Saturday, March 22, 2008


Time to bomb away with the comments on tonight's absolute thrashing of Notre Lame.

Key points:

1) The defense was great, but it was the REBOUNDING that made us dominant. Very few second chance points tonight. It was the difference.

2) Kyle Weaver played like a pro tonight. I know that Low was great, but Weaver looked like the 1st rounder that he is. Wonderful game by a wonderful player.

3) Rochestie sucked. Which made tonight even more amazing that we are able to dominate (let alone win) without his "A" game.

4) Cowgill might have been our MVP this weekend. He really, really stepped up. When he and Caleb are hitting from the perimeter, we are a really tough out. We DO have a chance to make it to San Antonio folks. It may not be a great one, but we do have a real chance.

So, congrats seniors for earning what it is that you absolutely deserved: The Sweet 16 and a night or more in the National Spotlight. You make us all proud.

Lets put our hands together for this crew...

As well as for the Arkansas Razorbacks..

Go Hogs!!!


KentCoug said...

Call me crazy, but I think we have a chance. The "experts" all picked ND, and I'm sure they will all pick UNC too (as they should)but I love us in the role of underdog.

Whatever happens from here on out is gravy. A sweet sixteen is what we expected and they delivered. lets just enjoy it from here on out.


Anonymous said...

Yes I second that.......I heard not one commentator or analyst pick wsu to beat notre dame this week or this morning (only person I read who picked wsu was brinkhater ;) ......they all said our defenses were a wash and ND was a better offense so therefore they would beat the Cougs by 6-10.....better yet ND coach said they thought they would dictate the tempo with us.....well, major egg in their face for sayin that a few hrs prior to the game (good way to wake a sleeping giant with locker room bulletin board material).......oh well, this is probably what we want anyway, no respect and fly under the radar......I mean it is like they are talking about a 13th seed, not a 4........oh whatever, if we play the defense we have played the last 2 games, I don't see anyone beating us.....I seriously don't - unc or arkansas is in for some trouble......let them think we've been winning with mirrors, that we are a fluke, that the pac-10 really was not that good, etc, etc - we will just shock them that much 50+ pt differential in 2 games when it really counts - awesome Cougs, awesome!!!

Bill (formerly known as Billyblaze :)
Reno, NV

Sedihawk said...

I couldn't agree more on the idea of having a shot in this thing. We really do. Go back and comb through what Carolina did this year, and while they are #1, they aren't perfect. They had some real escape acts on the road this year, in an ACC that wasn't all that strong. I mean no team is, but really, Carolina isn't perfect. Duke beat them, quite easily, at UNC, and let's be honest - Duke isn't "Duke" anymore. Davidson had UNC on the ropes earlier in the year before they ground out a W.

But man, what else can you say? What a couple of absolutely dominating defensive performances. There were some possessions that ND was so frustrated, you could just read the body language. They didn't know what to do! It is such a grind to play WSU, and it's even tougher when 1) you've never seen the system before and 2) have very little time to prepare for it. Go back and read that P-I article from earlier in the week, where several Pac-10 coaches and players alike said we were headed for the Sweet 16. They knew from experience how good this group is, how tough it is to prepare for. Folks, we have absolutely OVERWHELMED two teams in the tournament! I'm beyond estatic, and most of all, proud of those upper classmen. Especially the foundation of the program, those seniors. THEY FRIGGIN' DESERVE THIS, and they deserve the accolades and praise that they will get this week. Enjoy the attention the school will get over this next week, and most of all, enjoy watching them play another game, with absolutely NOTHING to lose! We are a pretty dangerous animal right now.

By the way, I'll take Brockman over Harangody any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Brockman is a GREAT college power forward. Harangody is a nice player, don't get me wrong. But I've seen Jon Brockman. And Harangody is no Jon Brockman. (and that's coming from a WSU point of view!).

Sedihawk said...

Great quote:

"They could go all the way," McAlarney suggested. "We were one of the best offensive teams in the country coming into this tournament. The way they played us tonight, it just shows the rest of the country how good they really are. I feel like they can go all the way. I know we'll be rooting for them."

Anonymous said...

Aaaah, that was nice of McAlarney.....well I wonder if this was the first time we have beat the Irish in anything??.....I mean they even beat us in football a few yrs back when we had a 19-6 lead with 6mins to go (don't quote me on the exact stats - I am sure everyone remembers ;)
What pissed me off the most was down here in Reno, CBS would not show us the game - it was UNLV/Kansas and sometimes quick glances at the Stanford cougs/irish ever - except in 2nd half they showed a highlight about how the Irish were coming back with a 9-2 run and had cut the score to 8......that was it....and then later during sportscenter, it was almost like the commentators were going to cry because their beloved ND lost - I was waiting to hear them say "and the whole country mourns and our prayers are with the Irish - lets pause for a moment of silence"......OMG, I just wish I had a spokane or PNW broadcast.....well at least next weekend I will be in spokane - to watch the women but it will be nice to see the crimson/grey everywhere and be in cougar country again and hit up that spokane satellite bookie ;)

Reno, NV

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...

I would expect us to get more play this next week. BUT, I watched the game in the ESPN sportszone in NYC yesterday, and people WERE talking about us. In fact, they had our game on the main screen BLARING over the speakers and get this--on the screens above the urinals.

And people were saying how great we are.

The thing about this weekend is that we were sitting at that #4 seed which made us the non-underdog. So, while we were blitzing people, we were doing so as a favorite (seed wise). It made it harder to get behind us.

But this week, we'll get some play.

Again, can we beat NC? Yes, but we're going to have to play above our heads. Not true against any body else left in our bracket.

So, lets go HOGS.

But, I'm with the KentCoug, its all gravy now....I'm just so happy for those kids.

Hooty McBoob said...

You guys know I don't watch a whole lot of basketball but for me, the best part of the game and the hype leading up to it was the matchup with Harangody. All the "experts" could talk about was Baynes vs. Harangody before the game and anyone who's watched even a lick of the Cougs this year knew damn-well that Cowgill was going to carry much of that load as well.

The first time Baynes sat, the announcers actually made the comment that Harangody was a big mismatch against Robbie; and that ND would look to take advantage of it. Bad idea.

No, I'm not a big basketball fan but I like watching these kind of individual matchups - especially when the refs allow a lot of physical play inside.

Can't wait to see what we do against Hansbrough. He seems to thrive with real physical matchups, so it will be interesting. I'm a little worried that Baynes is not athletic enough and Cowgill is not physical enough to handle him one on one - but it's going to be fun finding out.

Sedihawk said...

4-seed or no 4-seed, we are seen as the total dog. It's who we are and I embrace that for what it is. But I don't think outside of Jay Bilas, I heard anyone say we were going to win vs. ND. Bobby Knight talked so glowingly of ND that you thought he was on their payroll or something.

Part of the problem is that we're in the middle of nowhere regards to TV sets, but the Pac-10's schedule of Thursday nights just kills any shot the so-called experts have in seeing us regularly. The only times we were really paid attention to were when we played UCLA or Stanford, and we didn't do well there. It would be easy for many to simply dismiss us as a solid Pac-10 team, but certainly not a contender. I think now, like McAlarney suggested, the rest of the country is finally seeing it for the first time.

Did anyone see Dick Bennett get choked up at the end of that game? It was quick, but CBS caught it. Major lump in my throat when I replayed it on the trusty DVR. Just a genuine feeling of joy and pride, not only for his son but for those kids who went through hell in the beginning, but never stopped believing.

This is some seriously inspirational stuff going on, and I think as time goes by many of us will look back to this group and realize what they accomplished. It's a special, special time right now, no way else to really say it.

Sedihawk said...

Entire post-game news conference with Bennett, Cowgill, Weaver and Low:

Sedihawk said...

One more quick thing - pay particular attention to the last minute or so of that presser, with Tony's remarks on the program and specifically Pullman and WSU. I know it's in the post-game glow of getting to the Sweet 16, but, uh, sure as hell DOESN'T sound like a guy who has his eye on Indiana, does it??

Maybe that is what makes Tony special. He has probably always viewed himself as an underdog. You know his Dad raised him the right way, and he wasn't a "silver spoon" kind of kid that expected everything to be handed to him because of who his Dad is. Tony has battled in every stage of his career, as a player who fought to stay in the NBA for three years, and now a coach in many different venues. So maybe he is the absolutely perfect fit for reasons we'll never fully know unless we walk in his shoes?

Great day to be a Coug fellas! Happy Easter.

Rooster said...

"Mega Ditto's" to everyone above, especially noting that Cowgill and Forrest hitting short range jumpers opens up other aspects of the offense and makes us VERY tough to defend. One thing I wanted to add... I thought Baynes did a great job of playing smart after he got his 3rd foul early in the 2nd half. He had his hands straight up in the air, no fouls and he pulled down some critical rebounds as BH elluded to. Not to steal his thunder but it was definitely to his benefit that the refs let them play a bit and didn't start calling that ticky tack crap that the Pac-10 officials normally call.

Anonymous said...

It's set. North Carolina. GULP.

Tiltingright said...


"IN THE LEADUP to Washington State’s game against Notre Dame, dozens of commentators compared Big East Player of the Year Luke Harangody to Washington forward Jon Brockman. And the two big men do have at least one thing in common: no matter how hard they try, they can't beat Washington State."

Love it!

Sedihawk said...

Might be some good news out of Indiana. Andy Katz and Pat Forde have both said on ESPN radio the last couple of days that rumors are strong that Indiana is already down to 2 finalists. They didn't list the names, but the rumors are strong that it could be Rick Barnes, Thad Matta or even Rick Pitino. But no rumor/mention of Tony. I know, I know, it's hard to think that Tony would bail right now, but getting Indiana off the board would be a very, very good thing.

atlantaCoug said...

Quick football post from ESPN

Go Rogers!

Any of you fools going to try to go to the game in Charlotte? Only a 4 hour drive for ATL coug...

Anonymous said...

I never worried about TB going to Indiana because no way is Indiana going to hire a coach with 2 years HC experience. Boosters would eat the admin alive if he didn't win his first season and we know Bennett's system can take a while, even with superior athletes, to get used to (e.g., selfless play). However I do worry about Tony going to a school from which the next Indiana coach leaves.
I figured Pitino would be Indiana's 1st choice followed by, in no particular order: Wright at Villanova, Barnes at Texas and Calipari at Memphis. Those schools are scary and certainly can entice a coach on the rise like TB.

Sedihawk said...

Ptown, good point. Now I don't agree that they would fry IU for taking Bennett. I think enough people know of him even in just 2 years, already coach of the year and showing that you can build something the Bennett way. This isn't your typical wet-behind-the-ears candidate that nobody ever heard of, you know what I mean?

But I do agree about other jobs. I guess when Indiana raids wherever they raid from, then the dominos always fall. Taking Indiana off the board might just put another enticing school right back in play. For what it's worth, Katz did also mention that he hears it's "better than 50-50" that Tony stays in Pullman for quite a while.

I'd bet Rick Barnes will end up at IU. Louisville is a great job in a region that eats and sleeps hoops, and Pitino has a championship contender already in place. At Texas, they love hoops, but football will always be king, period, end of story. Barnes can never overcome that. But we know what rules at IU!

What am I saying?? I don't want to worry about it right now. Every year Tony's name is going to show up in the rumor mill, no matter what happens in Pullman or what he says or doesn't say. Too many media sources out there with imaginations and/or simply connecting the dots on who would likely appear on a candidate list.

I just want to enjoy the extra attention the program gets these next few days, and also the spectacle that will be Thursday night. There's going to be 10,000+ in Carolina Blue, I'm sure, so it should be fun to see our cool kids handle the atmosphere.

By the way, did anyone hear Jim Boeheim a few days ago, right before the tourney started? He was smugly saying the Pac-10 was overrated and that the Big east would dominate the sweet 16. Hmm, I look at the bracket today, and I see 3 Pac-10 teams, and 3 Big East teams that survived the first weekend. Boeheim went out of his way to say how Marquette would easily topple Stanford. WHATEVER. Now I understand why even Syracuse people can't stand him.

Anonymous said...

Looks like UNC is a 8pt favorite and what we are hearing is no way Cougs can match up with them........well, my question is how will the Heels match up with Baynes and Cowgill?? I mean lets look at the height advantage right there (is their tallest starter 6'8" and then next 6'6"??) ......I can't imagine what would happen to UNC if they played stanford's wondertwin (P)towers? me crazy but I think we can exploit this and maybe get their all-everything 6'8" big man in foul trouble?? Another thing I am noticing is a common theme/dominator regarding east teams is one huge superstar with a decent supporting cast.....I am not sure they are use to seeing a true team play like the old throw back borg style where everyone works as a team......anyway this game is going to be great and yeah, awesome UNC gets to play in their backyard - I always thought that was crap but oh well, one thing I do guarantee is they ain't putting a benjamin (100) on scoreboard against the Cougs - no way - go Cougs!!! ;)

Reno, NV
Alum 1994