Wednesday, April 02, 2008

ATLCoug & Kaddy's Sweet 16 Adventure

Thanks to the power of these here "internets", our own prolific posters ATLCoug & Kaddy are able to share their experience in lovely Charlotte for the Sweet 16. Joining ATL and Kaddy are "Moley" and "Vanilla Ice". Note the real names are withheld due to future political aspirations. From left: AtlantaCoug, Vanilla Ice, Moley, and Kaddy. Here are their words, as well as some good-fun pics.

We had a great time in Charlotte. Vanilla and Kaddy took a red eye flight that arrived at 8 AM in Charlotte on Thursday. They immediately went to Hotel and took nap till 12 noon. ATLCoug and Moley drove up from Atlanta and arrived at 12 noon and all 4 of us took a train downtown.

Charlotte downtown is pretty cool, and our first task was to find the right bar. After walking a few blocks and asking several people we settled on the 'Fox and Hound' Sports bar. Vanilla kept wanting to take pictures, but we were sober and thought that was lame. Few beers later, we thought it was great a great idea. We saw some Cougs downtown…but not many. 5 hours from game time, and we are just hoping for a good showing.

Next stop we went to the Pre game rally at the ‘Brixx’ restaurant. It was teaming with Cougs. Unfortunately, all Cougs were either early 20’s or upper 40’s and higher and we really did not know anyone from when we were in school. But it was still awesome to see all that Crimson in Tar Heel Country.

We ran into this nice Cougar MILF with her Tar-Heel son. Note that the kid was not a fan of the Cougs or us. He appears to have a problem with drunken idiots flirting with his Mom. Can you blame him?

The Derrick Low family was there in full force. We counted about 15 members of the family in attendance. This photo is of Derrick’s Girlfriend. I forget her name, but she was very nice and this is also as close as we got to meeting any players on our trip. 2 and ½ hours 'til game time….and we think we have a shot at winning.

A picture with a pretty Cougar (pun intended). Mmmmm, Cougar boobies.

Picture with a Tar Heel. Had to get one for the record books.

1 hour 'til game time....and we are telling ANYONE who will listen that the Cougs are shocking the world tonight!

D-Low shaking hands with Psycho-T.

Team huddles up before tip-off.

**Actual Game Happens** I had Tivo’d the game in High Def and called the wife to delete before I got home. Did not want to see it. If you would have told me that we ‘held’ the Tar Heels to 68 points and that Hansbrough would only have 2 points in first half, I would say the Cougs won. What I did not know was that someone left the lid on our basket and we could not make any shots. We all know NC is a great team, but if we just shot 40% in that game it would have been very competitive. I am sure this is how Notre Dame felt after playing us. Nothing was falling. Oh, well. Time to get our drink on.

If anybody made the trip to the Auburn football game in '06, you probably remember how nice the Auburn fans were. Well, the same can be said about the NC Tar Heel fans. Of course it is easy to be gracious when you win by 20.

All in all it was a great trip. Who knows when the Cougs will make the Sweet 16 again. We sold our Saturday tickets for a 300% profit and used our proceeds for several rounds of Irish Car Bombs. Vanilla and Kaddy had to get up at 4 AM Friday morning to catch a flight home so they win the ‘worst itinerary ever’ award for this trip.

Go Cougs!!


medinabooster said...

Sorry to rain on your Bennett is staying parade, but mitch on KJR just had a Marquette writer on and he said flat-out Tony Bennett is at the top of their list. 2 million per year, in his home state, big east school, potential top-15 team next year. Be afraid cougs.

Sedihawk said...

Medina, alright, I've had it. First of all of course he's a candidate at Marquette. And if you believe all that media speculation, he's also a candidate at LSU, Cal, and Oklahoma State. Looking at IU's site over the weekend, their lead writer basically said Tony was taking the job, and that "if IU offered and it's public, he's accepted and he's coming." Pure BS.

In the media's eye, Tony is basically a candidate at any school that has an opening at this point. And why wouldn't he be? Squeaky clean, graduates his players, media savvy, great coaching genes, played and coached all over the world, he's 52-17 in the pac-10 and still young. He fits the image to a T of what AD's dream of for their coaching bench.

But does that mean he'll go? Of course not. It's just pure speculation at this point, and until you get stories that he's talking to these schools, then you simply ignore it. Otherwise WSU fans will go insane chasing down whispers in the dark.

All I know are the facts:

1) Tony did speak with IU but turned them down flat.
2) Vince at says that he's pretty sure Tony isn't going anywhere this year.
3) Yesterday, Klay Thompson's Dad talked to Tony and he re-assured him that he's staying at WSU. In fact, Bennett said he was calling all recruits to tell them to ignore the rumors. It was reported by Mychal Thompson himself on his radio show in LA.

So go ahead and listen to Seattle/UW media trying to run Tony out of here in pure fear of what he is building in Pullman. You never say never, but to pay attention to anything other than the facts is foolish.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sedi. I'm tired of all these stupid rumors too.

Looks like it was a fun trip! Derrick's GF is a good friend of mine. I have to show her this site!!

AtlantaCoug said...

Interesting side of Marquette's key assistants is/was none other than WSU's own Bennie Seltzer! There is talk of him joining Crean in IU or staying behind.

millcreekcoug said...

Hey medina,

I have an ocean front property in Phoenix to sell you!

MedinaBooster said...

LSU, Marq, OK State, CAL, the list just grows-n-grows. as mitchy says, if he stays he is a moron. As sed says, your coach is 52-whatever and will never have higher stock. if you know anything about stocks, you sell at the highest point you project. Bye-bye.

kaddy said...

I'm thinking of a number...7 comes to mind.

Sedihawk said...

Ditto Kaddy, as usual. Your story has become tiresome Medina. Leave.

And, "Anonymous" at 9:04AM, that's cool about Low's GF. And we can remove the picture if she objects. Some people might get creeped out about the whole thing.

Hooty McBoob said...

I see the pics with ATL's Dad - but where's ATL?

atlantaCoug said...


Nice hooty. I was actually thinking the same thing. Of course, getting your picture taken with those 3 perma-teens does not help my cause.

But joke will be on you pretty boys in the next 10 years. You will all get old and I will look the same.

Sedihawk said...

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal stumping for Bennett:

Hooty McBoob said...

Did you notice the name of the reporter who wrote that article? God, I need to grow up...

Sedihawk said...

Don't go changin' Hooty. That's the classic name of names to call Moe's Tavern, isn't it? Amanda Hugandkiss is right there with it.

Anonymous said...

Seriously is that vanilla Ice guy a bodybuilder. He makes Atlanta Coug look like Joey Wormenhoven.

Medina, I put the chances of Bennett leaving about the same as Jon Brockman hitting 2 free throws to win a CBI game against mighty Valpo.

Go Cougs!

Sedihawk said...

Wormenhoven. Ah, memories.

Meanwhile, Andy Katz says STFU about Bennett leaving! From Katz's latest on

Washington State's Tony Bennett has no regrets about not pursuing the Indiana job, which was filled by Tom Crean. He said Wednesday that he had a blast working with Derrick Low on his 3-point shooting for the 3-point contest at the Final Four and with Robbie Cowgill, who will play in the NABC All-Star game this week in San Antonio. Bennett hasn't heard from LSU, hometown of his wife Laurel, but he's not actively pursuing that gig, either, right now. And, despite reports to the contrary, Bennett isn't going after Marquette to replace Crean. Nor, once again, is he pursuing Cal. Even though it's hard for some folks to understand, Bennett is happy in Pullman and his place right now. He knows it's never going to be easy to reach the NCAAs at Washington State on a regular basis.

Also, for what it's worth I heard both Doug Gottlieb and Pat Forde of ESPN on ESPN radio tonight. They talked for 10 minutes about every coaching gig available, from Marquette to LSU, etc, and guess what? Not ONE TIME did the name Bennett even come up! And when it did, it was in regards to Randy Bennett of St. Mary's.

So, Medina, and others, RELAX.

Michelle said...

She doesn't object to the pic, I showed her and she said she remembered everyone from the Pac-10 tournament too. She loved it!

I don't mean to sign anonymous, sometimes I just forget to put my name...

kaddy said...

the boobie and MILF comments might be a little offensive, but they aren't wrong!

kaddy said...

Casto wants to be a Coug...