Friday, March 07, 2008


Well, in a few short hours, both Sir Alex Brinkhater (formely known as, that is) and the wonderful world of the Washington Puppies will both have something in common:

Yep, we're both going under the knife.

In Brinkhater's case, my little visit to the OR will represent what they call at my age a "minor procedure." For the Huskies, its called "the 7th death."

Granted, Dear Puppy Chow Kingdome, it could be one of those days. Appleby could play better than the restaurant chain for whom he is named, Dentmon could play above his head as he does about every 31 games, and Morris and Brockman could be their normal studly selves (Morris is the X factor tomorrow, by the way).

But at this point, UW beating us is like us beating UCLA (in basketball). The match-ups just are NOT favorable.

So, I want you all to really ENJOY this last home game of our seniors. With a win tomorrow, we lock up at least a 6th seed in the tourney--which puts us in a solid position to advance to the Sweet 16.

But, even more than that, enjoy watching the BEST, most classy group of WSU student-athletes that we've ever seen go out in style against our fat, dumb, older brother, the U-Dubya.

WSU 65 UW 56 (thank you Taylor for hitting a bunch of FTs late).

Oh yeah, and even if I don't run my record to 39-2 as expected, I'll be so high on valium, you won't be able to convince me otherwise.

Peace out.

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