Sunday, April 27, 2008


With the 16th pick of the 7th round of the NFL Draft, the Houston Texans select......

Nice goin' kid. Regardless of all the poison over the years, you did it. So you aren't perfect, but who is? Who knows, maybe an NFL QB coach can improve those mechanics, and suddenly you can hit that 15-yard out with enough velocity.

Thanks again for the 10,000+ yards and three Apple Cup victories. We are all proud of you at WSU Football Blog (well, almost all of us are!) and now go make the club. Hey, even if it's just the practice squad or whatever, at least you could collect an NFL paycheck. The dream can continue.

For WSU purposes, that's now 14 straight years we've had a player drafted. What an NFL FACTORY! :)


kaddy said...

Good luck to Alex. Say what you want about his career, but he's a good kid and he's a Coug. All the best to him.

bill said...

rumor has it that bumpus got signed to the seahawks right after the draft

Sedihawk said...

Good call Bill, Bump did sign.

Interesting they also inked Russo from UW. Two of the leading receivers from the Washington schools go undrafted, only to sign with the Hawks. Cool.

Disappointed for Husain and also Jedzilla. I thought they both could be worth the while as a late round pick, but it wasn't to be. They'll go the UDFA route. Not impossible and it happens every year, but it is certainly an uphill climb.

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...

See, see, see..

Exactly what I told you all, that the Big Apple would get drafted and Jedzilla and Abdullah would not...

But let me qualify Hawks post from above, if there is someone who is NOT happy for the Big Apple on this blog, it is Rooster or Hooty. I am absolutely thrilled for the guy.

So, go get em Alex. You continue to exceed all expectations while being totally underwhelming in others.

Rest assured--and this might be the kiss of death--that I will be your biggest fan as you move forward.

Might I suggest dawning #17. My man David Krieg has needed a protege for about 20 years.

Godd job, Big Apple. Good job!