Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Big Week for Wulff

So while we divert our attention away from Tony Bennett for the moment (and if you noticed, the story still isn't 100% dead, as Howie Stalwick wrote today), lo and behold the FOOTBALL team is on the 3rd week of practice already?? How did that happen? I have no idea. Maybe because coverage has been so sparse, what with the Bennett's run into Sweet-16-ness coinciding with 2/3rds of spring ball?

Whatever the reason, it's a new week and spring ball is in the home stretch. While spring has been "OK", according to some, Wulff weighs in today in the Spokesman about how important this week really is. For a quick recap, here's where we are with one week left:

  1. The defense is ahead of the offense. BIG-time. Proof is in the pudding, and the defense allowed only 2 TD's in 90 minutes of action last week. Both were rushing TD's, and the D racked up 4 sacks and a couple of picks.

  2. The QB's have been OK, but there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of separation at this point. There weren't any TD passes in the last scrimmage, and the yards and completions were pretty low across the board. (here's a full recap of the scrimmage) Rogers is still the #1, and most likely things will stay that way once spring wraps up. But there are rumors that another young QB has done pretty well, and might really make a case for the job this fall (think RS-frosh young). None other than Marshall L has looked pretty good. Who knows, maybe we'll have the first QB controversy in the Wulff era before the first game?

  3. This team is thin, thin, thin. Wulff has mentioned it all along, from the first couple of weeks after he took the job, to interviews prior to spring ball. That view hasn't changed in any way. Based on some hints Wulff dropped at the Seattle football dinner, we may see new recruits pressed into action immediately this year, and not necessarily by choice. I can't tell you how many times Wulff would talk about a prospect during the video clips, and then drop in "we'd like to redshirt him this year and get him to gain some weight, but..."

  4. Someone on the SR.com blog asked Vince today what he thought about this year's team. In a nutshell, he thought we would be OK. Check it out (*but here's the quote): "Paul Wulff is trying to change the program in his image, which would be a rebuilding job even if 50 good players were returning. His philosophy is just different than Bill Doba's. Whether it's better or not is up for others to decide, but it is different.

    As for next year, the cupboard isn't all that bare with a good offensive line, strong receivers and experienced linebackers returning, along with some possible stars at other positions. But there is no depth, a new quarterback is taking over a new system and 2009? Watch out. That could be tough one as the upperclassmen move on and most of Wulff's guys will be young."

That's about it for now. You can get more from the Cougfan premium stuff, but they are the only ones that are really giving much on the football team at this point. Players are still getting to know the coaches, and still trying to learn new offensive and defensive playbooks in the process. No matter the situation, it can't be easy. The important thing to remember is that no matter how rough the edges are right now, there's still a long way to go until the opener vs. Okie State.

Moving on, some weirdness on the Sonics front. A group is going to announce at 11 AM a potential new arena option in Seattle, possibly down on the pier area across from Qwest Field and Safeco. A very strange press release was issued yesterday that the press conference would be today, the Governor knows about it, even the NBA has been briefed on it and it's been in the works for months. That is all that is known at this time. More to come on that. Otherwise, the Key Arena renovation plan seems to have hit the wall in trying to get the last $75 million needed. With the deadline just 10 days away or else the Ballmer deal evaporates, it really does appear the franchise is yet another step closer to the dust bowl.

M's notch a solid 5-2 win. Bedard struggled with his command and a wicked-tight strike zone, but he kept busting guys inside and never gave in. He battled through 5 innings and kept the damage to just a solo homer in the first inning. Not a great beginning, but still, not bad. And before you get uptight about Bedard? Don't. Just remember the Jeff Weaver/Horacio Ramirez train-wreck of starting pitching last year before you complain why he didn't throw a complete-game shutout! Personally I think opening day is beyond overrated, so it really doesn't matter. The good news is 1 game in, 1 game lead in the AL West over the Angels! Better than the other way around I guess.

Good riddance Lopez twins. You'll be taking your chest-thumping show to the NBA next year. No, we won't miss you. And speaking of the NBA, a quick glance of NBADraft.net and you realize the Pac-10 landscape could be drastically different next year. Lopez (the good one) is already rated as the #3 pick in the draft. But look at the rest - Jerryd Bayless of Arizona #4? OJ Mayo of USC #5? Russell Westbrook of UCLA #10? Kevin Love, also of UCLA, #13? Darren Collison at #14? The other Lopez at #18? Even guys like Taj Gibson of USC are listed as 2nd rounders/underclassmen. Pretty remarkable at how the Pac-10 is going to show this year.

Also does you proud to see both Weaver AND Low listed as draft picks! Weaver as a late first-rounder, Low a mid/late 2nd rounder. Nice job.


MedinaBooster said...

Bennett to Ok State. I will not weep for you Cougs. And if he passes on Ok State? LSU is next. Good riddance.

Sean Sutton, who kept the family name in place at Oklahoma State after succeeding his father as coach, will not return for a third season, a source close to the program told ESPN Radio's Doug Gottlieb.

Sutton will be paid for the remaining three years on his five-year contract, the source said Tuesday.

A former Oklahoma State guard and an assistant on Eddie Sutton's coaching staff, Sean Sutton was unable to get the Cowboys to the NCAA tournament. He was 39-29 with two first-round NIT defeats.

With a succession plan already in place, Sutton first was named interim coach at Oklahoma State in February 2006 after his father took a leave of absence following an arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Eddie Sutton did not coach the Cowboys again but did jump back into the game at San Francisco as the Dons' interim coach. Sutton, who said he would not return to the program, has 804 career victories.

Scott Sutton, the youngest son of Eddie Sutton, is the coach at Oral Roberts.

Sedihawk said...

Medina, nice of you to drop by. Now go crawl back under you rock. Nobody cares.

On the Sonics, this is breaking news:

Privately funded $1 billion Seattle arena proposed

11:07 AM PDT on Tuesday, April 1, 2008


SEATTLE – In the latest effort to save the NBA in Seattle and perhaps bring the NHL to the region, a private group is announcing this morning a plan to build a brand new, retractable-roof arena.

Former Seattle SuperSonic "Downtown" Fred Brown is the principal name behind the effort to build the arena, called the Emerald City Center.

The arena, which is estimated to cost between $1 billion and $1.2 billion, would be privately funded. Three main locations are under consideration – two in the SODO neighborhood where Safeco Field and Qwest Field exist, or at the Seattle Center, possibly as a replacement for KeyArena.

The Emerald City Center would many be for basketball and hockey, but could be used for concerts and other events as well.

This latest offer comes less than a month before the NBA's relocation committee is set to decide whether to allow Sonics majority owner Clay Bennett to move the team to Oklahoma City. The team has come to a lease agreement at the Ford Center there. A judge will hear arguments in June whether to let the Sonics out of the final two years of the team's lease at KeyArena.

An offer is currently on the table by a private group, led by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, for a $300 million renovation of KeyArena in an effort to save the Sonics. Half would be privately funded. The City of Seattle says it would pay for $75 million and is trying to find an additional $75 millon. The deadline on the offer is April 10. Despite that, NBA Commissioner David Stern says even a renovation on KeyArena wouldn't be enough to make it a viable home to an NBA team.

Bennett has said repeatedly that regardless of what happens, he has no intention of selling the team.

Anonymous said...

STOOOOOOPID April Fools on Cougfan! God I hate this day.

Anonymous said...



kaddy said...

As for 2009 in football, in might be a good thing that some of our incoming recruits get pressed into action, so we'll have some experience next year.

Sedihawk said...

This arena thing floated must be a joke. Hmm, ok, no land or site finalized, no team or commitment of a team from the NBA in any way, and oh yeah, it's $1+ billion and no discussion of how much money they have and/or have they raised anything for it? What a joke. All this does is screw up any remaining hope they had for getting the Key stuff finished off.

By the way, a retractable roof in Seattle for the NBA?!? Are you kidding me? Do they not realize the NBA season is typically November - April, May if you are lucky? What a complete waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Tony Bennett has personally called Mykal Thompson (and his son Klay) and let them know, he is not going anywhere. Mykal, as most know, is a talk show co-host on XTRA and one of the voices of the Lakers. Tony put the family at ease as even Mykals co-host were putting some rumor fear in him and Klay regarding Tony leaving.

Parden me if this has been reported earlier as I've been out of the loop for 3 days, however I had not heard anything specific other than the Indiana turn down.

Sedihawk said...

Good stuff "anonymous". You can use your name if you'd like. But thanks nonetheless.

Marquette's coach bailed for Indiana today, Tom Crean. I wonder how fast the "how about Tony Bennett to Marquette?" rumors will make the rounds?? You know, because Marquette is in Wisconsin, Bennett MUST be gone now! :)

longball said...

I just cannot read Vince Grippi. What does he mean by "things are just going to be different".? I mean do some reporting for chrissakes. WHAT is going to be different, VInce? whats the big secret, let us in on it! His reporting drives me absolutely crazy.

longball said...

The Emerald center MUST be april fools. 1 billion$??? Retractable roof? Come on now.