Monday, March 03, 2008

Who is Our Big-Shot Bob?

He's infuriated NBA fans forever and made Will Smith generally hate him for all the times NBA broadcasts would compare him to the Fresh Prince. But say this about Big-Shot Bob, the guy not only wanted the ball in crunch time, he made the shots in huge moments, time and again! So he's a punk that body-checked Steve Nash into the scorers table last year, and yeah, he deserves to get kicked in the onions every now and then (this is maybe the only time I'll ever thank you Karl Malone for anything):

But I digress Coug fans. Let's spin it back our way a moment. Who, exactly, is our "Big Shot Bob"? Who is the guy, at crunch time, that you want taking that season-altering shot?

It's not such an easy answer, is it? I thought we'd put up a poll and you could pick for yourself, then comment here as to who you believe is THE MAN when the sh*t hits the Cougar fan.

Just a few other items today, then back to it.

  1. Is Marcus Trufant holding the Seahawks hostage? There was some weird comments from both the Hawks brass and Trufant about their general disagreement over a contract. Tim Ruskell was unusually open and talkative about the situation, and what got me is how candid he was about how they view him. They believe Trufant is an excellent do-everything corner, but, they DO NOT view him as a true shut-down guy. Well, is he? I think we all know that he had an outstanding season on the cusp of free agency. There are probably a lot of reasons for it, such as Jimmy Mora showing up to coach the secondary, moving him back to his natural corner position, staying healthy, etc, etc, etc. But can anyone really call him an elite, shutdown type that teams gameplan against? I LOVE Trufant, always have and always will. But I wonder if he's overplaying his own value here. Look, NFL'ers gotta get theirs while they can, and I'm sure his own teammates don't begrudge him for this. At the end of the day it's all about the money. But is Trufant's $9+ million cap number as the franchise player a huge problem? Think about it: We just saw Josh Brown take the Lambs cash to kick indoors, because the Hawks wouldn't/couldn't come up with the extra $500k per year. We're seeing backups/special team guys like LB Kevin Bentley and Nike Koutouvides land elsewhere. We're probably going to lose a young, up-and-coming WR in DJ Hackett due to finances. And we're also seeing outside free agents that could help the club next year in TE Alge Crumpler go somewhere other than Seattle, largely based on the cash involved. And Ruskell himself said it, that because of the cap situation, if the Hawks do add a player, well, they are probably going to have to do a "one-for-one" deal where a player on the roster is cut. I hope, for Tru's sake and the greater good of the franchise, that they can get a long-term deal with Marcus worked out and help free up some cash to add to this team. Because I don't know what you think, but I believe they aren't that far away from really making a Super Bowl push next year. But without cap space that could be saved by Tru taking the long-term offer, it's hard to get those final pieces.

  2. Still hanging in there on the top-25 polls. It would be nice to cap off the season in the rankings, but of course these rankings aren't exactly all that important to the seeding committee, is it? The cool thing is the updated Bracketology that has us now as a 6-seed in the South, avoiding that dreaded 2nd-round matchup with Duke. But guess who Lunardi has on the other side of the bracket, if WSU could get by 11th-seeded Illinois State?? How about 3-seed Wisconsin?? OH THE IRONY.

  3. How about those 58-0 Ferris Saxons?? Yes, my Saxons. But that's not the reason I bring them up. Some are touting them as the greatest 4A WA high school hoops team of all-time. Hard to argue with 58 straight wins and a pair of state titles, something nobody above B-level hoops has done in Washington (something called Brewster High won 82 straight from 74-77). And, sorry Rooster, they passed Reardon on the all-time streak list with their 58th win in a row. All five of their starters have legit D-1 NCAA talent as well. And a couple have a WSU tint to them: Jared Karstetter, the tournament MVP, headed for WSU on a football scholie (and maybe a hoops walk-on), and DeAngelo Casto, a 6-8 beast at PF who set a tourney record in blocked shots and has WSU high on his list. Casto had a dunk in the 4th quarter of the title game that was so forceful, HE MOVED THE BASKET FROM IT'S SUPPORT. Hmm, maybe another Ivory Clark?? Anyway, if they aren't the best ever in the state, they are certainly the best to hail from the GSL. Hats off to the scarlet-n-silver for a remarkable run through the highest levels of competition!

Enjoy your week!


cleveland_brown said...

1) Ferris sucks. The GSL is down that's all. Never would have beaten Shadle in the mid-80's.

2) It's simple - Rochestie takes the shot. Low = too streaky, Weaver = can't shoot and out of control, Harmeling = misses more big shots than he makes, Baynes dump = are you crazy? At least Rochestie isnt afraid to jack it or take it to the hole.

Sedihawk said...

Ferris sucks? 58-0 is 58-0 at the highest level. To go undefeated is hard enough, just in your league. But then to go through all the regionals and the state finals? Twice? It's a really special group. I hope Karstetter considers hoops for Tony Bennett, because that is one good player. And I would love to see Casto coming from the weakside and swatting shots 10 rows deep. We could use another jumper on the front line.

Rochestie, I agree and that's my vote too. I thought hard about Low, but he is too streaky.

mikehunt said...

DUMP IT TO BAYNES! He will at worst draw a foul and then he shoots decent from the line.

Ferris only has 5 games this season where their margin of victory was less than 10 points. All other games were double digit wins. Nobody did that before.

Woody said...

I will weigh in. It is either work or this.

You would have a solid argument that this Ferris team is the greatest HS team in the history of our state. It is not an outlandish statement given the resume.
On another note. I am not by any means a Girls HS Bball fan, but in the same night it can also be argued that the greatest Girls Bball team in the History of our state played as well, The LC Tigers 3peat and undefeated.

If you paid for the price of admission (and actually stayed until the end) in Tacoma on Saturday, you witnessed Washington HS Bball History.

The thing I enjoy about these stories, is both schools are from the Eastside, and I am not talking about Bellevue or Issaquah.
Growing up in E. Wash and now living over in the Seattle area I get a kick out of the perception of
all things east of the mountains from people here on the "coast" and that includes news coverage.
So, anytime a Spokane, T Cities, Frontier league team (thats right I went old school there) takes it to a Puget Sound school it brings me some joy.

Coug Go-To-Guy:
As far as the go to guy with the last shot you have to go hands down with:
McLovin, T-Ro, Rochestie.
He breaks down off the dribble and create his own shot better than anyone else on the team.

Go Cougs!


Anonymous said...

The 'hawks are doing this right. never run a franchise based on emotions. It is the patriots way of doing business, cold and calculated. did they cry in their boston lager when they let their kicker go? NO. Trufant is not worth what he wants but they had to tag him. Ruskell is running this thing perfectly. ever notice every free agent season it is the same teams with cap space throwing stupid money at free agents? Rams, vikings, 49ers, all signing stupid deals. it is the very reason they are bad franchises.

Low is my pick. never should have gone away from him in the vanderbilt game last year.

Dixon_in_your_mouth said...

What, no Nikola? Stick to football guys. This is pretty bad. At least you pretend to know more compared to basketball.

O sucks said...

Maybe Dixon should stick to hanging out at strip clubs with Darius Miles.

longball said...

Rochestie without a doubt. He had the tough ones at the end of the Vandy game and Stanford this year, but i still let him have at it. He's due to win one for us at the buzzer.

As far as Trufant, anonymous says not to let emotions play into it and i totally agree. A couple years ago we signed ALexander to a gagillion dollars even though we knew Hutch, and hence his production, was on the way out as a result. Why? even the guys on the radio who supported it admit, because he deserved it. Ugh. Well all fans with eyes knew he was soft, could not be counted on and was due for a HUGE drop off. Gawd i hate being right about stuff like this, but to everyone who told me at the time that i was crazy to be hatin on Alexander - I TOLD YOU SO. Now i love Tru, but i couldnt blame the team one bit for turning him lose if he's going to hold them hostage over money.

COUGS BABY said...

You guys want ROCHESTIE taking the big shot????

Does everyone forget his HORRIBLE shot at the end of the Vandy game last year?

Rochestie takes wayyyyyy to many bad shots to ever be considered a big time player.

kaddy said...

Normally I would say Low, but right now you have to go with Rochestie.

So Hawk was a Saxon? Sorry, I mean IS a Saxon? I never would have put you and C. Dorsh in the same crowd.

Sedihawk said...

Yep, Dorsh, Talarico and myself. Good times. I still can't believe they went 58-0. That's amazing.

For this vote, I ended Rochestie. But it wasn't easy. Would my opinion be different if we had a healthy Daven Harmeling all year? Possibly. How would I feel if Low had been a tad more consistent? I really, really wanted to pick Low, alone, but that streaky-ness to his game this year has been bewildering. And he missed like 3 clean shots at the buzzer vs. Cal this year.

The reason I like Taylor here is simple (and at least one thing I'll steal from Brinkhater). He can hit the outside shot, he can drive to the hole and draw contact, he can consistently hit free throws. But my #1 reason? He's got the onions to take that shot! He's not afraid. Sure the end of the Vandy game was woeful, but there is at least some slack here as that was the first time those guys were in that situation. They were all tired, and they all missed big shots that could have put that thing away. But he didn't shy away from the moment. He tried to make a play, and I totally respect that. Same with Gonzaga and Baylor this year, just cooly hitting big shots down the stretch to get the W. And even though he missed, he drove the ball right at Brook Lopez down 2 in OT. Did you see anyone else calling for the ball? Neither did I! And that's the point.

But I don't want this to be all about gnashing the teeth and picking these guys apart! They're finishing up the best 2-year run ever at WSU, and we're going dancing again. They were guys that were overlooked, and yet came here to be part of a rebuilding project that was just so massive! So I want to make one thing clear - the goal of the poll wasn't to make it open season on why you wouldn't pick someone. The goal is to think about who you would want, and then make the argument for the player.

kaddy said...

At the risk of sounding like Reep, the MV Bulldogs with Mark Hendrickson were one heck of a team. Atlantacoug will love that one.

longball said...

You are right on about the "onions". So much of taking that last shot is wanting to be the one to do it. Rochesite wants it and believes he can make it. Talk about a kid that doesnt pass the eye test (or the "saw them at the airport" test) who can just kill ya. I trust him more than any player we have to either drive, shoot the 3 and at the free throw line.

millcreekcoug said...

Hey dixon your mouth why don't you go fuck yourself?

atlantacoug said...

Oh, Yeah. MV had all 5 starters go on to play college ball (1 D-1, 2 DIII or NAIA and a couple CC scrubs..but all at one time that is pretty good). But MV was only AA at that time so does not get the cred it deserves. But enough Glory Days. Kaddy, you going to the first round this year if it is Mid-west or East?

atlantacoug said...

What is deal with DeAngelo Castro? is he a senior this year? Not sure how we could fit him on at WSU with the scholarship numbers.

Sedihawk said...

Hat-tip to Mill Creek Coug. Couldn't have said it better myself. :)

Casto has some test score issues. At least that's according to what he said himself in a quote last week, where he said he has some work to do to be eligible for college ball. I think he'd be a wonderful fit, but no idea how they'd do it. We'll see. The kid is an absolute talent with size and athleticism, and he's also shown he can be part of a winner. It's not like he went out and put up a bunch of double-doubles on a last place team.

kaddy said...

If the 1st round is in Denver or San Jose, I would most likely go. If it's further east, then I doubt it. Anything east of the Mississippi is full of hicks & hillbillies, right?

Sedihawk said...

Completely off topic, but a Sonics update. Per Brian Robinson of Save Our Sonics, who was in Olympia today:

As of this afternoon, the new deal is that a new ownership group is willing to put up $150M towards the facility. That will be 50% of the $300 million total package it would take for the full-blown Key Arena renovation. And we're talking full-blown, as in DOUBLE the square footage, double the revenue streams that currently exist.

Then another $75M in bonded revenue from the city, generated in all likelyhood by a Facility use fee. This is a big concession because normally the Facility use fee goes to the owners to repay their conrtribution. The thought is that there is a fair market threshhold for the ticket price, dictated by consumer willingness to pay. Say an average ticket price of $75. if the facility usage fee is $5 then they can’t charge $80. They have to just charge $75 and take $70.

Finally, the state portion would be $75M coming from hotel, restuarant, and rental car taxes. Funds from these sources would also go to affordable housing, etc.

This deal would ALSO pay off the existing Key Arena debt!

Tell me, where, exactly, the politicians lose in a situation like this? They not only stand up to crap-with-feet Bennett, but they also come out way ahead with a private, local group willing to pay half the renovation. They only have to go to the public tax coffers for $75 million, which isn't even in the same neighborhood as the $450+ million that Bennett asked for last year. They only extend the existing hotel/motel/rental car taxes, taxes that are already in place. And, not only do they bail out the idea of having a tenant-less, inadequate Key Arena, but they ALSO RETIRE THE EXISTING DEBT ON THE BUILDING!??!

Again....where, exactly, does a politician look bad by approving something like this?? This is handing this thing to the state on a silver-flipping-platter. If it doesn't happen, we have arguably the worst state government in these 50 nifty United States!