should) and gets the preliminary injunction, he has Clay by the balls.

kaddy said...

No way in hell you pulled that Destroyer quote out of your ass, Atlanta...I guess I'm forgetting that you're a techie, so you should have all the Star Trek stuff, but Conan?

isnt this a WSU blog? said...

To quote Daniel Caffey: "Oh Good, I didn't think we were going to be able to use the 'Liar, Liar, pants on fire defense'"

Do you think Jeff Smulyun can sue and get the Mariners back because Howard Lincoln is a moron who ran nintendo into the ground and cant find a way to win in a 4 team division where only one team spends money.

CCN Coug said...

Hey "isn't this" remember Caffey won with that defense. The best thing is this might shake the 28 spinless, self interested owners who voted for relocation if ClayClay has to reapply next year. According to sonicscentral the length of time it took to get that vote indicates that Cuban and Allen had some concerns raised this year

Blaylock said...

How bout this? I will give you $100 everytime the Sonics(this franchise) play in Seattle...for the rest of your life. You give me $50 every time they play in Oklahoma City???

Its over people. Go Sounders!

Anonymous said...


I'll take that $100 in 20's please. First round is on you.

See you opening night next fall!


Slade Gorton
Richard Yarmuth

Gorton > Yarmuth > Blaylock