Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brinkhater Diaries: Million Dollar Baby

Brinkhater Diaries, Vol 1 (1)

So, how about T-Bone ringing in the second quarter of 2008 with 1 million per? Its hard to know what's more amazing, T-Bone giving up 2.5 times that amount to stay in Pullman or WSU actually ponying up the seven figure donut to keep him? Think about it, its not just 1 million per, its 1 million per for SEVEN YEARS. In Brinkhater math, that's 7 stinking million dollars! Say what you want, but in my book Jimmy Sterk has not only done one helluva job, he just may have earned himself a spot in the WSU Hall of Fame...

Speaking of Sterk, its hard to ignore news this week about Coach Paul losing a couple handful of scholarships this past week. Nice job, Dobes. Yes, I know that Grandpa was loved by many--including yours truly--but as I wrote here on this very blog last season, the ONE thing we could hang our hat on during our sans bowling escapades with Dobes was that our kids were (seemingly) getting an education...

But with the news about the lost schollies, we became even worse than the Bandits that we've bashed here over the years. You know, the thing about Bandit outfits is that they really make no bones about what they are doing. They bring in the 4 or 5 star talent with marginal academics, promise them special treatment and perks (including a free "education" as well as room and board) and give them free football training for two + years in front of 30,000 co-eds auditioning for Girls Gone Wild VXIV. For those who can't make it to the pros after the Jesus Shuttleworth procession, too bad so sad. But at least everyone knows what the proverbial Barack was cookin' in those outfits: Go pro or go home.

But with us, it was supposed to be a different deal. We're walking into homes, promising a chance at the pros, ensuring recruits that if they're good enough, they'll make it. But, what we're really doing in these homes is selling WSU as a place where kids can play with or against great players while they go to a school in an environment where they can get a degree and graduate.

Obviously, the scenario we all hope for is to be great and have a great classroom record like we did at the end of the Price era. But, if you're not going to win football games, then graduate your stinkin' players, coaches!. I mean, Dobes, we loved you, but in spite of your professed caring for "your kids", you failed them.

And you failed them BIG TIME.

And yes, I know it was a tough job, but you got paid some 800k per year to make sure those 70 something kids could do something with their lives when they were done not praticing on weekends during the spring. After all, caring is more than "academic compliance," Dobes, and you should have known better. And because of that, you should have DONE better for them....Bring on Coach Paul!

Speaking of Coach Paul, word down here is that he and his boys are simply tearing up Northern California. In addition to James Montgomery, you may all recongnize Onterrio Smith, Donte Stallworth, and our own Aaron Garcia as some of the familiar names that came out of Sacto to achieve CRAP-10 fame. As you all know, Coach Paul is from Davis--about 10 miles west of Sacto--and his story and origin has given him MAJOR street (farm) cred down here. From the mouths of Sac State coaches, to regional college football boosters and head hunters, word is overwhelming that we have a MAJOR "IN" downhere right now. Next to USC, we have staked our claim as #2b with CAL for winning this region. Stay tuned, but you gotta LOVE the tenacity of Coach Paul and this staff.

Finally, after seeing that the Big Apple got drafted (way to go Alex!!), I immediately went to scour the Houston Chronicle for press and reader reaction. Among the quotes found in relation to Alex (there were hardly any comments regarding B.A. and no positives to report) was "W-T-F?!", "Total Losers--All of Them", "Sixth string material and we only have 4 other QBs on the roster" and my favorite from some Yahoo (I think he is my cousin, Cleetis) from Houston:

Alex Brink was a star athelete in four sports in high school. My bet is that they'll switch him to defensive back since he has a great mind for the game, great durability, and great speed.

I mean, I know that Alex is durable and that he has a great football mind, but the Big Apple as a Defensive Back?

"So you're telling me, that I have a chance....


Sedihawk said...

Excellent stuff BH. Glad to see your weekly column is off to a nice start.

The Sacto stuff with Wulff is really encouraging. Wulff has such a great rep everywhere, and this staff is full of energy. I think getting Montgomery is a lot bigger than many realize, just in terms of making a splash. I don't think there are many reasons to doubt the recruiting ability of Wulff and his guys. If they can get decent talent to EWU, it sure as hell can happen in Pullman.

The best thing is it's not just down there, it's up here too in WA. There is news of offers seemingly every day, in fact I believe the latest report had over 30 offers out RIGHT NOW. Contrast to the prior staff and it's no contest. I respected Doba's philosophy about not offering too early and letting kids play in their senior year, but man, when every other school is out there busting their butts in April, shouldn't you be doing it too? They just really missed the boat there.

It is going to be fun to see this thing grow with Wulff and the stadium renovation and everything else going on. It's such a new era in so many ways. Too bad it's with 6 less scholies. We will feel that at some point. Not that this staff will use that as an excuse.

TB getting 1m LARGE in Pullman is just sweet as can be. That's big paper no matter your area code, but in Pullman it's seriously large. And I love the part about him getting raises for the assistants. Those guys are in their doing the extra-dirty work and they deserve to be taken care of. It also sounds like they are serious about upgrading the scoreboard too, such as getting a center-hanging scoreboard. I read that they were studying the ceiling to make sure it could support a center-hanging structure. They looked into it about 10 or so years ago and found it couldn't support it, but, they were supposedly a lot heavier back in the day. GOOD TIMES.

Sedihawk said...

Oh, and Brink as a DB with great speed in the NFL? (queue laugh Cleetus the slack-jawed yokel is right.

AtlantaCoug said...

Regarding the TB Story..Seattle Times says his buyout did not go much higher than $500,000, which is what it was before. I am not sure that is wise. I mean, if Big school USA wants Tony, and Tony wanted to leave, the school would pay $1 Million for Tony. At Least WSU would make some cash off it. Maybe it is a sign of 'good faith' to Tony because Tony chose to stay, I still say we could have said, Here is $200,000 more for you and we are raising your buyout.

Regardign Wulff...i think one upside to have Zero depth and staring at a God Awful 2009-10 Season is that Coach can go into these homes and say, "Wanna play right away?" that should help recruiting.

kaddy said...

Wulff took over a sinking ship, no doubt about it. He is going to need at least 3-4 years to get things right...I hope the Cougar faithful understand that.

I do LOVE how aggressive he and his staff are with recruiting. Go after the big time player hard, and if he doesn't show interest, move on, but at least you gave it a shot.

The latest stadium pics look awesome, by the way. Too bad Moley "forgot" to renew his ticket -

HellBets Team said...
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Anonymous said...

You seem to dismiss Oregon. When it comes from Nor cal recruiting it is Cal 1A and Oregon 1B. If you took just a few minutes to peruse Oregon's roster you would see that it is VERY well populated by NorCal kids.

I highly doubt that Coach Wulf will have any success recruiting this area head to head vs those schools.

Now he may be able to unearth some under the radar guys, kudos for that.