Sunday, March 16, 2008

Where are we going?

Well, here's a good opportunity for you all to really vent about little Jo-Jo Lee-Nards-Eees prediction that we are going to be a seventh seed today when the brackets come out.

Are you fricking kidding me?

At this point, everyone who knows ANYTHING about Selection Sunday knows that you really know NOTHING about what is going to happen until those darn things are released today at three.

But, here's Brinkhater's logic (see Military Intelligence):

1) We won't know this in advance, but I think that the key factor in our seeding is the number of teams from the Pac-10 the committee sends to the Big Dance. Honestly, if the number is 7, then I think that you are going to see us slide up to a 4 seed.

2) If the number we send is 6, then I think that you are going to see us land as a 5, playing Illinois State in Omaha. For me, last night's choke by Tennessee was costly. I fear that we will be sitting on the upper half of the bracket with Louisville in the second round and Kansas or Texas in the Sweet 16 if we get there. YUCK.

3) If memory serves, the Pac-10 tends to get their #2 team sent to the East regional. With UCLA number 1 in the West, that leaves the south or the midwest. I am betting midwest, but we should all really hope for the south.

4) All in all, my dream really is to get a five seed and see the University of Notre Lame on the other side sitting in that four spot. We get the Irish, we get a ticket to the Sweet 16. Fingers crossed all, this draw is so important to us.

PS. Little Thompson scored 37 last night in Sacto en route to leading his team to the Division III State Championship.

Tony's going nowhere.

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longball said...

Nice work BH, we get the 4 seed AND a 2nd round shot at Notre Dame if we both take care of business in round 1. I like it, but from there on out our bracket is brutal.